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Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
06-29-2016, 03:08 PM
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Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
(Welcome to season 2... It's one long post and then tidbits)

January 18th 7576

The planned extra stop at the hidden bay didn't go as planned. The combination of too much wind and the Kakuri on the ground totally ignorant on how to assist with an airship landing made the captain decide to abort the attempt and continue towards Nybygge. At least the Kakuri had spotted their 'diplomats' so they knew everything had worked out in some way or another.

The reception at Nybygge was less welcoming though.
”What's this nonsense” the security officer wanted to know when he noticed the diplomatic pass with photo belonging to a native woman.
”Those are diplomatic travel papers,” Linnea tried to answer on behalf of the women.
”Yeah right, I'm not stupid, missy, but how did these animals get them?”
”And you said you were not stupid. It's written down there clearly: the chancellery of federal affairs on request of the royal court.”
”Natives don't have papers, unless Fisks issue them,” the officer replied.
”Well, I guess this is a new situation then.”
”I'll have to check with my superiors.”

The whole matter went up all the way to the residency, but then Arild Fisk remembered the gift Palne said he might return in some way or another.
”My orders are to escort you to the federal police station. Apperently you fall under Pettersson's jurisdiction now. What's with all the luggage?”
”Supplies,” Linnea answered. Although a double bass case didn't exactly look like supplies nor diplomatic mail.

At the station, only Em Blixt was present. Petterson himself was at the hidden bay to organize the landing that had failed and it would take him at least 2-3 hours to get back. He probably would bring some Kakuri guards with him, to escort the women back home. Although that was info they hadn't shared with Fisks government of course.

”Yes put the supplies there,” Em told the accompanying Fisks military, even though she did not have a clue about what the boxes contained.
”Fru Blåis, you're supposed to return with us to the residency,” the officer said.
”Don't let them leave without me,” she quickly whispered to Em. Who all of a sudden was standing there with half a dozen of Kakuri women and no way to communicate. Three of them were already in the hammock chatting with each other.
”Well... yes... I guess I will prepare something to eat then,” she said more to herself than her company.
”Thanks. Is nice” she got as unexpected response from Little Finger in broken Wortsproke.

Linnea was led into a meeting room at the residency where all of Fisks was gathered.
”Fru Blåis, good to see you again. I was surprised to see madam's appointment in this proposal Östervallen has sent us. Frun doesn't seem like a government bureaucrat to me.”
”I will take this as a compliment, herr Fisk”
Linnea had no idea which Fisk had adressed her though.

”We are a bit curious about your assignment though. What civil affairs are we talking about?”
Linnea had been appointed as head civil affairs of the eastern domains, but that was just a label.
”I'd be happy to elaborate. The area that has been assigned as training ground for the federal forces, it now falls under the royal domains. It is good practice that a civil affairs officer maps the interests of the subjects in the area.”
”You are not going to register them as subjects, are you?”
”No, no, that is not the plan.” Technically speaking Linnea was not lying. The plan was to see if the Kakuri already had some form of registry themselves.

”It is a simple matter, the federal forces don't want to loose good soldiers during training. I have to find out how to avoid such confrontations. Establish some grounds so we can get accompanied to the terrain and climate without having to worry about some natives.”

”We have been here for decades and haven't been able to avoid these cowards. They usually don't put up a direct fight, but these savages leave behind their women and girls in order for the men to withdraw.”
”I have heard about this particular... custom. Part of my job is to avoid these events. We're talking about Vittmarker sailors that are weeks away from home. Those women are easy targets then. We don't want our soldiers to catch something nasty that easily.”

”We didn't receive a proposed extension of the federal domain.”
”I have the authority to come to an agreement with you, to a certain extent. You have the best knowledge about the local situation on this island. The federal government thought it would be unwise to simply draw a line. This is Fisks territory.” Linnea had received clear instructions about this part.
”Talking about authority...” Arild Fisk himself now asked, ”how do you rank compared with Petterson?”

”We'll have the same rank. He is the highest ranking official representing the federation in Fisks, while I represent the federation's interests in an area you have chosen to leave outside your daily jurisdiction. By the way, where is herr Petterson?” Linnea faked that she didn't know.
”He had to track some natives who are involved in some dodgy dealings. He took that Anderssons' girl with him as well. But now you're in charge of keeping the natives in their place, there's something I want to show you.”

Linnea was brought to the cell complex behind the residency. The cell they opened had 8 women stacked into them. One of them was dragged out.
”This native is keeping causing trouble. She's not from one of our stims, nobody wants her either. And it looks like she wants to avoid the natives herself. She keeps getting caught for petty thefts in the outskirts of our plantations, like if she does not want to return to her tribe.

Linnea took a look at the woman. The native kept looking down, but Linnea noticed something about her hair. She drew of her cloak, which had hidden her curly blonde hair.
”Urraskinu?” she tried. Urraskinu was the blonde woman Moa had met. But this woman didn't respond.
”Na Urraskinu?” she tried again, but thought she maybe had her name wrong.
”Na Yiggu?” was her second attempt. Now she responded.
”Watta Arimu, shi Yiggu”

”You speak animal?” one of the guards interrupted ”Where did you pick that up?”
”I've spent 5 days with 6 natives on a small airship, with the assignment to assess the situation. Of course I have taken the opportunity to pick up some words. She says she's alone, on her own, maybe an outcast?”
She left out the bit that she thought she knew Surprise (Urraskinu), because she clearly responded to her previous name Yiggu (Fanken). And now Linnea had to find out why this woman had been banished, while the other blonde Kakuri who also had a Stoldavic father, still was a part of her group.

”I'll have Petterson pick her up soon. Let's see if we can accommodate her. She's clearly not a citizen of Fisks.”
Fisks appreciated the gesture from Linnea to take over the responsibility for this young woman.

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06-30-2016, 10:54 AM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
(OOG: in case you are getting tired of the bombastic novel, here's the same posting in Season 2 style)

High Administrator report #1: early Tella (excerpts)

Planned intermediate landing at bay unsuccesfull. Disembarked at Nybygge instead. Diplomatic passes caused some problems, but we managed to iron out the details.

Team parked at police station, awaiting Pettersons return.

Briefed at Fisks residency about extent of my authority and exact borders of federal military training grounds. Explained my official mission. Will set off into Domain for assessment.

Was introduced to a native prisoner called Alone. She has the same background as Surprise, but seems to have been abandoned by her own. Doesn't speak a word Wortsproke. Didn't want to meet our team. Decided to leave her in care of Petterson and Blixt once we leave.

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07-04-2016, 01:59 PM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High Administrator report #2 (around Febr 28the 7576)

Established base at K.
(OOG note: that's the codeword for Kakuri Town).
Made progress on K language. Or languages to be exact. They seem to have at least two different languages. One is very direct and only in use for every day practicalities within the own group. The second language seems to share the same vocabulary, but is completely figurative. It consists mainly of metaphores and is used for storytelling and communication with other groups. The latter may only be used by initiated members of society, I assume after passing some transition ritual into adulthood.
Social structures are complicated. People gather in small groups for performing every day duties and interpersonal contact, but these groups can only be compared with very tight friendships. The groups are pretty homogenous, exactly like the 6 women that have visited Ö, they are from the same generation and gender (although the latter does not seem to be a must). They live in the same house and share the household.

Next to it there is a relational grouping into core families or extended families, spanning three generations and this way forming a connection between the ”friendship groups”. Families are clearly secondary in their importance. Or maybe even third, if we take the importance of ”birth blade” groups into account as well.
Some of the friendship groups work in a similar way as our own skro (guilds) system. I have met the ceramics group, metal workers, tailors and paper makers. Some pottery clearly has ceremonial value, some items get a special glazed kind of surface with elaborate patterns. Forging a birth blade also is a typical example of a ceremonial execution of the trade. The colorful silk dresses our team wore during their visit are another example. Paper making follows a similar process as the one I know from Stoldavia. It either has developed in exactly the same way here, or it has been taken over as trade through contact with colonizers. See the attachments for more detailed reports.

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07-05-2016, 07:19 AM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High Administrator report #3 (around March 21st 7576)

Made huge progress. Met the leadership at K. There isn't any. The ”important hall” that was described earlier is an administrative function of some sorts, but the administration is completely self organized. Our team is responsible for their own ”birth blade” group of about 150 people. Assignment requests are reported in. ”Friendship group” leaders take up tasks voluntarily and report back when they have been carried out. The entire local economy is based on the registration if these assignments, a trading economy where the administrators add weight to certain tasks. They also trade tasks with other birth blade groups.
There is a registry of some sort, but delegated to a very low level. Our ”birth blade” group currently is the leading group, since they carry most women in childbearing ages. Parenting couples are formed within the ”birth blade” group, as well as in exchange with other groups. I still have not assessed if this society is monogamous. Interestingly enough our team does not have any children of their own.
Can add that royal portraits have prominent place at administration hall. Our team has decorated its home with the other pictures. I am still treated as guest with my own accomodation, which only underlines the magnitude of the impact HTH (OOG: codeword for crown princess Moa) made on this group. I hope one day to own their trust and respect in a similar way, but haven't been able to do what HRH achieved in a week during the 7 weeks I am with them now.
Our team's role becomes more clear to me. Their way of telling ancient stories and recent events through music and dance is their prime task. They represent their birth blade in reoccurring communal gatherings, where other groups perform as well. Our team is by far the most influential, but there's huge respect for other performers who used to be leading before.
Petterson will report on Alone himself. Have tried to find out her history and status on this side, which is difficult because these conversation are in the second, figurative language. I am only allowed to speak the first, direct language with most natives. The only ones sharing the figurative language with me, our own team, choose to remain silent on the matter. They only state that she is dead.

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07-06-2016, 10:42 PM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High Administrator report #4 (around 5/5)

Have met a different birth blade group within K, a smaller one but about the same generation in age. They offered me their birth blade with 67 names, all aged between 22 and 28, which I should accept on behalf of Fighting Eagle. I'm calling this group Second Group for lack of a better name.
Second Group could tell me a bit more about Alone. She used to be an administrator in our original team, which about 4-5 years ago only consisted of Chopper, Little Finger, Flower and Alone. This still doesn't explain how administrators are chosen or appointed, nor what happened in relation to Alone.
Children are raised within the so called ”friend groups”, not in the genetical family group. There can be strong relations between some friend groups, where for example most women from one group have children with men from one particular other friend group.

I finally have been allowed to contribute to communal gardening. Friend groups help out in the gardens and plantations, which are hidden under the rainforest foliage in order to avoid direct sunlight. Both family groups and birth blade groups maintain gardens for vegetable produce. Helping out gives the right to harvest for own or group use. So far I have been considered a guest, without gardening duties, but I made clear I wanted to contribute.

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07-18-2016, 06:46 PM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High administrator report #5 (around 17th June 7576)

Reporting from Nybygge after 4 months at K. - Fisks administration were deeply worried about my whereabouts, having Petterson covering for me does not work well. Shall have to return to N more often.
Alone has adjusted really well. I handed notes about the language to police office so that they have a way to communicate.
Met Maid for the first time. Could have full conversation with her in first language. Her knowledge of Wortsproke is limited to some sorts of first level practical implementation as well, only the direct words needed for her to function within the stim. They don't understand that our language has a gradual increase in complexity.

Natives see their role in stims as an involuntary ”friend group” with really close relations between the native employees. Due to the lack of interaction with other natives their knowledge of their own second nation is limited as well. How Maid was chosen as contact between K and Ö is still a mystery to me.
Have finally figured out that the group we call ”our team” actually is know as Six Legged Spider (Nakumo Nobuko). Most of the birth blade generation identify themselves with that name as well. The Second Group is known as Band or Belt (still unsure about translation). I also met the administrators / performers of other blades, like the previously leading groups Sound Grenade and The Panthers. I was surprised to see them use the word grenade, because the K do not have such a device.

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07-23-2016, 08:13 PM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High administrator report #6 (around 30/7)

Interesting fact about the K. They really look down on their more primitive neighbors who live in the longhouses near the coast. I haven't been allowed by the K. to contact them, their attitude towards these hunter-gatherers isn't that much unlike that of Fisks against any natives. The coastal people seem to be relative newcomers, immigrants from neighboring islands or even the Altaian mainland, that is unclear. They are tolerated since they form a buffer towards the colonizers from Stoldavia, Anaria and during the last 2 generations Fisks.
Since children are raised within friend groups, babies who are the result of mixed race intercourse (voluntarily or forced) can easily get a place within society. Unless you stick out like Surprise or Alone. Chances are you get abandoned at some Fisks outpost. The K. differ from the other native tribes in the sense that mixed blood pregnancies more often result in brownish and dark blonde children. According to Fisks this is an unknown occurance with most natives. That is why they had such a problem with Alone.
If I understood correctly, Alone was the first ever mixed blood administrator at K. Pressure on her was enormous and she cracked for some reason or another. In order to uphold the leading role of the three remaining women they brought in the generation elder (Orange/Sitchi), youngster (Byebye/Nenne) and another clearly identifiable mixed-blood (Urraskinu/Surprise).

Which brings me to the subject of names. Children get them at birth, but they can change their names themselves. Like Fanken became Surprise all of a sudden. Chopper also is a name she received later in life. Unsure about the details, but I suspect her name came from an encounter with a man from F who apparently didn't survive. But Flower and Byebye never changed their names. Since I am spending much time at K now, using the Wortsproke translated names like Flower and Byebye seems totally unnatural to me.

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08-20-2016, 07:00 PM
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RE: Reports from L. Blåis, High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains
High administrator report #7 (around 20/8)

Breakthrough moment. I was invited at a harvest festival. I met many more birth blade groups, who all tried to hand over their blades to me on behalf of Her Majesty. The act symbolizes the will of these people to acknowledge Queen Anna in some sort of leading role, ceremonial or other. I had to improvise and told them that it was Her Majesty's wish that the blades would remain at K, that they belong there. I do need confirmation about this, I am at liberty to take all the blades with me.

My recommendation towards the crown is to accept the people of K as an individual entity within Vittmark. Handing over the blades clearly suggests this desire. This goes beyond my authority as High Administrator and I leave the details in contents and proceedings to the executive cabinet.
At the same time, I have been invited into a different friendship group than our team. They have understood that my connection to the K is of a more permanent nature. Our team clearly has decided against me joining them. So I happily accepted the invitation of one of the few mixed gender groups from the same birth blade. They only asked me to change my name, since ”Lin Ya” is associated with the primitive tribes nearer the coast. I am now locally known as Miyarra.

The initiation right is pretty brutal. I will only report this orally, since the personal ramifications are too big to have them added to the Federal Libraries. I do not regret any of the actions I had to take in order to become a part of this group, but they really stripped down my personality before they rebuilt me as part of their collective. Compared to this, changing association with a stim is childsplay.
I still have no clue about the religious beliefs of the K. Religious matters are only dealt with in the second language, which draws a lot of its actual meaning from the oral prose of the religion itself. A typical chicken and egg problem. Gender roles seem to have a religious basis though. Rituals are very naturalistic, most often symbolic handlings of which the meaning still eludes me.
My next report will therefore be in person to a federal representation on an executive level. I am awaiting instructions if I am supposed to travel myself or wait for cabinet members to visit Fisks.

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