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HRH Crown Princess Moa
10-25-2015, 08:30 PM
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HRH Crown Princess Moa
July 10th 7575

Two weeks had passed since Moa's promotion. And now she was sitting on a train towards Tranälven. A small company, but large enough to carry her drawing equipment.

Yes, Moa would become part of the new face outwards of the royal family. Present at public occassions. But... and she made this very clear before accepting her new role... Never anywhere where there was a political issue at stake. Unlike Queen Anna, who personally had shown up in Månsta at the heights of the internal conflicts in Liden, Moa had no ambition, nor intention, to influence political events. So her presence would be limited to openings, cultural events, festivities, the occasional company visit.

This particular trip was an opening. In this case a new railway bridge across the might Talpeälven river some dozens of miles south of Talpå, right on the border of Ådalen and Kötthagen. All part of the large project to connect all the member states' capitals with a broad gauge railway line.

She was neatly sitting centrally on the stage where government officials from both states were giving speeches. It looked like Moa was frantically making notes, but in reality she was making charcoal sketches of the people close around her. Mostly portraits, some clothing details. Didn't matter if the people were young or old, beautiful or bland, everything was a subject for her drawings.

Then she was invited to cut the ribbon spanning the first box girder of the bridge from the Ådalish side of the river. After that the first train would cross the bridge, continuing all the way to Treborg. Of course this wasn't the first train crossing the bridge, for weeks test trains had been riding across the tracks in order to get rid of the rust that tends to build on top of unused rails.

"A bridge... A creative way to cross a river without getting your feet wet. Or having to pay the ferryman. But why do people cross the river?"
She looked over her shoulder.

"Herr Valdå, representing the house of Hagen is standing on these river banks next to Herr Bredö, representing the house of Iunsala. Both are celebrating the opportunity to cross the river, which didn't exist at this extent before. Both want to meet each other, and have their people meeting other people. Where ppeople meet, stories can be shared, festivities can be celebrated, goods can exchange ownership, creativity shared for improvements of every day life. This... dear people... this isn't just a bridge. This is a symbol of two states, two peoples, joining in each other's presence. This... is a marriage. This is the union of the people of Vittmark through the opportunity to travel and acquire new insights. This wonder of engineering from steel and... more steel, is actually the embodiment of the joining of minds. Towards a common future. For Vind. Through the times."

"THROUGH THE TIMES!" replied the crowd.

She then walked towards the orange and white ribbon, and took the scissors from the little pillow that was presented to her by a little boy. She grabbed the ribbons in the middle, an unusual gesture, then cut at an arm's lenght to her right, turned around and cut with her right hand again, so she now was holding about 5 feet of ribbon in her left hand. She walked back to the boy, tied it around his waist and gave him the scissors in his hands instead of putting it back on the pillow.

"Be creative, for Vind," she added while kissing him on the forehead. The locomotive then started moving across the tracks, coming to a halt puffing and hissing in order to let the guests of honor embark from the little wooden scene next to the tracks.

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11-04-2015, 04:53 PM
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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Moa was just returning to the Royal Palace from a matinee in the New Town. Opening an arts event was something Queen Anna really liked to do, but she wasn't always available. Moa was the perfect replacement now.

"Your highness", one of the servants addressed her, "if her ladyship would like to follow me to kvartersmästaren, he has requested a meeting."
The job of "kvartersmästaren" was one with lots of responsibility. He was in charge of the use and maintenance of all the rooms within the palace complex. He only answered directly to the queen. But the servant wasn't bringing Moa to his small office at the backside, he was taking her towards one of the wings that was undergoing renovations.

"Your highness, thanks for coming. I have to apologize for the mess. But one can't chop firewood without smithereens flying around. Please follow me."

The "kvartersmästare" was already in his 60's and one of the few people left from the short reign of King Karl. Anna had replaced many people, but only if and when she had a reason for it. But "kvartersmästaren" had been doing a really good job over the last year, overseeing renovations and upgrades of the palace complex. Improving security and comfort were the two main priorities. Only a few years ago, the palace was a maze of hallways, hidden corridors, unused vents and conducts. After renovating the queen's quarters and the most important reception rooms, it was now time for a more thorough overhaul of the other wings.

"Allow me to show her ladyship..."
Moa was led into a freshly painted room, bright white. A large tile stove was place in the corner beside the double door. A large window was partially blocked by a red beech tree in the inner court yard.
"There's beech outside and inside. We have chosen a light beech floor for both rooms. We can always make it darker. But we though it would be appropriate. The walls can get any color, we just plastered them. Please follow me.

Another double door with large windows to the left led to a small hallway where a stove and sink were placed. The man opened the bathroom door, first showing the mozaique floor tiling, the pristine white rectangular wall tiles, the bathtub... He was so taken by his job that Moa even didn't have the time to wonder why she was getting this tour of the newly renovated wing. They went back through the door to the right into a slightly smaller room, also with a view on the inner garden. But there she stopped him.

"Forgive me for asking, but why does his lordship show me these quarters?"
The man frowned.
"These will be your quarters, your highness..."
Moa looked bewildered.
"So... is it safe to assume her highness wasn't informed? Her majesty has ordered me to make some room available for her ladyship, assuming that she would be staying more often in Östervallen now."

Moa closed her eyes. Thousands of images were floating through her mind. She raised her hand, indicating that she needed a moment to think.

"Dark cyan," she said while opening her eyes. "This room, all four walls in dark cyan."
She walked to the bathroom.
"Everything above the tiles in lapis, but not the ceiling, keep that white.
She continued to the first room.
"Working quarters I guess? I think turquoise, but a bit more greyish."

She shook the man's hand.
"Please show me some color samples before his lordship commences. I am picky when it comes to colors."

She then continued on her own towards the queen's working quarters. Which only were in the next corridor, since a lot of old walls had been knocked out.

"Come in, come in," Anna gestured, even though she was in a meeting with a near dozen people of which Moa only knew a few. After listening to the conversation for about half an hour, Lady Teres took her by the arm.

"Time to get you some staff as well."

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06-04-2016, 09:44 AM
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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Jan. 30th 7576

It was the middle of winter in Östvallen, and while it was only drizzling here at the coast, severe blizzards had knocked out train travel across the Blue Mountains for days now. Which meant that Moa had to spend her birthday at the Royal Palace, and not at her true home with her extended family at Blåkulla. Of course, Queen Anna and her lady Teres Ståhlvik were here, also extended family.

Moa woke up at the smell of meat frying. She opened her eyes and stared right into Anna's face.
"Happy birthday, sweets," she said. Moa smiled, even though she was a bit embarressed that Anna had been able to sneak in without her noticing. She had been awake until the middle of the night, trying to deal with the fact that she wouldn't spend her birthday with most of her family.

"Morning..." Moa said sleepy, "what's that smell?"
"Burned finches," Anna said. Which actually was a kind of grounded meat wrapped in bacon and held together with two toothpicks. Its nickname was 'poor man's finches' because with some fantasy the roll looked a bit like a well prepared small bird. It was actually the very same dish that the kitchen staff had prepared the first time Palne and Anna met at Herkulla 9 years ago.

"Baked meat, at breakfast?"
Moa ate hardly any meat at all. The idea of a heavy breakfast wasn't that appealing to her.
"It's the breakfast for outdoors activities," Anna replied.
Moa sat up and looked outside. Grey... the drizzle had turned into a wet flurry.
"Not really a day for horseback riding," Moa said.
"We have something better planned than horseback riding." Anna got up from the bed. She was already completely dressed in an informal kind of dayware.

In an Orkanan family, no one had to wake up alone. Anna and Teres had made sure Moa didn't have to. She slowly shuffled towards the bathroom, passing her maid Thora who was cooking breakfast in the kitchenette.
"Sunshine!" yelled Teres from the study, where she was giving orders to Moa's other maid Alis about how to set up the breakfast table.
"Bite me!" Moa yelled back, which made them both laugh.

"So, what outdoor activity will it be today. The beach, canoeing, mountain climbing?" Moa said cheeringly once she had set herself at the breakfast table. She had been told to dress for horseback riding, but they weren't going to do that, according to Anna's cryptic instructions. None of the activities Moa mentioned were possible today though.

Moa still passed on the meat and chose some fruit, heavy sour milk and granola instead. Anna tried to convince Thora and Alis to sit down with them, but the maids politely refused. Staff was not allowed to sit in with royalty.
"I could order you to sit down with us," Anna said, half as a joke.
"No no no, that's not how we do things here," Moa intervened, "My quarters, my rules".
Both Anna and Teres looked at Moa, because she wasn't known for her formal aproach at all.
"Alis, Thora, feel free to sit down with us," Moa continued, "it would please me on this special day to share breakfast with close ones. No one will know of it, besides us."
Only then the the maids dared to sit down. Yes, Moa did have that effect in people.

Anna now was pointing at a large picture that was new in the room. It was a square photograph, showing 6 women with Altaian facial characteristics on the earthen wall surrounding Östervallen, with a Vittmarker flag prominently framing in the informal placing of the women. A shot made at some candid moment, the women were not posing, and still the composition was in balance.

"That is an exemplary photograph. You made that?" Anna wondered. Moa nodded.
"I have cropped it."
Anna was rather old school in photography, she made sure her compositions landed on the negatives already perfectly balanced. But modern day developments made it possible to crop images afterwards and Moa frequently used that.
"That's cheating," Anna replied.
"I actually wanted to make a quick portrait but they kept on walking and took the shot anyway."
Anna got up and examined the picture at close range.
"What camera did you use?"
"Yours..." Moa half-whispered.

After breakfast Anna and Teres led Moa through the corridors towards the reception hall right at the entrance of the Royal Palace. In the middle of the hall some object was covered with a white sheet.
"Time to unwrap your present. We couldn't bring it to your quarters."
Moa gently pulled of the sheet.
"No way... a whale horse?"

Whale horse was the Vittmarker nickname for a motorbike. Since the bikes ran on whale oil... This bike was unlike anything she had ever seen. It was longer, with a double saddle. It was chain driven. It even had suspension, front and back, which was a novelty in Stoldavia. But then again, the bike wasn't Stoldavian. This clearly was an imported bike from The Bind.

"We thought, if you have to travel between Blåkulla and Östervallen more often, then you need to be able to get on the train a bit more quickly. It takes 2 to 4 hours by horse to get to Gäddedevida summertime, and even more to Kronsta at the other side. With this you can cut travel time by half or more. To the stations, that is."
"If there's a train going..."
"Yes, and that..."

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Early 7577

(OOG: there's a small story taking place in the spring of 7576 as well, but I can only post that after Kakuri season 3 has finished... complicated...)

The official opening ceremony of the new broad gauge railway line between Tammerköping and Månsta had taken all day. The inaugural trip of the royal train had to stop at every station, where some sort of display had to be experienced or attended. Fortunately, Moa could deliver the same speech at every location, she just had to keep track of the station name.

Now she was walking back from dinner at the Månsta Palace to the Månsta Hotell where she would spend the night. Her servant Thora had followed along, making sure Moa's appearance would be as impressive as possible, even after an entire day on the tracks. The hotel was not even a block away, so the distance could easily be covered by a short walk.

There were many people walking outside. As usual on the evening before Disaday, people would gather in mantalshus, share a drink, eat a bite, listen to some music or stories. The hustle and bustle of the densely built-up city could even be heard inside Moa's en-suite.

"I miss that," Moa said to Thora while getting out of her elaborate gala dress. "We used to do this back att Fjällsta or Kronsta every week. I can't remember when I last could join a Disafton."

"It's only 10 o'clock, the night is still young," Thora joked.
"You're absolutely right," Moa replied, "find me something crappy to wear and we'll head into town."
"Seriously... If I hide my hair under a black head scarf and we make my eyebrows more dark... No one knows me here."
"But security..."
"Good thinking. Let's make this a double date."

Moa had Thora call in the 4 security guards that had accompanied her on this trip, after Moa had dressed up. Or down...
"Sirs... we're going for a beer in a nearby mantalshus. Who wants to be our date?"

"Highness... is this a good idea," one of the men replied.
"Not you then. Anyone?"
Two other uniformed man exchanged a quick glance with each other and then stepped forward.

Ten minutes later, two young women and two uniformed men entered the well attended mantalshus of the local Sunna congregation, called the "White Horse".
"Just remember, don't lie, just tell those bits of the truth that won't blow our cover," Moa said before walking straight to the bar.

"May the True Light guide you towards your contribution to Vind's master plan, my good man." This was a standard greeting among Sunnists.
"Right now, that might include four pints of your finest amber beers," Moa continued. She then turned around to the rest of her company: "and what are you having?"

"You're not from around here," the host replied, "I would have recognized such a pretty face," he tried to flatter his new guests.
"Well, would you..." Moa added sniggering. The host interpreted this as his smooth talk going down really well, but reality was another thing.

"What brings you to our anthill?"
"The train," Moa continued. "The opening of the new line remember? I had some duties on board. Now it is time to get a drink myself."
The host put down the 4 pints and moved his attention to Thora.
"Don't look at me, she just dragged me along," she started.
"Right...," the host replied, "now that is a Vallbo accent."

"Vallbo" is the word used for inhabitants of Östvallen.

"And the gentlemen? Also from the train?"
"Ehrm.. yeah... we met these girls at the station."
"And they dragged you into the White Horse. Any of you Sunnists?"

"Nope," Moa replied, "but these guys were suggesting a freethinker place instead."
"Oh but the freethinker mantalshus is not a bad place at all. If you don't mind leaving with a couple of teeth less then when you arrived."
"Let's drink to that!"

The security men took it really easy with the beer, since they officially still were on duty. Moa on the other hand knew her way with the liquid late night snack. Dinner at the palace had been exquisite, but clearly designed for people who did not move a muscle all day.

"Listen," she half whispered after her second pint, "there is only one thing more attractive than a man in a uniform, and that is a man in a uniform with a date. I am sure any of you guys could leave this place with any of the women here... without a doubt..."
"We can't leave without her ladyship..."
"Fine... woosses... Just pick any girl. How about the blonde one playing the flute..."
"I'll hit on her for you. Warm her up. And then you can finish the job. Next round is on you if I can get her here within a minute."

The soldiers didn't know how to reply.

"See you in a minute," Moa said and off she rushed, leaving the other three at the table. she then approached the girl who just had stopped playing.
"Hi, I'm... Tova... you're really good at this."
"Thanks," the young woman replied, "I'm Lina. You're not from around here?"

Moa didn't answer that question.
"Listen," she continued, "Can I buy you a beer? Just join us," she pointed towards the soldiers sitting behind her."
"I don't know..."
"And bring your friends," Moa continued, turning her attention to the two women who had entered the mantalshus at the same time as the flute player. "Hi, I'm Tova."
"Maja," one of them replied while stretching out her hand.

"Those two," Moa nodded towards the security guards, "they are a bit... stiff. We came here to have some fun. And you seem to know fun. It's our only night here. Please?"



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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
May 7576

(OOG yes this is that missing posting that had to wait until Kakuri S03 ended)

Moa gestured Arimu to take it easy.
"There's not enough air here for your Kakuri lifestyle," she added jokingly.
Together with a house clerk and a maid, Moa and Arimi just had disembarked the cog railway at its terminus in Fjällsta.

They were now over 2500 metres above sea level, in the industrial town that was defying gravity on a steep mountain slope in the southernmost regions of Vittmark. If you're not used to high altitudes, you will get dizzy, disorientated, short of breath and ultimately tormented by skullsplitting headaches. Not enough to classify it as altitude disease, but enough to feel sick.

Alis, Moa's maid, was suffering from the same condition as Arimu. As a Vallbo, usually living at sea level, she really felt the effect. Moa herself was used to it, having grown up here and residing in Blåkulla most of the time. It also partially explained why the Fjällsta Stift stickball team usually performed well in national tournaments, better lung capacity and more hemoglobine in the blood.

Half the population of Fjällsta seemed to have gathered in front of the administration building. The large hall was a refurbished industrial production facility, now in use as main gathering place of Fjällsta Stift in their own administrative centre. The old offices still held staff function, like the registry of Fjällsta Stift.

Moa walked through the crowd, followed timidly by Arimu who really was out of place here. None of these people had ever seen an Altaian before. And even if they had, the sight of a blonde one still would be a rather unique experience. Moa walked straight up to the registry office. There were more people waiting in line, but all of them gestured she could cut the line.

"Your highness," a woman of about 50 years old welcomed her in the door opening of the registry office.
"Sefina... how long do we know each other now?"
"20 years, your h..."
"And how did you adress me back then?"
"Ehm... Palnesdotter?"
"I clearly recall you adressed me by my given name. What has changed since then? I'm still the same person and so are you."

Sefina didn't answer her directly.
"Follow me this way, so you can make your announcement."
Moa was led to a speaker's stand with a shell resonator behind it. This acoustic device helped amplify her voice so anyone in the room could hear it. The whole hall fell silent when she appeared a bit above the crowd.

"Dear citizens of Fjällsta. My name is Moa Palnesdotter... av Blåkulla... and a bit more. Today, I am happy to announce two new members of our stim."
Presenting new stim members orally was a typical Fjällsta tradition. Usually there was a speaker of the Stift standing there, being handed notes with informations about newly born babies and new memberships. But Moa was allowed to do it herself, a privilige.

"On the last day of 7575, Evi Toresdotter was born into our stim, daughter of Ada Carlsdotter and Tore Karlsson. On January 31st our stim was extended with the inclusion of Arimu Taeke Blåkulla of the Kakuri people, born in Toshi-bu in what today is the Eastern Crown Domain on Gilles Carls, Fisks."

A curtious applause ringed through the hall. Arimu didn't know what to do with about 2000 eyes all looking in her direction.

"Furthermore..." Moa continued, and she held up a large book, about 30x40 cms big.
"I brought with me a copy of the registry of the Kakuri Stond at the same aforementioned location. As governor of the Eastern Crown Domains on behalf of the federal government in Östvallen, and as affiliated member of the Nokumo Nobono, the Six Legged Spider stim who forms the leadership of the Kakuri Stond, it is an honor to be able to add 2962 new members to the registry of Fjällsta Stift."

Loud cheering now erupted from the crowd. New stims and stonds were added regularly, but none of them as exotic or large as the Kakuri. This is why thousand of people had taken a day off and wanted to witness the ritual, even though only a small proportion actually could witness it directly from inside the hall.

"More people will be added later, but these almost 3000 people have been confirmed as members of the stond so far," Moa continued.
"To mark the occassion, we would like to play a Kakuri song. Mind you, the Kakuri are very different in their rituals than we are, and as freethinkers we are alrady used to quite a lot of diversity. But the Kakuri do not share their songs. You are all invited to listen and enjoy, but it is not allowed to add this particular song to any songbook. I am counting on it that you will respect the ways of our 3000 new soulmates. There are only 10 people or so allowed to play this particular song, and the two of us are among them."

Arimu had already dug up her panflute from her backpack, while Moa was handed her violin.

"The translated songtitle is 'Across the now', which actually means the same as 'Through the times'."
"Through the times" some people in the crowd replied.

Neither Arimu nor Moa had to worry about anyone copying the song. The weird staccato intro was followed by some random yelling and then lyrics in a very fast type of Kakuri which no one understood anyway. They could easily have promised a bar of solid gold to anyone being able to play this song after hearing it only one time, it was simply impossible. The vocal harmony however was easy to recognize, since it was following the same basic music rules as Stoldavian music for some unknown reason. Or maybe that was just the result of Moa's interpretation of the song.

After the song had ended, a top hat was handed around in the crowd. People would throw in some small change as sign of appreciation of the performance. It was unusual to do this after just one song, this was more of a tradition catering for travelling musicians throughout freethinker communities. But Moa had that effect on people.

Moa had to accept the contents of the top hat in her appron. Doing otherwise would be considered rude. But Moa had no intention to keep the money. She asked Arimu to grab a handfull and give it to the people still waiting in line, the same line they had cut some minutes before.
"Buy something nice for your newborn, or your wife. For you this handfull makes a real difference."
But Moa was called back to the speaker's stand by Sefina. She quickly poored over the remaining coins in her maid's shawl and instructed them to continue handing it out until it was all gone.

"Moa Palnesdotter av Blåkulla till Fjällsta," Sefina adressed her once she had returned.
"Fjällsta Stift acknowledges you as Alf of the Kakuri Stond. With that she has earned a position in the Alf Council of Fjällsta Stift, as 107th consecutive member and currently 87th active member. What will be her title?"
"Alf av Nokumo Nobono av Kakuri Stond..." Moa replied.
"Brothers and Sisters, I present to you Alf av Nokumo Nobono av Kakuri Stond Moa Palnesdotter av Blåkulla till Fjällsta ätte av Kulla."

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Östervallen, 2nd September 7579

Moa was awake immediately. If her in-room servant addressed her as 'ma'am' in order to wake her up, something serious was going on.
"What time is it?"
"About half past 5. It's her majesty. She has been taken to the hospital."

Moa sat up. This in itself was not really shocking news. Anna's pregnancy had kept her as good as horizontal for the past two months. It was obvious that the delivery would take place at the hospital. It was only a few blocks away, within the government complex of Östervallen.

"Alf Ruvertsson is here," Alis stated. Now Moa was wide awake.
"Is Anna OK?"
"Yes and no. The baby was born prematurely and has to remain at the hospital. It's a boy... Her majesty has lost so much blood that she will have to stay as well. Weeks..."

Moa had put on a robe. She was quite sure Ruvertsson would not mind her not being fully dressed, at this hour, under these circumstances.
"Congratulations on your half brother," he greeted once he was let into the living room of Moa's quarters.
"Thank you. How is Anna?"
"She will recover, but it will take some days, maybe weeks. In the mean time..."
Alf Ruvertsson paused. But there was no way around it.
"Her ladyship will have to serve as acting regentesse."

"Me? Why not Palne..."
"Her ladyship is first in line, for temporary or permanent succession."
"But with Iduna..."
"We didn't have the constitution back then, and you weren't of age."

Moa sighed. She had been appointed as crown princess because no one in Vittmark wanted a freethinker on the throne. While Moa was enjoying her royal status, it had never occurred to her she actually would have to spring into action. She was just the placeholder for Iduna.

"There is a cabinet meeting scheduled at 7:30," Ruvertsson continued, "her ladyship's presence is required."
"Anything on the agenda I should be aware of?"
"Probably... but we will spend the rest of the day determining the important issues together with individual cabinet members."

"I wonder... can I make a request?"
"Her ladyship is the regentesse, any request will be dealt with accordingly."
Moa produced a faint smile on her face.
"I would like to sit down with Frania av Lårsten first."
"That will be arranged."

"When can I visit Anna?"
"That is not a wise thing to do right now. She needs her rest. Lady Teres will know what issues her majesty was working with. Shall I call her to have breakfast with you?"
"Only if my father is with Anna. Teres or Palne will have to be with her, always."
"Her majesty is in good hands, there is no reason..."
"Who is the regentesse now? If I say that Palne or Teres will have to remain with Anna, then so be it."

Ruvertsson laughed.
"Interesting times... mylady..."

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
(still Sept 2nd)

The cabinet meeting had taken most of the morning, but was coming to a conclusion now. Budget talks had already started, always a difficult process. It seemed that the cabinet would have to do without Anna while managing a budget for 7580.

Alf Ruvertsson, not a cabinet member himself but present as an observer in his role as chairman of the House of Lords, casually brought up an issue that did not belong in a cabinet meeting.
"Her Grace has inquired when she would be able to visit Her Majesty."

Gumpert av Hagen, chancellor for security put two elbows on the table and started talking from under his eyebrows.
"It is common policy that Her Majesty and the Lady Regentesse will not convene outside the most secure institutions in this country: the Royal Palace, the Blåkulla Mansion and the Herrkulla Mansion."

Moa recognized powerplay. She hated politics, but she could identify all the moves. Av Hagen was flexing his muscles.
"And the entire settlement of Toshi-bu," she added.
"No," Av Hagen countered abrupt, "that location is not on the list of adequately secure places."
"Still... we went there."
"Against my sound advice, with Her Majesty taking an all too big of risk."
"Would the Lord Chancellor judge the security situation at Toshi-bu, on the other side of the globe, where his lordhip never has set foot, better or worse than the Academic Hospital which is practically across the road."

"Your Grace, that is not the issue. There are three secure locations. The rest does not pass the bar. Simple as that."
"So I can not visit my step mother, nor my half brother."
"That is correct."

Moa leaned back in her chair. Or actually, Anna's chair.
"Mylord..." Moa slowly asked Av Hagen, "who is the acting monarch?"
"Her Grace is..."
"So who is ultimately responsible for the decisions in this cabinet and of The Crown?"
Av Hagen remained silent. He had an idea where this was going.
"Her Grace is..."

"Exactly. So... Would his lordship be willing to look into the possibility to make the hospital secure enough for a visit?"
But that was not at all what Av Hagen had been expecting. He was used to work with the most stubborn person at the palace and Moa had all the signs of similar behavior. He had expected Moa to demand to see Anna.

"Of course... We could look into that. We can assess some options."
"Anything viable can be implemented immediately," Moa concluded.
"Certainly," Av Hagen added with a sigh of relief. A nervous grin appeared on his face.

"Gumpert... is it OK if I call you Gumpert?" Moa asked casually.
"Of course, Your Grace."
"Then you should call me Moa. First names work both ways."
"Ehm, I will try..."
"Gumpert, Frania, Iodhann, Urban, Östen, Bernart, Alfred... It's business as usual. You go ahead as you please, I will give you a pretty long leash. I just want to talk to you individually to get an idea of the moments where my intervention or nudging would be needed. But after lunch. I'm starving. That's not a request for a recess, I'm just going to leave to eat something. As you were..."

Moa didn't wait for a reply, she got up before the cabinet members could get up themselves and had already left.
"Unpredictable," Iodhann Ödebo summarized.
"Keeps us on our toes," Frania added. "Which might be her plan all along."

Outside, Arimu was waiting for her. Her eyes were larger than usual.
"Your brother... Kolgard Audmar..."
"That's his name?"
Arimu nodded. "It means 'dark guard for the survival of prosperity', or something similar?"
Moa thought about this for a while. Kolgard was an unusual name and indeed mean dark guard or black knight. Audmar referred to Anna's older brother Ottomar, who had died in the Pan Anarian War. But Arimu was impatient.

"I wrote a song called 'Black Survival' years ago... that's not a coincidence. I should teach you how to play it."
"I don't know if I have the time for it..."
"Time is not an issue. You are tensho, you rule over time, across the now."

Moa laughed. But she was right. Nothing stopped her from deciding her own agenda. What's the use of being a regentesse if you can not decide about your own schedule? There was one detail though.

"You should ask the Nokumo Nobono if we can play it," Arimu came to the point.
"It's your song, and you can not play it?"
"I'm dead, remember... Just tell them it is their present to the newborn prince. A Kakuri song. He will be needing it."

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Östervallen, Sept 19th

"Your grace..."
Moa had taken over Anna's working quarters in the palace. Her father and Anna's lady-in-waiting tried to help her as much as possible. But they had to divide their time between their own tasks and being there for Queen Anna. So Alf Ruvertsson caught Moa a bit off guard, working only with some palace clerks.

"Ruvertsson... what is it you need from me this time?"
He laughed. But Moa was right. Cabinet members, underministers, MP's, they all wanted something from Moa.
"The senate meeting, the day after tomorrow... We need to appoint a replacement senator for her majesty."
"We do? What could possibly go wrong if one senator does not show up..."

Queen Anna was also acting senator for Kulla. In fact, half the family played a role in the senate. Although her father had appointed a deputy. Moa herself was the Kakuri senator. And Teres represented Kletudderland.

"Well, there are some issues on the agenda where we can not count on a majority support without a loyal representative from Kulla."
"Representing Kulla is Anna's task, appointing replacement as well."
"Your grace, we know that she can not do that, by doctor's orders."
"So, his lordship expects me to bypass her majesty, appointing her majesty's replacement, while I myself am her majesty's replacement? That's a too dark shade of grey..."

"But, your grace, if..."
"Listen, I know I can do this, according to the law, but I won't. That's one of the privileges of being the monarch... deciding when to duck responsibilities."
"I am certain that her majesty..."

Moa waved her hands around her head, making clear that she thought Ruvertsson was as irritating as a couple of mosquitos.
"Mylord, what's on the agenda?"
Ruvertsson handed over the paper. He mad marked 3 of the 17 issues.
"Items #3, #9 and #13 will be dealt with in two weeks time. And add to the agenda under #1 that I expect Dunsvik to chair the meeting itself. That is the monarch's proposal and I assume he is loyal enough to accept the task."
"But her majesty is always chairing the senate meetings, whenever she is attending."

"Well there's your answer. She's not attending. I am, as acting regentesse. It's not the same. Things will be back to normal in a week or so, but until then you'll have to deal with my inconsequent behavior. Anything else?"
Moa didn't wait for an answer and started reading through something equally boring, making sure Ruvertsson would leave.

"Tensho..." she heard a soft voice from the door opening.
"Yuma, come in," Moa switched to Kakuri. "I am glad to see you. How is life treating you?"
"I'm... doing well... but it's about Black Survival."
"The song?"
Yuma nodded.
"It is a gift from the Nokumo Nobono and the Kakuri people. This means you will have to participate."
"Me? But that song... it's like a bowl of noodles to me... rough winds... and I don't have the time..."
"Everybody has the same amount between the sun rising and the sun setting. You decide how to spend it."
"I'm running a country, my girl," Moa stated.
"No, tensho is not. The land runs itself. Most people don't care about what happens within this kotan. They do their things. Tensho is pushing and shoving some other pushers and shovers, but the sun rises and the sun sets. Rain falls. Grass grows. But songs... they need work."

Moa had to laugh. Yuma had a point of course. This whole monarch thing, it was more or less symbolic. And here she had a 5 ft tall, young Kakuri woman in front of her, trying to convince her to do things the Kakuri way.

"Oh, to sike, and let Vald do the reading," she said in Wortsproke. She threw her paperwork on the low table in front of her, half of it sliding onto the floor. "You and I are going to have some fun today. Well... as long as playing violin until your fingers or skin drop off can be considered fun. Let's see if Arimu is available."

Arimu was waiting just outside the working quarters.
"Hello sexy," she greeted as soon as Moa saw her there.
"Ooh, the two of you have been ploughing, sowing and waiting for this. Ebbe..." She addressed the clerk in the little office outside. "If somebody needs me, I'm... somewhere in the palace. Probably the family dinner room. Or my residency. The m eetings can continue without me. They did so before as well."
"Of course, your grace," Ebbe replied, knowing by now that objecting for reasons of protocol or tradition was meaningless.

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
Östervallen palacr, Sept 21st 7579

Moa left the senate meeting overly tired.
"Your grace," she heard from the umptieth time today. Only when she looked up, she noticed it was Teres, Anna's lady-in-waiting. "Anna has asked for you."
"Not a moment too soon. Where..."
"In the family dining room."

Instead of going there directly, she first went to her own living quartes to change into something more comfortable. And to pick up Arimu. But she was nowhere to be seen. Her desire to play a new song for Anna and her newborn son, her half brother, lost it from her urge to see Anna.

"Here's the placeholder," she jovially exclaimed when she entered the family dining room. Anna got up and slowly walked towards Moa, who in her turn noticed that Arimu already was there.
"So, how is my place," Anna asked when she hugged Moa. They had seen each other more often during the last two weeks, but this was the first time Anna was up, dressed and in her usual setting.
"Vald on a stick, what a tedious job you have. I like the openings, the receptions, the travels, but the official meetings... the cabinet... the senate... how do you manage?"
"I get bored easily, and distracted, and then pregnant, so I skip the job for a while. Doctors said this must be the last one though."
Moa laughed. She had to agree with the doctor. Pregnancies did not become Anna.

"So, when will you be back in office?" Moa came to the point.
"Tomorrow. I'm not 100%, but hey, who is?"
Moa uttered the sigh of immense relief.
"You're still the crown princess. One day, this job is yours permanently. Or have you lost your appetite?"
"If it's a permanent position, then I will be changing some things. Now... I just kept things rolling. But I thought I was in this position only until Iduna was old enough to take over?"
"Maybe you were, maybe you are no longer," Anna replied cryptically. She grabbed the paper from the table and showed the editorial on page two to Moa.

"They love you, girl," Anna added with a grin. "Not the politicians, the member state leaders... but the people... You have been the talk of the town the last couple of weeks. If you would ask the people to grab a pitchfork and march to the borders, they would do that. You have that effect on people. Which makes you dangerous. For the people in power, I mean. Leadership comes bottom-up in this country..."

Moa tried to read the article.
"It's actually quite negative," she uttered.
"Exactly... that's what they do when they feel threatened. The paper does not bring the news. It chooses which news you get to read. The editorials are even worse. They are opinions, printed in a news magazine, giving it status. You clearly seem to have rubbed some people the wrong way."
"And that's good?"

Anna smiled.

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RE: HRH Crown Princess Moa
(still Sept 21st)

"We're having a small family dinner, trying to pick up things," Anna stated. Moa looked around. Iduna was playing with her little brother Asvard. Or middle brother, since they both had a baby brother now. Arimu was sipping on a beer, not meddling with anyone's business, while Kätilla - Moa's other lady in waiting - tried to make conversation with her. At that moment Teres and Alf Ruvertsson entered the room. Ruvertsson wasn't really family, but as close as one could get without entering the stim. They were accompanied by a clerk.

"Your grace..."
"Yes," both Anna and Moa replied. Moa bursted out in laughing.
"I mean her grace the regentess," the clerk continued. Moa had to stop laughing now. "there is a visitor here to see you."
"At dinner time?"
"She has an invitation, issued by her ladyship of Blåkulla."
"Almost everyone in her is a lady of Blåkulla..."

Arimu got up and intervened. "It was this lady of Blåkulla... Please show Hvukai in."
The clerk looked puzzled.
"Fukai Yuma," Arimu repeated, now emphasizing the F.
"Of course, mylady."

"That's a difficult sound to make for us Vittmarkers," Anna tried to excuse the clerk.
"He doesn't have to make the sound, just understand it," Arimu replied.
"If it's a sound you are not familiar with, you don't recognize it. To us, it sounds like an H. And may I ask, why is the MP invited to a family dinner?"

Moa took over, even though the arrival of Yuma Fukai was a surprise to her as well.
"We are here to hand over a gift from the Kakuri leadership and the Kakuri people to celebrate the birth of Kolgard, and to transfer strength to you both."
Yuma Fukai was led in to the room. She was almost completely dressed in black, a short skirt over tight pants and a man's button down shirt, but covered by something in between a vest, coat or veil in a very thin, half transparent red fabric. Moa now noticed that Arimu was also dressed in black, a pantsuit with a red shawl. Then she checked her own outfit, an ankle-long black skirt with high waist and a red button down blouse. Something she just grabbed when she changed from her more formal outfit for the senate meeting, she thought, but then she remembered it had been ready and waiting for her in her quarters, Alis just came running with it when Moa indicated she wanted to slip in something less formal. Arimu must have planned the whole thing. Which become all the more obvious when Arimu handed her her violin case. Moa continued as if she had been in all along.

"May I present, Yuma Hvukai, member of parliament representing the Kakuri people, myself - Durrum Mu-Wa, red panther sister of the Nokumo Nobono, et cetera, and the composer of this particular song, her ladyship Arimu Taeke av Blåkulla..."
At that moment, Arimu hammered down the opening chord of the song on the piana. They had played the song several times before, probably twice or three times a day. It didn't have to be heard to work...

Moa quickly picked up her violon from her case and started playing an eerie loop on it, before the song spun out in a four chord superfast arrangement. Yuma let out a yell that was perfectly in pitch, with a vibrato fitting an opera mezzosoprano. Arimu took up the background vocals during the chorus, creating two storytelling highlights at the same time. Moa was playing sort and almost fiesty bits, bouncing across the strings. Of course there was a loud chanting part somewhere in the middle, as usual with Arimu's compositions. Moa struggled her way through a solo bit, evolving in a fast arpeggio part, until the song came to an explosive end after about four and a half minutes.

It remained quiet for a while, but Anna approached Yuma and gave her a firm hug, then Moa and finally Arimu who had gotten up from her piano stool. Anna had tears in her eyes.
"The most eerie thing is," Moa continued, "that Arimu wrote this song about 10 years ago and it belonged to the set with which the Nokumo Nobono tried to achieve leadership for the first time. It is called 'Black survival' and it is about living through the darkest periods in life at the highest possible speed, to get away from it as quickly as possible. It is a gift to you, majesty, to help you recover as quickly as possible, and to Kolgard, the black guard of our culture's survival, who needs all the strength we can provide to make up for the short time he spend in your internal custody, Anna..."

"It's... beautiful. It's a kick in the behind, it gives energy, it's... so fragmented, makes you alert," Anna tried to describe her emotions. Arimu just stood there with a faint smile on her face.
"It's universal," Arimu continued when she made sure she wasn't interrupting Anna, "it pleases me that you received the message."
"I don't know what to say," Anna replied.
"You don't have to say anything," Moa took over, "we can just sit down and start eating." She tried to wipe away Anna's tears with her left hand, but it left a large red swipe across Anna's face instead. Only then Moa noticed that two of her fingertips were bleeding from playing. Yuma put her hand before her mouth and her eyes turned the size of teacups.

"Anything wrong, lady Fukai," Anna asked.
"It's... beautiful, tensho" Yuma replied, "it's the most beautiful thing I ever have seen."

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