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POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Brian von Gotha - 04-05-2015 12:29 AM

Political map update in progress.

Any colonies without an informative wiki presence have been removed from the map. This doesn't mean they are gone. Below is a "report card" with information on player's colonies and why they are or are not on the map.

If you have been affected, please find the information about the corresponding colonies and create a wiki page for it. If you have no written information yet, you probably have an idea in your mind (mental picture) of what that colony is like. Without getting to hung up on it, try to put that idea into words and create a wiki presence for your colony. You can use it as a starting point to build onto at a later time.

At that point let it be known that you have completed something and it will be added back to the map.

The final map will be posted at the end of the thread and of course on the wiki.


Acheillo (city state)

Taurès - OK (needs redirect from taures)

Cykeria - OK

Búle - OK / make changes for size

Haniyyahs - convert / change from ithrieni page

New Amberia - OK

Ayatawantin - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Carolina - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Wanamian Islands - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Austrasa - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Ujjaiparam - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Black Isles - good desc on forum, need wiki presence

Great Edwin’s Land / defacto hallis?? / mark as disputed

Mal Orielle - no wiki presence / unapproved

Singidunum - no wiki presence / unapproved

Sentinel - no wiki presence / unapproved

Shing Pol - no wiki presence / unapproved

Ionith Straits Colonies - OK / needs some wiki improvement

Garpoon - no wiki presence / unapproved

The Westhold - OK

Ephesus - OK

Tang Maoi - OK (not sure if you still wanted this though)

overall, lots of shells, some nice flags and maps..
Too much concern with individual territories seems to be bogging you down. Focus on first creating a wiki presence for an entire colony before delving deeper (ind. terr. level).

Alliance Islands - wiki shell / nice flag / no info

Great Edwins Land - wiki shell / nice flag / no info

Dominions of the Crownlands - wiki shell / nice flag & locator map / no info... you have some on the forum .. move it over Big Grin

Dominion of the Southlands - wiki shell for collective colony, some nice flags, no information

Arkandia - wiki shell / locator map / very little info

New Perch - wiki shell / no info

South ocean territories - OK

Bernardian Islands - wiki presence but needs work - BUT... an unapproved colony

Kuvimbic colonies - no wiki presence for any

Fisks - OK

Lotus Island - OK

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Brian von Gotha - 04-05-2015 12:47 AM

[Image: gotha_political_00-00-2015.jpg]

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - El Jeffe - 04-05-2015 08:14 PM

I made the redirect for Taurès/Taures. I decided against the Acheillo city state. I'll just keep Acheillo were it is/was.

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - DiscoPickles - 04-06-2015 12:10 AM

All of Amberia's colonies have a wiki presence now. Plz let me know if you want me to do anything else

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Brian von Gotha - 04-06-2015 02:56 AM

I'll make the updates for Jeff and David tomorrow. I know Ian is going to work on getting Amberia's on the wiki too, so i'll check in on that as well.

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Thor99 - 04-06-2015 09:47 AM

my new land too

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Dr.Tesla - 04-08-2015 07:50 PM

Could you please remove the Eisen colonies from the ledgers and the political map?

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Brian von Gotha - 04-09-2015 11:35 PM

Updates have been made for Amberia, Helreich (removed eisen), and restored Acheillo to it's original place. I will begin matching the ledger to the current map tonight.

Use the same map link (thumbnail) to access the current map.

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - El Jeffe - 05-03-2015 06:26 PM

Is Anisora on the ledger?

RE: POLITICAL MAP UPDATE - Brian von Gotha - 05-03-2015 07:43 PM

(05-03-2015 06:26 PM)El Jeffe Wrote:  Is Anisora on the ledger?
No it isn't actually. I will add it today. Are we all good with this map as it appears then? If so I will have it reflect the map.

I just need to be made aware of any updated status for completion of colony articles so i can add them back to the ledger again.