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HRH Crown Princess Moa
02-21-2018, 05:54 PM (This post was last modified: 02-21-2018 06:26 PM by Pepijn.)
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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
March 5th 7580

"Her majesty has asked for you," Moa's in-room servant Alis announced when she entered her living quarters in the royal palace.
"It's been a long day, how urgent did her messenger sound?"
"Very urgent. So urgent that I haven't told her grace that Yuma is here as well."
"You know how to prioritize. Where's Yuma?"
Moa walked towards her bathroom, knocked on the door and yelled through it in Kakuri.
"I'll be back soon, fighting bird needs me. Not many drops..."

It took Moa a while to find Anna. She had already left her working quarters but hadn't made it to the family dining room yet. It ended with an encounter in the corridors.
"I've heard about your efforts to enter a Kakuri team into the yearly stickball tournament," Anna started immediately, "a sympathetic idea..."
"But..." Moa countered, knowing that Anna would not have summoned her to tell her how sympathetic this initiative was.

"You're the crown princess of Vittmark... All of Vittmark. Is it a wise idea to affiliate yourself with a single team?"
Moa let the message sink in a while. Then she decided to go head-on with this one.
"I am not going to become a completely neutral person because of some titles. The whole idea about Vittmark is that it is home to different shades of Mellanhand Orkanan, to different affiliations with home turf, to be proud of where we come from without the need to let that affect our relations with others. If we expect the Ådalish, the Lidenites, the Hagenites and freethinkers to respect each other for what they are, for what they stand for, then I think it is unwise to disqualify ourselves from that very same task. I am a freethinker, I am a lady of Kulla and I am an alf of the Kakuri, which makes me eligible to identify myself as belonging to multiple communities. I am diversity... and I'm not going to hide that in a gender-neutral, tasteless mash-up."

Anna looked at her step daughter. When it came to Kakuri matters, the fiery redhead seemed to be even more fiery than usual.
"Are you just as committed when it doesn't concern the Kakuri," Anna asked directly. Moa took the time to reply again.

"I'm one of the few players that represented two teams. Fjällsta does not select women anymore, but Kulla doensn't have that luxury. We didn't participate the last two years, tired of losing every single game..."
"And that's why you invite the Kakuri, so you can at least win once?"

Moa laughed, knowing that Anna meant this as a joke.
"If the team captain wants me, I will proudly represent Kulla. My efforts to build a team with the Kakuri is not connected to this. I don't intend to play with the Kakuri team, even though I'm eligible. My playing skills belong to Kulla. But as alf, governor, tensho or whatever I see it as my task to lift the Kakuri to the same level. If they want to..."

Anna smiled. "Fine by me. Glad you're still available for Kulla. That's my team, remember? I am Av Kulla... Joining for dinner?"
"I can't... I have Yuma over, for some reason... I know my dad likes to keep a bit distance..."
"Go join your friend, I get it. But let Alis get some dinner from the main kitchen."

Moa walked into her own living room, seemingly interrupting something between Alis and Yuma.
"Shall I come back later," Moa asked. Yuma laughed. "No... not that. It's just, when you are around, you are tensho and Alis serves you, if not, we talk... on same level... Now we need to change back."
"No reason for that. Well, I'd still like her to get us something to eat from the main kitchen, but please bring three plates and join us. Arimu is at Blåkulla, Kätilla is with her Leif and Anna is being all family-ly with my half siblings."

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05-30-2018, 03:37 PM
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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Östervallen, June 7579

(OOG: Yes, that puts this posting just before #6 in this thread and right behind "Surprise visit to Anisora, to make things complicated.)

Moa entered Anna's private quarters. The queen noticed what kind of mood her stepdaughter was in.

"Breathe, girl," she said to Moa.
"Those idiots..."
"I know, federal parliament isn't really a mature institute yet. But I can not get rid of the First Chancellor myself. That is up the parliament. They appoint the First Chancellor and only they can send him away."

Now Moa took a deep breathe. Anna was updated.
"We presented the issue on a silver plate to them," Moa repeated her grieves against Ödebo, "the man is winging it when it comes to international relations, he improvises, sometimes successfully, sometimes blundering. But those idiot MP's praise him for his lucky punches and forget about the rest. That man... he is a danger to the function of the crown!"

Anna looked at Moa.
"If I didn't know better, I would say that you have become a skilled politician..."
"Fnck politics, and especially fnck Ödebo. He not only sent me on an away mission underprepared, but he was there and did not intervene at all. He made me look like a fool."

"So what. Aren't you the carefree mountain girl from the south?"
"It's not me personally that looks like a fool. It is me as a replacement for the highest institute in Vittmark, the crown, the monarch, the head of state. My blunders reflect on you, and on Vittmark as a whole. And he let me make them. Which makes him unfit for the job."

"That's your opinion, and you might be right. But it's not your decision. Tell me, what would you do if you were in my position?"
Anna had bounced the ball back, which made Moa hesitate a short while.
"Well... I can't seem to send him away myself and parliament won't do it, but the situation would be different if a successor was already there to take over with a new team. MP's fear change, they are happy with the current status quo, the bristle balance. Take out one card and the whole house falls down. I would present them a new cornerstone."

"That's not my job. And in the state I am in right now, it's not an activity I have the energy for."
"Come on, you always seem to be able to make people move in the direction you want them to."
"No, not really... That's more your dad's influence. He whispers the suggestions, I carry them out, if I think they make sense and will lead somewhere. So... you truly are Palne's daughter when it comes to that. You also have that effect on people."

Moa was shocked to hear this. She had always thought she was nothing like her dad at all. But Anna was right, she surely had inherited some of his methods.
"Just make sure that Ödebo is no longer around when I take over," Moa concluded. Anna had to laugh. This was the first time Moa actually insinuated that she would take the throne if the opportunity would arise.

VITTMARK:"This mess is a place." --- FISKS:"Fisk you!"

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