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Political Map of Gotha: Feb 2018 - TeamBattleaxe - 01-19-2018 07:51 PM

Data is gathered from various sources on the forum and wiki. Shown are active nations and their confirmed colonies, proposed nations and shell nations.

It's not meant to be a work of art, only a way of keeping track of what the map of Gotha looks like. You use the colours to identify nations which I didn't bother naming (You'll hopefully know most nations off by heart). Some of the colours may be very similar to each other but I assure you they are different.

It is at this stage unofficial, just to clarify.

RE: Political Map of Gotha: Jan 2018 - August Dux - 01-19-2018 08:06 PM

Yeah, the Gotha political map is in dire need of an update. This is helpful though, so thanks for putting it up!

As an aside, I decided to keep the Anisoran colony of Aspasia, so the northern portion of Rhadrian Island is owned by Anisora (as well as territory 6223, which you currently have as being under Hellish control).

RE: Political Map of Gotha: Jan 2018 - TeamBattleaxe - 01-19-2018 09:31 PM

I've updated it so hopefully it's now accurate. Also:

1) Sipwika (Merrix's proposal) is shown as the constituent parts in the map he made as I thought that would make Northern Altaia look nice and complex. It is said to be a loose federation is it not?

Orange: Habinaski, Green: Four Seasons, Purple: Vestaxe, Blue: The Rest

2) Idrass (Felipe's proposal) is shown in Southern Anaria and it's near regions in the peachy colour.

3) Kamura is, of course, shown situated in West Davai.

4) Ulland, a new shell replacing Hallis, is shown with Penryn having expanded a little into it's former territory. No colonies for it are shown as I'm not sure if it will keep any yet.

5) Ithrien is shown as it is according to the wiki article map and not as on the previous political map, which I assume could have been wrong since it didn't even have Ithrien the island as part of it....

6) A few inactive nations that have wiki articles dedicated to them with sufficient lore are shown unless they (or any colonies) conflict with a recent proposal.

That should be most points of interest for now.

RE: Political Map of Gotha: Jan 2018 - Pepijn - 01-20-2018 03:19 PM

Ulland is called Halland these days, Ulland was a placeholder name.

It has two approved colonies (but could have more), Bowersland in southern Altaia (north of the southern Fisks islands) and Prince Folke Island off the coast of D'runia.

All of Ithrien's outlying territories have been stripped. These were added by the original player just to get access to a whole lot of raw material and other assetts, but they were scrapped when the nation was abandoned and turned into a shepard nation, or what the current term for it is.

RE: Political Map of Gotha: Jan 2018 - TeamBattleaxe - 01-20-2018 03:31 PM

Good stuff, I can correct those other errors soon, it's literally just a click and fill job.

I prefer Halland as a name because it seems more fitting for an English speaking nation.

I thought Ithrien's Empire gave some life to that region and would create a good background story for Anaria and the Shangti powers to interact with. I think the decision to strip it down should reconsidered and it should at least keep it's heartlands.
Just my take.

RE: Political Map of Gotha: Jan 2018 - Pepijn - 01-22-2018 12:03 PM

The decision to keep its heartlands as a scenery or background nation has already been taken some years ago. The nation will not be played and if I remember correctly it won't be handed out to a new player if he or she would like to take over, since the decision to keep Ithrien mainly was a tribute to Ho's excellent work on the nation.