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[NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal
10-02-2012, 06:56 PM (This post was last modified: 10-06-2012 03:32 AM by DiscoPickles.)
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[NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal

Countless Slain in Häverist Attack!

26 May 7569
DAHABIA - The brutal murders of over one thousand innocent Anarian civilians in an explosion atop the Al-Mahmud airship tower two days ago have shocked the world, fueling violent protest and resulting in the confirmed deaths of multiple Hellish citizens. In a statement to the people, both the new Lady Premier, Latifah Lajayn, and Audh Al-Aziz have condemned the bombing, promising swift retribution to those responsible and offering condolences to the families of those deceased.

It has been confirmed by our correspondents in the country that radical Häverist leader Omar Taj has claimed responsibility for this atrocity. His group have claimed that “a few lives are nothing next to the absolution of our country (Ithrien)" from the "tyranny of the gentry and their false gods,” and that these attacks will ensure Taj’s message is “taken seriously.”

Helreich quickly denounced the bombing in the strongest terms, a position echoed by the leaders of the National Häverist Party. “Omar Taj and his ilk call themselves children of Häver,” says Margaret Snowe, Speaker for the House of Commons. “But with this outrage, they have revealed their true colors: they are a a group of atheist barbarians, who think nothing of the lives they purport to save. Häverism is best rid of them.”

President-Elect Elizabeth Stone is reported to have sent her official condolences to the heads of Vittmark, Hallis, and Ithrien.

Other Headlines:
Ithrieni Premier Cancels Grand Tour of Anaria
Comet Laga Is Key to the Cosmos, Say Scientists
Hallian Diplomats Stonewall Talks Over Colonies

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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal

The Spectre of War in the Occident

It is common knowledge that the native cannot govern herself.

Has it not been shown, by Coll, Andrews, and numerous others, that native intelligences are, in general, inferior to their Anarian counterparts? Has not their tendency toward sexual proclivity been linked to an inability to form stable societies and civilizations (Janesdotter et al., 7492)? Have we as a nation not been in a position to observe the decline of the once mighty Azix, whose debauches and moral transgressions speak for an alarming lack of empathy and compassion? With this most recent spate of violence — I speak, of course, of the shocking explosion in Ithrien that has claimed the lives of over a thousand innocents — we must face the hard truth that Ithrien is but the latest in the current string of Western nations that have fallen prey to anarchy and barbarism.

I, for one, am not surprised. Nor should you be.

The natural deficiencies inherent in the native condition preclude them from proper, righteous governance, leading to shocking civil abuses and atrocities left and right. These so-called “governments” are no more than playgrounds for the wildly-depraved and those driven to madness by their lusts. Just last week, for instance, we in Anaria watched in horror as the elders and councilmen of Yan brutally turned on each other, as none were able to suppress their ambitions for the good of the state. I am not alone in finding a sweet irony in the fact that Yan has devolved into civil war over an attempt to increase its solidarity. I feel for the denizens of Yan, who know nothing else. I feel for the women and men of Hayrand, forced to decide between a religion that enslaves them and tyrants who care only for extravagance. And I feel for the Ithrieni, who must now fight for their lives against a man more radical than Peter Häver ever was.

And yet what else can they do? It is, after all, common knowledge that the native cannot govern herself. They — the natives — can do nothing.

But we, as Anarians, can. And, I say, we, as Anarians, must. By the grace of Vind, we have been given the tools necessary to shape this world: intellect, technology, and the understanding to use them. It is our duty, as fellow humans, not only to civilize the native, but to save her from herself. Have we ourselves not introduced civilization to northern D’Runia to great effect? Have not those Azix freed from their oppression shown themselves the most eager of students, the most willing of workers? Those who protest Anarian intervention in foreign lands cannot see that Vind, in his compassion, has given us both the means to free and uplift the native from her contemptible position, and the means to keep her above it.

I say, for the good of the Yan, of the Ithrieni, of the Hayrandese, of those countless other nations of the Occident who, as we speak, fall prey to the spectre of war, it’s high time we do it.

10-06-2012, 09:28 PM
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal

Shootout in the Aziland! Burns Brothers Strike Again

3 June 7569
HUAYRACHA - A daring raid by Republican Marshals against the suspected holdout of the notorious Burns brothers gang a week ago has ended in disgrace, with three Marshals killed and two confirmed to have been captured. “We shall do everything in our power to avenge this disgrace,” says Grace Newell, Governor of the Kamachi. “But what people need to understand is that the Marshal’s reach is only so far. We have not the manpower to protect you if you decide to settle lands too far inland, where gangs like that of the Burns boys tend to roam.”

The Marshals, we are told, had the brothers at their mercy when they were surprised by the return of Jack McCoy and Gareth Hightower. The shootout that followed was something that seems stolen right out of a penny dreadful, according to survivor Rachel Halloway. “The oldest, Harry,” she said, valiantly trying to hold back her tears. “He put his gun to my head when it was all over and he told me that I needed to do everything he said, or he’d blow my g—d— brains out,” and proceeded to subject her to “unspeakable, inhuman” terrors, before letting her and her subordinates go free. It is a scene only too typical for these "monsters".

Governor Newell has put out a reward of ℳ2000 each for the capture, dead or alive, of Jack McCoy, Frank Thatcher, Gareth Hightower, and the Azix man Ned Pepper Black Fox, as a reward of ℳ5500 each for the three brothers themselves, Harry, Angus, and Michael, in the hope that the drastically increased value will make the wild men more attractive to bounty hunters, and so rid the colony once and for all of the pestilence. Residents of the Kamachi, however, are not so certain. “It don’t matter how big the money gets,” says Mary Hart, of Three Springs Rock, in Q’achu County. “There ain’t no power on earth can bring the Burns boys in alive.”

Only time will tell if she is right.

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09-15-2013, 11:52 PM
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal

Hallish Diplomats Make Landfall Amidst Deepening International Crisis!

23 April 7571
ASCHGÆT - The interim Hallish diplomatic mission has arrived in the capital following the attempted murder of a child by disgraced envoy Franklin Mercywine. This incident, only the latest in a series of events, has brought Hallis into contention with the Republic, with many wondering what will happen next.

Though the exact composition of the mission is unknown, it is expected that it will be led by Mercywine's close relative, High Minister of State Andrew Mercywine. More updates will follow as we gain a better understanding of the unfolding situation.

Other Headlines:
Hellish Anführer Offers the Use of New Hapsburg's Trans-Altaian Line for Queen Anna of Vittmark's Tour
Farmer Discovers Priceless Relic in Wheatfield
Editorial: Winter is Coming. Why You Should Start Preparing Now.
Exclusive Photographs of Baby Iduna Cilla!

04-26-2015, 07:41 PM
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal


~~~No. 20,421_______Thirty-two pages_______Two Pfenen~~~

International Council Sets Dangerous Precedent

ASCHGÆT – Yesterday, our Republic became the first nation to accept Aedeland's invite to its landmark Council of Ærilar. Not since before the Great War has there been such a meeting. Not since the Great War have the great powers of the world come together to create an agreement that would bind them all.

And with good reason.

This is not the Antebellum period. We live in a dangerous world. Our place at the summit of world affairs is constantly imperiled by the subtle machinations of religious fanatics, the Häverists, even the savage subhumans in the frozen north of Altaia. The Great War was not kind to our Stolvic dominions, and so more and more, we must look to the straits for our support. The wealth of the Shangti and the North Phasian flows from the Ujjairaj, though Konak's Passage, to our islands, as they have for years. What right do other countries have to these riches? What right do they possess to dictate which seas are ours, which straits we may patrol, how high our tariffs must be?

The Nationalists, under the leadership of Æve Vake-Drakau, have been quick to vow to block the ratification of any treaty should the agreement impede on Amberia's rights. "We sign this treaty," she told reporters early this morning. "It sets a precedent, that we our subservient to something other than God. Our sovereignty is not for sale."

Added conservative champion Gudrún Chihsel: "Least of all to the Hellish."

They're right. The Council of Ærilar, whatever its intentions, puts our very freedom at risk. Whatever treaty is signed, we debase ourselves to men and to Häverists. I pray Her Majesty realizes this. If she does not, than we must all pray for the future of our bright nation.

Other Headlines
Police Break Up Extremist Ring in Elshavn
Reikskompanii Rumored to be Seeking Exclusive Trade Rights on the Island of Machua
Editorial: Public Works Projects in Naurþmark

04-29-2015, 05:32 PM
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal


~~~No. 20,427_______Thirty-one pages_______Two Pfenen~~~

International Council Presents Great Opportunity

ASCHGÆT – "A life lacking freedom, is not a life worth living."

Who amongst us, when confronted with the pivotal scene in d'Arzsi's cinematic opus The Outlaw, does not, blood-racing, heart pounding behind her breast, instinctively stand with the beleaguered freedom fighters? Heilwig's above declaration is as much a statement of her very being as it a statement of intent, and it is a sentiment every citizen of this Republic must surely share. Our pursuit of freedom goes all the way unto the very dawn of time, and has dictated the direction of this country ever since. Other nations may lay claim to the idea, we temper it with first-hand knowledge of its costs, of its fragility.

That is why we must support the efforts of our diplomats to bring the nations of this world together.

No war was the genesis of this meeting. No dispute between nations. Instead, we come together at Ærilar in peace, to solve problems that affect us all, and we owe to our friends and allies the Ædelmen to support them in this endeavor. It is true: our place at the top is constantly imperiled. But we are not the Häverists, who must control even their citizen's souls for their constructed world to remain aloft. We are not the skrælings of the Orient, so convinced of their superiority, unable to fathom the fact that they re no different than beasts. With the infrastructure of our Stolvic colonies bombed back into the Iron Age, we must be careful who we choose to confront alone, but we don't have to do that, because we, unlike the Hellish, unlike the skrælings, are members of the international community, and possess strong links with our allies.

Do we not share possession of Konak's passage? Do we not control one of the three outlets to Phasian trade? Do we not possess exclusive access to Davai, and therefore the Sinian, thanks to our friends the Hayrandese? Thanks to the positions of our overseas possessions, do we not have unimpeded access to southern Tharna and Tzeraka? Our position at the bargaining table will be uniquely powerful, and for that reason, it is disingenuous to pretend that this treaty will lead to our domination by men and by Häverists. It is insulting to our diplomatic corps, and any MP who suggests such does so only in view of the upcoming elections. I love my freedom as much as the next woman, but I temper that love with an understanding of what it takes to maintain it. If that mens we must act our part as an important member of the international community, then so be it.

So, perhaps, when we think of the heroines that came before, we may once again turn to The Outlaws, and remember how Asfridr gently admonishes Heilwig after her speech: "Then we must fight together, for apart, we shall surely lose."

Other Headlines
Critis Proclaim New Novel Elias and the Trunkbull "A Triumph of our Time!"
Ædeland Opens Military Parade and Competition to the Nations of the World
Embattled Fedrail Seeks Expansion in Villund
Iijners Group Opens New Branch in Skara, Wants Increase in Flights to the Free Port

09-05-2017, 04:48 AM
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal


~~~No. 22,146_______Fifty pages_______Three Pfenen~~~

Reform Act Passes!

ASCHGÆT – Defying the projections of bookmakers and the deepest wishes of conservative politicians, last night the Reiksþingi passed the hotly contested People's Representation Act, vastly expanding the electorate a mere half a year before the Republic heads to the polls in the national elections.

A long-time progressive priority, and in recent years most notably pushed by followers of the Áiva-noje movement, the Act lowers the financial threshold to participate in national and clan politics to all women paying an annual rental of ℳ12, or to all women holding land valued at the same. It also standardizes representation across the colonies, bringing it in line with the system employed in the motherland. "We are a modern republic," explained Gisele Iijners, an unaffiliated MP and the chief architect of the current Act. "Founded on the proposition of equality under the law. Extending the franchise to all responsible adults, and not just an arbitrary segment of the population, brings us as a nation one step closer to that ideal."

And yet many others do not share her rosy outlook. Chief among them is conservative champion Gudrún Chihsel. In a terse statement, she accused the Reiksþingi of putting politics over country, specifically noting the law's timing. "This is a ploy by the Brynlings," she claimed. "This expansion is blatantly timed so that the newly enfranchised will reward their benefactors in the elections."

Among far-left, the Act is seen as a victory, and yet many find themselves mourning what could have been. "Universal female suffrage is the goal," said Olrún Ingridsdahtr, a representative of Áiva-noje. "This is a big step in the right direction, yet we must remember to keep fighting." Others would go even further. "All these politicians are talking about equality," said male suffragist Älarik Fáuh. "Yet they're completely comfortable denying half the population the right to vote, just because of their gender."

Still, in the court of public opinion, the passage of the Act has largely been celebrated as a step forward, even in the more conservative parts of the country. "They were setting off fireworks late into the night," said Talei Smidhe, a laundress in Älejørvi. "Shame on anyone for voting against this. It's never too late to do the right thing."

From the Archives
21 January, 7575 - Concerning the Farce in Anisora

PENA – Aedeland's gambit has failed.

More and more, it seems as if the Anisoran High Court, faced between ruling against their own government and the accidental annexation of the Hvíttmarker city of Talpei, is planning on ignoring Aedeland's appeal of the preliminary ruling, if not outright rejecting it.

I ask you: did we really expect anything different?

Six months ago, I wrote an editorial blasting the government's decision to involve the Republic in the Straits Cartel. I agreed with those who claimed that our sovereignty was not for sale, and I predicted that we would find ourselves unable to change course if events were to take a turn for the worse. What's done is done, and I am sad to say, reader, that I have been proven correct.

How long will we accept Anisora's brazen disregard for the Treaty it has just signed? How long will we allow Anna av Kulla's tantrums to dictate our trade policy? How long will it be until our diplomats remember their place as word leaders and start to act like it?

Like it or not, we are signatories of the Treaty of Ærilar, and we have a responsibility to uphold not only our rights, but the rights and privileges of our fellow cartel members. If Anisora is unwilling to repeal their Flag of Convenience Policy, then they have proven themselves unworthy of those same rights and privileges, and should therefore be removed from the cartel. If Hvíttmark is unwilling to pay our cartel, then they may find another route to the other side of the world.

It really is that simple. I pray our leaders will see it.

Other Headlines:
Citing safer vehicles, automobile groups lobby for higher speed limits
Fedrail opens new daily route between Iinstr, Kälnii and Brühagn
Editorial: The Representation Act and the Brynlings' gamble

09-11-2017, 07:04 AM (This post was last modified: 09-11-2017 05:54 PM by DiscoPickles.)
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RE: [NEWS] Grand Avenue Journal


~~~No. 22,158_______Thirty-four pages_______Two Pfenen~~~

Protocols of Gadalhem Spark New Tensions

GADALHEM – Citing concerns over enforcement, arbitration, and collection of funds, the Straits Cartel passed a set of amendments to the original Treaty of Ærilar, committing to the use of international ship registries as a means of collecting and distributing the tariff between member nations and, in a move widely seen an a response to the Anisoran Empire's Flag of Convenience Policy, establishing a special inspection regime to help ensure each member abides by their individual obligations.

These new protocols were passed on a 5-to-2 vote, with Anisora and Auresia voting against, prompting both nations to back out of the Straits Cartel. While Anisora's vote against was expected, Auresia's appears to have come as a shock to the Cartel as a whole. "They gave absolutely no indication that they were about to do this," said Valæri Iijners. The Secretary of the Foreign Office had been the Republic's main negotiator in Gadalhem, and was visibly frustrated at the recent turn of events. "Diplomacy cannot function in the absence of communication."

Key to the Empire's decision appears to have been the new inspection regime. To be headquartered in the city of Eilekis, volunteer officers from the various Cartel navies will be used to inspect the straits, in a bid to ensure each member state upholds their treaty obligations and the rights and privileges of their fellow Cartel members. The regime will have no authority to intervene in each member nation's responsibility to police and patrol their own national waters, and no power to punish recalcitrant members, its purpose being simply to observe and report their findings to the Cartel as a whole. "From the Lord Dala's [the Auresian plenipotentiary] statement, you would think we've created a supranational military force of some kind," Iijners said. "Nothing can be further from the truth. To suggest otherwise is nakedly disingenuous."

When reached for comment, the Auresian ambassador would only say that his country had since the beginning harbored doubts about the direction of the Cartel, and that the Dynast Sovereign was particularly sensitive about the status of the Hattaro.

The news was met with equal parts elation, disappointment and derision in the Reiksþingi, where the success of the accords is seen as key to the electoral fortunes of the Queen-Elect's governing coalition, which is already widely expected to take a hit, thanks to the upcoming decadal change in the allocation of seats and the unknown voting preferences of those recently enfranchised by the Representation Act. "That's twice now we've been insulted and embarrassed over this straits nonsense," said Æve Vake-Drakau, a long-time opponent of the Cartel. "All we've managed to do is alienate longtime allies. Where are the profits the Queen-Elect promised? When will they understand it's just not going to work?"

Her concerns seem to be shared outside of the opposition. "Auresia was a key component of the Cartel," says Isold Roþesen, a professor of political science at the Gymnasium, and a noted proponent of the treaty. "There is a thin sliver of international waters running through the Madheshtor Channel. Any attempt to monitor it would rightly be viewed as an act of aggression on our part. Now that we can no longer guarantee the integrity of the Aer Straits, there's this huge southern gap in the Protocols just waiting to be taken advantage of."

She added, "If we can't get Auresia back on board, the Cartel might be dead."

Outside of Amberia, reactions were just as varied as they were internally. Aedeland, twice now a driving factor in talks concerning the Cartel, was infuriated. Vilhelm av Hólarung, the Lord Foreign Secretary of Aedeland, called Anisora's reasoning for abandoning the Cartel "foolish" and "misguided", pointing out that the Empire's stated desire for articles of arbitration seems hypocritical in light of their objections to the inspection regime, while Anisoran Prime Minister Sir Alessandro Nicotera-Sarno had harsh words for the Cartel nations' "increasingly aggressive and tyrannical agreement."

In a speech before the Vittmarker Förbundsdag, Queen Anna av Kulla personally thanked Anisora and Auresia for their actions in Gadalhem before threatening massive tariffs and even military action against those nations still daring to remain in the Cartel. She indicated the assembly would forbid Vittmarker ships from joining any foreign registry that wasn't Anisoran, and proposed – to thunderous applause – that her country withdraw from the Treaty of Nisipari.

She had particularly harsh words for our Queen-Elect, Margarete äv Iinstr, here preprinted in full:

"A few years ago, some family members chose to betray me. My great uncle Ragnar Eriksson was outlawed and killed. My cousin Erik Thomasson imprisoned for life. I'd like to remind my more distant cousin, the Queen-Elect Margarete of Amberia, what will happen if one betrays the most direct successor in line of the last emperor of the Greater Stoldavic Empire. Wether or not Amberia ratifies the agreement or not, the fact that they signed this deal in Gadalhem is enough reason for me to make sure that she and all of her relatives and successors are struck indefinitely from the line of succession of Vittmark."

A spokesman for the Queen-Elect would say only that Her Majesty is at the present time committed to the ratification of the new Protocols of Gadalhem before the end of the current legislative session.
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