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Bind Diplomatic visit
06-30-2015, 08:31 PM
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Bind Diplomatic visit
[Image: Text5300.png]

The All Encompassing Wolgos Bind

The Almighty Empire of the Wolgos by decree of its supreme Gwretaido Prawiros,Whrosklow Ghruxhuor , the magnanimous overlord of the Wolgos and their abominations, hereby give formal notice of visit by an official delegation to the city known as Östvallen. The official delegation will be welcomed by the grand female chief of the Vittish, solemn birther of overlords also known as "Drottning" Anna Karlsdotter av Kulla

The delegation expects access to a dock set aside for the occasion, unrestricted access to the city bay for the delegations Storm and Tempest Warriors escort fleet, a suitable location with amenities for the delegation to erect their tents and pavilions.

As a gesture of the boundless generosity and benevolence the delegation will erect a separate display pavilion for the enjoyment of the female chiefs subjects, a pavilion showcasing wonders from the Bind. If the female chief permits.


Whrosklow Ghruxhuor

[Image: Text5393.png]

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07-01-2015, 01:37 PM
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RE: Bind Diplomatic visit
The female chief permits. Although she's not amused by the use of the word "drottning", she understands that this is a usual Wolgos provocation that she lets unanswered.

On a slightly related note, Vittmarker intelligence has transmitted the coordinates of the Helreich naval vessels on course from Rissland to Nabben. It's up to the delegation if they want to avoid contact, or that they want to engage them at open sea.

More practical things:
The delegation can make use of Örlogshamnen. The outer harbor at Östervallen can be used for docking, accommodation and exhibition just outside the palace walls. This way the extra security surrounding this complex will work in safgaurding the entire delegation, while at the same time public access is guaranteed for Vittmarkers interested in the exhibitions and meetings. During the visit, the train stations at Dämmanö and Byrum will only be served by shuttle services from Månstatorg and Västerport respectively, in order to regulate the amount of visitors to this particular part of the city and maintaining operational reliability of long distance train travel.

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