I. Planet Overlay in GoogleEarth
II. Easy Alternate Styles

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I. Planet Overlay in GoogleEarth

Though Fractal Terrains is a better platform for printing out your overlay for detail and image work, Google Earth is a fun way to take your planet for a spin... literally. The Terraformer and Fractal Terrains manuals cover how to bring an overlay into FT, but I'll quickly go over how to do it in Google Earth.

First you'll need to have GoogleEarth on your computer as this doesn't work with GoogleMaps. You can download it here; http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html.

After installation, open Google Earth and in the left hand window right click on "Temporary Places" or "My Places" to bring down a contextual menu.
Choose Add>>Image Overlay

Click on "Browse" and navigate to your flattened planet .jpg or .bmp that you output earlier and then click "OK".
Choose the "Location" tab and enter the following settings:

Hit "OK" and you are done. Turn on the sun and spin your new world!


II. Easy Alternate Styles

These four layer "recipes" will work with layers in the regional map you created in the tutorial. They are just a small example of what you can do with layer styles in terms of a total style transformation by changing the way that you use the data you have already processed in your document.

Tutorial Style
Deep Tones


Give these a try and then make some of your own:


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