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Council of State
06-01-2015, 04:58 PM (This post was last modified: 02-21-2018 05:20 PM by Morbius.)
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Council of State
Within this thread, the business transacted between the Lords Paramount - those men who represent the pinnacle of the political hierarchy of Auresia - can be seen and read about. This thread operates under the strict understanding that everything that passes between the Lords within it is kept between them and is NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.

The Chamber of the Council of State at Veneziano Palace is well appointed and arrayed such that the Lords Paramount maintained their offices in the areas flanking the Chamber itself, assisted through the course of the regular day by a permanent staff of one hundred clerks and secretaries. When not in session discussing matters of import or concern, the Lords Paramount could be found here.

The business of Empire was the business here, and these officers were the ones to whom the majority of the lesser officials came petitioning for approval of their projects. The final say remained the Emperor's alone, but it was far easier to gain a meeting with the Lords than it was to gain an audience with the Dynast Emperor himself. Such was as it was meant to be.
06-10-2015, 06:21 PM
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RE: Imperial Council
"Did you read this?"

Dante Lord Meraggio took the paper from Lord Cozzolini and unfolded it. Reading it briefly, he smirked and folded it closed once more. He handed it over to Lord Thul for him to read as he looked back at Lord Barsavi, who was still seated at his desk.

"Let us hope the Fører disposed of it promptly. I wouldn't even have accepted it..."
06-22-2015, 09:40 PM
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RE: Imperial Council
"Seal the city, I tell you. Prepare the detachments stationed there for potential conflict."


"They will not take it well, and given that girl's hotheadedness, she will think she has only a very short list of responses available to her."

"I said no, dammit."

"But, Serene Highness, I-"

"Stay your tongue, you insolent whelp! You need a Lord to teach you manners!" Hieronymus Barsavi roared as he stepped from his desk and grabbed the other man by the collar before pushing him away. The director, grasping for words, opted instead to fall to one knee before the First Minister. Barsavi ignored him as he turned to his aide to request wine.

Barsavi returned to his desk, taking the glass of red wine handed to him by his aide before lighting a cigarette and sitting down once more. He pulled the receiver from the cradle of one of the three telephones on his desk and spoke into it, returning it to its place. A few moments later, the doors opened and a secretary announced,

"His Imperial Highness, Soontir Lord Alexandros, Prince Imperial."

Everyone present except for Barsavi, Durla, Meraggio and Thul bowed at the waist as Soontir entered the room, with the Lords Paramount inclining their heads respectfully. He waved off the bows and looked to the First Minister. The director, waved off by Barsavi, bowed and took his leave quietly.

"Lord Barsavi. You already have Cephorus' orders, yes?"

"We are aware of them, Highness. Are you prepared?"

"We are prepared. We depart for Kletudde within the hour. We are accompanied by the Ninth Cohort and Lancer Phalanx."

"Excellent. Let us hope minimal response is required, yes? His Sovereign Majesty is watching. Will continue to do so."

The red telephone on Barsavi's desk buzzed with its distinct ring, and the room fell silent. Barsavi answered the phone.

"Yes, Pater Patriae? No, master, they have not. Yes, on standby as we speak. I will, master, right away."

Barsavi hung up the phone, rising from his desk.

"The Dynast Emperor wishes to see me. He told the other lords paramount to attend upon him, as well. The rest of you are dismissed, if Prince Soontir would like to accompany us?"

Soontir and the Lords Paramount exited as a secretary saw to the others.
06-29-2015, 04:41 PM
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RE: Imperial Council
"Has this one been cleared?"

"Yes, Serene Highness. The courier ships is readied."

Barsavi nodded. "Excellent. Send it immediately. Tell Prince Soontir we've a further interest in the matter and will be looking into it more thoroughly."

The clerk took the document back from the First Minister, bowed, and departed quietly. Barsavi turned to the other Lords Paramount.

Thul spoke first. "When did Soontir arrive in Kletudde?"

"Early this morning. The additional troops have already settled in and perimeter security has been enhanced. I am unsure as of yet if the Vittmarkers are aware of his presence, nor do I particularly care."

The others nodded. Meraggio picked up an unfolded letter on the table. "Gorlan is still with the Aedelander leaders. His last letter was a touch troubling."

"Voiding the Treaty of Nispari, you mean."

Leotelli sipped his wine thoughtfully. "He considers it a reactionary response. Anna is angry and is lashing out. We'll see where this leads."

"Voiding of the Treaty is not possible without my approval on His Majesty's blessing. Vittmark may flaunt it and threaten to tear it up, but we won't be so goaded."

Barsavi turned to retrieve his cigarette from the ashtray on his desk, likewise sipping his wine as he looked out the windows into the stormy afternoon beyond.

"Queen Anna will do one of two things. Escalate or give up. Which she chooses is up to her, of course. How things ultimately turn out, however, depends on how we respond to whatever she does..."
06-29-2015, 11:58 PM
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RE: Imperial Council

Lord Barsavi looked up to see a Privy clerk standing before his desk, sealed envelope in hand. As the clerk met the eyes of the Lord Paramount, he bowed deeply. The First Minister looked at the envelope and arched a brow.

"Leave it on the blotter."

The man did so, bowing once more, and departing. Barsavi laid down his pen and retrieved the envelope, opening it. His brows drew together as he read.


Barsavi looked over at Meraggio, handing him the document. "Av Varung was found dead earlier this morning."

Meraggio read the letter before tossing it on the table beside him. "Son of a bitch."

"The Ministry of Intelligence is already on scene. Once the call for emergency assistance went out, they came in the guise of local constables. A team had been remaining close since the unheeded warning but had remained out of immediate awareness due to Lord Nicovante wanting to keep things quiet."

"Do the Aedelish know yet?"

"Yes. They received a secure hand-to-hand message from the embassy two hours ago. Dala has also been informed via our usual discreet channels."

"Ah. I am assuming that Cephorus knows?"

"He was first to know."

"Here we go then..."

"Quite so." Barsavi picked up the red telephone. "Lord Barsavi for His Majesty..."
06-30-2015, 04:02 PM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2015 04:04 PM by Morbius.)
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RE: Imperial Council
The section chief for the Ministry of Intelligence office handling affairs in the Aedeland region had no chance to say anything before he was slung to his hands and knees on the deep red carpeted hardwood floor. When he dared lift his gaze, the First Minister stood before him, leaning against the corner of his desk with a lit cigarette in one hand. The expression on his face was not a reassuring one.

"Where in the Emperor's name did you learn your craft, man?"

"B-begging pardon, Serene Highness...I was under the impression - "

"What impression were you instructed to maintain?"

"None, Serene Highness...only to quietly look for any evidence of - "

" - of the handlers. Not to let your people spout off every damn bit of information to the first person you encounter. Now this Ængilling has spoken to Konáll and I'll likely have to put up with a visit or call from them."

The section chief swallowed hard. "I hadn't thought - "

"Don't damned THINK! Leave the politics to me, you understand? Now you've ruined our chances of tracing these animals."

Barsavi took a draw on his cigarette and looked to his fellow Lord Paramount, Nicovante, who simply shrugged as he set aside his wine and retrieved his own cigarette. The second lord looked down at him piteously.

"What is done is done. The opportunity is lost. But we will not sit idle. You, however, will be made an example of."

Nicovante gestured to the two Internal Security officers who had brought the chief in.

"Take him to the Tower."

The section chief's eyes widened and he began to struggle against the two officers. "No! NO! Please! Not the Tower, sir, I beg you! I...."

The doors to Barsavi's office slamming shut muffled the sound of the mans protestations.


"Not your fault, Lorenzo. He'll learn his lessons the hard way."

"I know, still..."

"No, let it pass from your thoughts. I need to get Oupshiny in here. And perhaps Proconsul Garza...Dala is back from Aedeland?"

"Not yet. He is at the embassy."

"Hm...all right."
07-02-2015, 08:27 PM
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RE: Imperial Council
"Any news, H?"

First Minister Barsavi looked up and smiled at the approach of Lords Gervasius, Meraggio and Thul. He motioned them into chairs.

"No, nothing as of yet. Soontir is in Kletudde while we entertain this...proposition...from the Vittmark ambassador. Oh, and the Aquinne and Pompilius have docked to offload the new components for the turbines. Beyond that, little news."

Thul drew on his freshly-lit smoke. "No news can be good news. Can be."


"Where's Varnius...Dante?"

"He went back to Okara. You know how he is. This kind of politicking bores the hell out of him. He's likely up to his elbows in some mechanism and covered in grease."

"Nicely done, what you two did to Maalouf, by the way."

Meraggio chuckled. "It was Cephorus who wanted him to suffer. Remember what he threatened to do to him in front of Nawangasha."

"There are times I swear that man has the appetites of the lion who he symbolizes. The blood of Jende'ade runs richly in his veins."

A servant brought glasses of wine for the three lords who had called on the First Minister.

"So it's come to our attention that the Wolgos have decided to 'visit' Queen Anna. As usual, making their typical demands and expecting to set all the rules."

"Just so, yes."

"Have they tried to reach out to us?"

"No. The Foreign Office isn't currently accepting much incoming traffic. But we're watching and listening."

09-09-2017, 01:34 PM
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RE: Imperial Council
Cozzolini growled softly, taking a draw on his cigarette. "This is beyond absurd."

Having just set down his wine glass, Barsavi grunted. "I know that, but it would seem nothing we tell the Aedelish is going to satisfy them."

Virini, who had been reading the last dispatches, set them down and drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair. "We had made our reservations clear when we signed the damned treaty the first time. This enforcement business is what discomforted the Emperor."

"Ah, the concern that the provisions could open the door to further international military enforcement apparatus that may trample on sovereign interests."

Barsavi nodded to Rambaldi's comment. "Yes. However, in communicating this reasoning to the Aedelish foreign ministry, we've received mostly noise back from them. Of the strongest displeasured sort."

Dala pursed his lips. "The Foreign Office is continuing to study the situation. We've been in contact with the Anisorans since our withdrawal. Necessary diplomatic preparations for the event of something drastic must be made."

The first minister retrieved his cigarette and nodded. "Aye. Things were set so fair until this treaty mess was re-kindled. We don't know what the Aedelish will do, though the sudden alignment with the Tahani is cause for serious concern. Far as I can tell, they feel we've totally betrayed them."

Gervasius frowned. "And the diplomatic connections?"

Barsavi looked over at Gervasius now. "If the Aedelish continue this tantrum, the Emperor has opted to withdraw the nuncio and dispatch a standard plenipotentiary in Lord Cavour's place. They will have no direct link to the High Seat, and will lose their favored status."

"And likely prepare for war."

"That would be their ill-advised course of action. We may not be invincible, but neither are they, and the Sovereign Military will do whatever it must. Severio and Vittorio have already begun meeting regularly with Military High Command. If we have to, we will call up the reserves, as well."

"This is obscene."

"Yes it is, Talon. Disgustingly so. The Aedelish will, of course, move to exclude and isolate us and the Hattaro from their Cartel and likely claim that our refusal to support this ridiculous modified treaty is an act of war. We have retained the battle squadron that had been dispatched to Kletudde as a precaution. The Aquinne and Pompilius are there with their escorts."

"Where is Cephorus, by the way?"

"Presently at Epoxague."

"Of course."

Acilida blew a cloud of smoke and sat up. "The Aedelish aren't invincible. They also ignore the fact we've a far older and deeper bond of blood as well as diplomacy with the Anisorans than we ever did with them. If they persist in this mess, we should choke off every economic and financial connection they have through us and see if that doesn't get their attention."

"If it comes to it, we very likely will."

"And use CHAIM as the economic weapon it is designed to be in such situations."

Thul nodded at this. Several of the other Lords likewise nodded. Taking another draw of his cigarette, Barsavi sighed. "We will see what happens now...."

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