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The military of Stoldavia
07-13-2013, 03:39 PM
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The military of Stoldavia
Jeff posted the following on FB:
"I'd like to coordinate Aedeland's military with Vittmark and the other inheritors of the former Stoldavic Empire. I figure that some of the structure, history, uniforms, and nominclature would carry over into modern times. How much of modern Vittmark's military is influenced by past glory and what has been imposed since the PAW? I also assume that in some regards Vittmark and Aedeland constitute the northern sub-culture of Stoldavia. Perhaps there are some militarisms that are unique between them."

I thought I had formulated something about the military of the GSE, but it turned out that this was the ORkanan Realm. Some things probably still were the same:

Most armies were stationed in the outer skirts of the empire. You never want your armies to return home. The further the better, and they could live of the land. So a military carreer as a step toward owning some land in the outskirts seems logical, creating a lower military nobility which could include subjugated people as long as they had proven to be loyal to the GSE. Some of the military ranks coincide with noble ranks (herr, hövitsman, förvaltare, mästare; meaning lord, head man, caretaker, master).

The military might have been highly decentralized, with loyal militias carrying out their own agenda as long as it fitted the empire. Even here the extended family of a stim or clan could play a role, warrior stims would deliver excellent tax collector units, right?

Engineers play an important role, the Stoldavians created most of their defence mechanisms and even attack weapons on the spot. This might be easier with a battering ram than a cannon, but still, the idea of the army improvising its defences effectively wherever they are, that might be a Stoldavic trademark.

Lastly, the trunkbull. I assumed these animals to be too stupid to use them effectively as cavalry, so they mainly have a logistic role. However, having some pachyderms stampeding through enemy lines always works as a last resort. From an IG perspective it might be possible to have elephant cavalries on Stoldavia, the fact that it's an island makes it difficult to transport the animals overseas across greater distances, and the near extinction of these animals coinciding with the fall of the GSE would also work.

Anyway, some loose ideas. Like I already said on FB, the system of military ranks has been modernized since the PAW, but still is anchored in the GSE heritage.

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07-15-2013, 02:10 AM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
All Stoldavians probably look back to the GSE with a sense of awe and pride. Although Aedelanders were considered subjugated peoples, they would have sought to attach GSE's authority to their own institutions - at least symbolically. Just as Rome gave its symbolic authority to the Holy Roman Emperor, Czars and Kaisers of those they once subjugated.

I'd like to know more about the GSE's military so that I could model parts of it in Aedeland's military. I'd also like to have some common themes among the Stoldavian militaries.

07-22-2013, 09:08 PM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
Well, let's develop it then. Collin should be on board as well, but the 3 of us can fix this.

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07-24-2013, 12:14 AM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
Helreich would probably use a ranking system similar to the GSE's. Helreich in its arrogance sees itself as the only remaining remnant of the GSE, so I would definitely agree that there would be a strong GSE heritage in the military.

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08-02-2013, 05:13 AM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
That fits. I think Aedeland is weary that Helreich has ambitions to rule Stoldavia once again. I modeled Aedelands rank structure on Vittmarks. Though I changed the order some after reading the RW history of the ranks.

08-03-2013, 07:59 AM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
I'll check that and see if I need to shift some of the translated ranks. The ones in Swedish are in the only logical order available, I think... Wink

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04-28-2020, 04:42 PM
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RE: The military of Stoldavia
I happened across this thread randomly. As a result, I went back and looked at Stachelort's ranks to bring them more in line with traditions from the GSE and other Stoldavic militaries. This also helps explain how nobility first came to Nester--with the military! Good stuff. Smile

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