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Kakuri (Season 3)
08-25-2016, 09:45 PM
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Kakuri (Season 3)
September 7576

Almost 6 months had past, most of the year (OOG note, there are 8.5 Orkanan months in a year) but now it was time for Moa to take up another trip towards Gilles Carls in Fisks. This time she didn't need convincing like on her first trip though.

Instead of Palne Kristersson, both Teres Ståhlvik and Frania Lårsten would follow along on this trip. Teres represented the House of Lords, while Frania was Chancellor of Federal affairs in the executive cabinet.

After the obligatory stopover near New Xedung [i](OOG hint: feel free to use this remark as a basis for something, Felipe...)[/i) the delegation also had to change airship at Karolinas, the northernmost of Fisks islands. Both the ships operating on this route were ageing and repairs became more frequent. This added an extra travel day though.

The reception at Nybygge (4 Sept. 7576) was warm, just as the weather. But both made a sharp 180 degree turn when Frania av Lårsten started to explain the actual purpose of the trip.
”My dear hosts, my colleagues from Fisks. With me I have a report from the High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains. I do have to apologize that we haven't been able to share it with you sooner, but if I explain the contents you will understand why.”

She left the paperwork in front of her, she didn't start handing them out yet.
”Gentlemen, the federal government has decided to extend its authority over the Eastern Crown Domain on Gilles Carls. The half of the island that your administration and our High Administrator have agreed upon will be completely off-limits for the citizens and leadership of Fisks.”

”Excuse me? Are you saying we can no longer roam our own lands?”
”The lands have been made available to the crown,” Av Lårsten continued.
”So now we have to ask the federal government permission? That's not new. Linnea Blåis has asked us the same, and we complied. And honestly speaking, since that moment we have had very few incidents with unregistered natives. We're not complaining about the new situation.”

Frania Av Lårsten decided this was the time to drop the bomb.

”Permission will only be given by the Kakuri.”
”The what? Sorry, but the heat must have.... The Kakuri are a myth.”
Frania started handing out the paperwork now.
”Fru Blåis established contact with a group of native people calling themselves Kakuri. They live deeper inland than the coastal tribes you have met so far. She has been studying them the last months and she has recommended the federal government to acknowledge their right to self determination.”

”Wait a second, Linnea here goes native and suddenly the primitives become citizens directly under Östvallen? Why should a bunch of anteaters have the same rights as us Stoldavians? I don't have any problem with them minding their own business on our islands, but is the world upside down.”

"The federal government has not formulated any intention to grant the Kakuri more than self determination on the lands they are already living on. And that is 99% practice even today..."

But Frania got interrupted by Moa now.
”Fru Blåis is not the only one who has been in contact...”
Frania looked worried now. This didn't seem like the right opportunity.
”I have met the Kakuri myself during my last visit here," Moa continued nevertheless. "Then a Kakuri delegation has visited Östvallen as well. As you will establish from the documents provided, the Kakuri can not be compared to the coastal tribes. Their society is much more evolved.”

”That's madness. Those savages...”
But then Moa had had enough.
”THEY ARE NOT SAVAGES. They live in stone houses. They make artifacts from different metal alloys. They have agriculture and irrigation. They have a rich and complex culture. They are at least as sophisticated as the vast majority of settlers here.”
Teres tried to calm her down and get her to take place in her chair again. But that wouldn't happen.

”By decree of the Queen of Vittmark, as represented by the crown princess, I declare the Eastern Crown Domain a forbidden zone for the citizens of Fisks. Except for those occassions where the Kakuri invite you in, on their terms. They will establish a permanent liaison here. Please read the papers and then get used to the new situation. I'm done here.”

Moa rushed out. Teres wanted to follow her, but knew that this was exactly the reason why she had been asked to join this delegation. In absence of Moa, she represented the crown.

”Not entering the military zone? How are we supposed to defend ourselves against these savages then?”
”You could try to stop raping their women, that might help,” Av Lårsten replied quietly.

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08-27-2016, 03:31 PM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
The crown princess arrived at the police station just before the thunderstorm violently erupted. Em Blixt seemed to be the only one present, her husband Petterson still was at the Residency with the rest of the federal delegation. But that wasn't the case.

”They're here,” Em said when Moa entered, accompanied by two federal soldiers.
All seven women of the group that now was known as the Six Legged Spider were rushing towards Moa. Flower first of course, who stretched out her arms, stopped right in front of Moa and gave her characteristic short violent bow. Moa wanted to hug her, but the others wanted to greet her as well. Surprise was a bit more in the background, since she had missed the experience of flying to Östvallen.

When things were calming down, Moa finally made her way towards Flower, grabbed her by her head, pushed her own forehead to Flowers and looked her straight in the eyes for about half a minute. She then let go of her head and gave her a hug. This was an unfamiliar gesture among the Kakuri, but Flower replied nevertheless. Without saying a word they were standing there for yet another half minute, eyes closed, just experiencing each other's presence.

Until Little Finger grabbed Moa's shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked right into the characteristic grin of Little Finger.
”My turn?” she said in Wortsproke.
”Of course!”
Moa gave Little Finger a hug, then followed by Green. The rest let this opportunity pass, although Chopper still did an attempt to put her arms around Moa, but stepped back while bursting out in laughter instead.
”That's okay,” said Moa, ”don't let me make you feel uncomfortable.”
Little Finger did a quick translation, although Moa couldn't tell if she got it correct.

The following morning, Moa was woken up by one of the federal soldiers.
”Your Highness, sorry about the intrusion, but we have to prepare for the meeting ceremony.”
Peter Petterson explained over breakfast. Instead of sneaking off towards Kakuri town, he had arranged for the Kakuri delegation to get an official reception at the Residency. As a first meeting, establishing contact and discuss some rules of engagement. Teres and Frania had stayed overnight at the residency, as planned from the start. But they now had made it towards the federal police post as well, so the entire delegation could set off together.

”We were able to show them some advantages of the new situation after you left,” Teres updated Moa. ”Since we're able to use the northern passage passed The Bind, most of Fisks trade has moved to the northern islands. These four southern island are of lesser importance now. But with the federal government taking an interest in the Kakuri, there are now three parties involved in maintaining a Vittmarker presence here.”

Petterson looked around and realized they had a problem though.
”That's a lot of women,” he said. Besides himself and the four federal soldiers, there were only women present.
”Little Finger and I discussed this before,” replied Linnea Blåis, the Head Administrator of the territory. ”Fisks has a pretty patriarchic culture, so the Kakuri thought they would meet them halfway.”

She signalled Little Finger, who in her turn walked outside. She returned with five Kakuri men. All of them in their fourties, al wearing distinguished black outfits.
”These are the Oto, the group that was the dominating faction in Kakuri town before the Six Legged Spider took over. This group might meet the expectations of Fisks a bit better.”

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08-30-2016, 08:47 AM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
Sept 5th 7576

The streets of Nybygge were still soaking wet from the thunderstorm that had raged all night. Twelve Kakuri people were making their way through the main street, all of them in their own colorfull outfits. One soldier was carrying a Vittmarker flag in front of the group. The rest of the federal delegation walked behind the Kakuri.

The citizens of Fisks were curious, but most of them showed their discontent for this little parade. All kinds of slurry remarks were thrown out, some people spat on the ground before or beside the Kakuri, and then acted like nothing happened when the federal representation followed along.

Pettersson announced them when they arrived at the Residency.
”Her Highness Crown Princess Moa Palnesdotter av Blåkulla till Fjällsta, Her Grace Teres av Ståhlvik Lady of Kletuddeland and Executive Chancellor Frania Matsdotter av Lårsten, federal chancellor of federal affairs, accompanied by the leadership of the Kakuri: the Nokumo Nobono assisted by the Oto.”

Moa directly approached Arild Fisks.
”My lord, I have to apologize for my outburst last night. I did not take the delicacy of the matter into account. I can not hide behind travel discomfort to explain my behavior. I did not want to show disrespect for your authority.”
Arild put on a slight smile.'”Your highness... I respect displays of thorough and direct leadership.”
He let it rest there. The situation was already bizarre enough. Fisks had landed on this islands generations back and were the sole non-Altaian authority since a couple of decades, and all this time they did not engage contact with the Kakuri. That was embarrassing enough already for the hosts.

”It's a bit like picking swamps in the forest,” Linnea had tried to explain the night before. ”If you don't know what you are looking for, you don't see it. But once you found the first one, you suddenly see them everywhere.”
”All the swamps here are highly poisonous,” she got as reply.
”Berries then, or flowers, or a tasty cricket,” she tried to bend the narrative into her advantage.

As Federal High Administrator Linnea introduced the Kakuri delegation to the Fisks administration. They had mixed the Oto and Nokumo so that it seemed like one single leadership delegation.
”Hang on, I've seen her before, isn't this the girl with the diplomatic pass?”
Arild Fisk had recognized Flower from the diplomatic pass incident a couple of months ago.
”She is,” Linnea explained.
”So you sneaked her back in, right in front of our noses.”
”I do apologize for the fact that we couldn't disclose the situation back then. We didn't know enough about the Kakuri in order to decide how to proceed.”
”So Fru Blåis joined them, studied them and then recommended Östvallen to take them out of our custody.”

”They never fell under Fisks authority in the first place, " Frania av Lårsten interrupted. "Your administration decided not to register all the inhabitants and tolerate a native presence outside the colonized parts of the island.”
”It still feels like someone else found a sheep in our fields and now claims it as their own.”
”They're not sheep, they're people. And this is Little Finger,” Linnea continued her introduction.
”She understands and speaks Wortsproke.”
”Mehehe” Little Finger replied, putting on the same face that a 12-year old would show her older brother after pulling a prank.

Despite the moist heat, the entire meeting felt awkward and cold. Fisks reluctantly accepted the condition that they would not enter the crown domain they had allowed themselves to be created, unless they were invited by the Kakuri. Who in their turn didn't make any suggestion about when representation from Fisks would be allowed to visit.

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08-31-2016, 01:40 PM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
6 Sept 7576

Linnea, the High Administrator, reported in at the Residency.
”Is it possible to meet with Astrid Fisk?”

Astrid was the only airship pilot at Fisks. It was she who had laid the first official contacts between Fisks and the federal government when Fisks needed better anchoring in a more and more turbulent region where Hallis, Amberia and the Häverists all had shown interest in getting rid of these travelling traders from Talpå. It was also that same Astrid Fisk that had piloted the first Vittmarker reconnaissance mission back home when the original crew had to be decommissioned after mutiny against the team leader. Linnea Blåis was on that mission.

”Hey you, you gave us quite a shock”, was the amical reception Linnea got from Astrid.
”Well, you got Fisked yourselves this time. You made a similar impact when you landed in Hagen 6 years ago.”
”Seven,” she corrected Linnea, ”and you can not use my last name as a verb”.
The word Fisk had become synonymous with ”nasty surprise” in Wortsproke. At least, back home in Vittmark, not here of course.

”I am here on behalf of the Kakuri,” Linnea came to the point immediately, ”you, and only you, are invited to follow the delegation into their territory. It's quite a hike, are you up to it?”
”Why me? I'm not much of a walker. I fly everywhere, you know?”
”That's exactly the reason. We need to establish some landing facility nearer Kakuri town. Your aircraft is small and not a threat. The transcontinentals are impossible to handle. And they might bring nasty surprises, from a Kakuri point of view... Listen... The Kakuri trust me, and I trust you, so they trust me in trusting you. I know your loyalty lies here, you are a Fisk. The Kakuri reached out to the federation, you did the same in your own way. If there is one person who is able to start on this path towards coexistence, it is you.

(7 Sept 7576)

Moa had been walking with her head tied into a mental knot for the last couple of hours. The hike to Kakuri started with her walking among the Six Legged Spider group. But Linnea had insisted that she had been wanting to talk to her. About her initiation rite into her ”friend group”. Moa understood why she didn't want to report that on paper. But she was now wondering if she wanted to know all the details in the first place. Linnea had insisted on updating Moa, since she expected Moa to be invited into Flower's group.

”If you would have known in advance, would you have done this?”
”Probably not,” Linnea replied. She had dropped the 'highness' thing an hour before.
”Do you regret it?”
”Not at all.”
”And still you're telling me...”
”I am just a government official, you are the crown princess. Your decisions have larger consequences.”
And now Moa had some hours of walking left to think about those consequences.

The company now had reached a hill top without any trees. In the middle, a sturdy tower made out of bamboo had been built. This was the reason why Astrid had been invited to follow along. While the rest of the company was sitting down, she started climbing the tower and tested its strength. She then asked the 4 federal soldiers to join her. The tower lived up to her expectations. She then started inspecting the ropes.

”If the weather conditions are like today, you only need 4 to 6 men to manoeuvre my ship in. Two ropes in the front, directing towards the tower, then two more at the back to anchor the ship. I've landed in more shitty places than this one.”
She showed how the ropes should be handled with the help of the federal soldiers. She then repeated it with the Kakuri men. They quickly came to the conclusion that having someone at the top of the tower to guide the front ropes would be very helpful. They then tested it again.

”By using this airfield we can cut travel times by a third,” Linnea explained.
”A third? It only takes half an hour, 45 minutes top to fly to Nybygge,” replied Frania, who was totally exhausted from the hike. Teres had not followed along, she still represented the crown back at Nybygge.
”Something like that, if the wind is OK. But we're still some hours away from Kakuri town.”

Frania wasn't looking forward to more walking today. The chancellor really had tried to prepare herself for this trip, but her busy schedule didn't allow for much more than training walks of an hour and a half.
”We'll spend the night at a nearby Kakuri outpost.”

The reception at this outpost was typically Kakuri. Both groups did a quick song, probably as a way to share recent experiences with the people living here. The outpost had one stone building still standing, but you could easily see traces of older buildings hidden underneath the undergrowth.

”What was that all about,” Astrid wanted to know.
”This is how they communicate when it comes to more abstract things, like history or recent events,” Linnea replied. ”It's fascinating, but we still don't know what they're saying. They have a separate language for these events.”
She then handed over a leaf containing the meal for today: some grilled meat with a brown sauce and vegetables.

”Do I want to know what I am eating?”
”It's pork, don't worry. Sliced, then marinated for half a day, grilled. The sauce is made of peanuts. It's a festive dish, the Kakuri don't tend to eat their livestock that often.”
Astrid picked up a familiar looking vegetable slice.
”Is this cucumber? Do these people have cucumbers? How on Gotha did they get their hands on this? And it tastes better than our own too...”

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09-06-2016, 07:07 AM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
8 Sept 7576

The day started early, a little before sunrise.
”Astrid, your trip ends here today. These two soldiers and two guides will escort you back to Nybygge.”
”What? I was looking forward to seeing this town.”
She put her hand on the wall of the chamber she had been spending the night in. A yellow sandstone wall, rectangular blocks, fit together without cement.

”Where does this building material come from?” Astrid wondered.
”The ground,” was Linnea's evasive answer.
”Could you attempt a landing here, three days from now, second quarter of the day?” she continued.
[i](note: that's between 9 AM and noon)[/i
”I can not pick you up, I have one extra seat and some storage, so maybe two people. Not...”
”Five... I know. One and luggage will be fine. But this means you have to fly alone.”
”Done that before.”

The last part of the hike towards Kakuri was with a much smaller company now. Two remaining federal soldiers, Linnea, Frania, Moa, one man from Oto called Peace, Flower, Chopper and Little Finger. The rest had continued through the night. It was indeed a two hour hike, although Moa had no clue wether they had taken a direct route or not. All those trees looked the same.

Moa had gathered her courage and decided to simply ask Little Finger.
”I was wondering... Linnea told me about her ritual.”
It took several other formulations before Little Finger got it.
”Ah yes... Must be tough. Lin-Ya... tough woman!”
”But... why? It seems so...”
”Violence,” Little Finger interupted. ”Friendship... is for life. Starts early. Friends share. Good times. Pain. Accidents. More pain.”
Moa repeated in her own words to let her knew she understood.
”Change friends difficult. Need to... come with...”
”Catch up?”
Little Finger nodded.

Moa understood now that in order to become part of a friend group, you needed to share the experiences you had missed out on so far. But Little Finger also could explain that Linnea's group was a particular tough one, people that had been on the receiving end of the stick in many many different ways. And all of a sudden Little Finger's tone changed.

”Durrum Mu-Wa, you afraid?”
Moa didn't answer that one. Yes she was afraid. The ritual Linnea had described had been pretty degrading.
”Yes, you afraid. Not needed.”
”Not necessairy?” Moa asked. She feared that Little Finger would tell her she wouldn't be asked to join the group.

”Durrum Mu-Wa, friend yes?”
Moa nodded. She wanted to be accepted. She didn't know why herself either. She already belonged to the Blåkulla stim, which she thoroughly enjoyed. And how well did she know these exotic women anyway?
”Yes – friend. No worry.”
”Are you planning to ask me to go through this initiation rite?” Moa asked directly.

Moa's heart sank right through her chest.
”Durrum Mu-Wa...” Little Finger continued, ”friend... already... done...”

But Little Finger continued in her own language and updated Flower and Chopper. Both turned around and ran towards Moa. Flower pressed her forehead against Moa's once again, quickly. Then Moa opened up her arms towards Chopper, who did the same but remained at 2-3 metres distances. Both started to laugh.

”Remember? You walked. With us. Then we fly. Then you bathed. With us. Then music. With us. Then... ate tears. Then done.”

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09-07-2016, 06:40 AM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
8 Sept 7576

”Well paint me green and call me Wald,” Frania av Lårsten uttered when she got a quick tour through Kakuri town. As a chancellor for federal affairs she had travelled a lot around Vittmark. No long foot marches like this one, usually a train, a stage coach, sometimes an airship. And always accompanied by some clerks or staff. She had taken some with her on this trip as well, but they all had to remain behind in Nybygge. Only she was invited, not her staff. She had accepted, no idea what it was she had gotten herself into.

Kakuri town.

And all of a sudden she realized that she had some responsibility for this. It was Vittmark. She was reminded of that fact when Queen Anna and Lord Palne were smiling at her from a picture that had been put on the front door of the administrative building.

”That's why her ladyship is here,” Linnea told her. ”Only if you see what we're dealing with, you can make decisions. My reports are just paper. This is real.”
”I don't know if I can handle reality, not if it looks like this.”

The evening brought more confusion, when once again the musicians, dancers and storytellers of the Kakuri presented their birth blades, this time to Frania and Moa. Most of the groups performed, a ritual that the Kakuri had not shown at Fisks. The Six Legged Spider concluded the evening with two songs of their own. The second was the actual introduction of Moa as group member, so she had to play on her violin.

”Fru Chancellor,” Linnea said, ”This is the mother of Poku from my group. She has invited you to be her guest.”
”Now has she? How... thoughtfull. What does this mean?”
”I have told them about our stims. How we Orkanans can not stand the idea of being alone. Of waking up alone. Her friend group will make sure you are not alone.”
”They know more about us then we do about them. I feel a bit ashamed.”
”Just don't show shame. It's not appreciated.”

But Frania slept better than at the Residency in Nybygge. The women, all about the same age, occupied a single room near what seemed to be the main street of the town. According to the silk clothes being present there, Frania made the assumption this group was taking care of clothing. The women did not engage in lengthy conversation, nor did they try to explain anything. She was just brought to a hard mattress on the floor, where she first sat down, then lied down and finally fell asleep. When she was waking up, one of the women was sitting right beside her. Frania just hoped she hadn't been up all night because of her.

Breakfast was served at the pavillion, where the Six Legged Spider, Moa and Linnea already were sitting. Breakfast merged into strategic talks about the future of the Kakuri. In that sense, the Kakuri were just as skilled in fluid meetings as their Vittmarker counterparts.

”If I understand correctly, the Kakuri want Fisks to leave them alone and mind their own business. They only accept Queen Anna because she outranks Fisks, but actually these people are more like anarchists.”
The lack of central leadership and huge degree of self determination was difficult to understand. Especially if you are a federal chancellor yourself.
(OOG note: don't know if there are "anarchists" on Gotha, so the term is used more as a reference you all would get.

Frania was admiring some of the artifacts that still were present from the rituals the night before. Glazed pottery, elaborately decorated swords with long handles, a similar blade on an even longer shaft making some sort of spear or pole weapon, but also some artifacts that clearly were exagerated fakes... Frania had an even larger interest in the silk screen paintings and clothing, which was not like anything she was used to. Then there were the musical instruments of course. Sometimes people would stop by to pick up something.

”They left it here because everything is safe at the pavillion. No one takes something that doesn't belong to you or your group.”
”I wish we could have that in Vittmark as well.”
”We still do,” Moa entered the discussion, ”this is pretty much custom in Fjällsta communities.”
Frania then picked up an axe.
”Yeah, that one never gets collected. It is always here.” Moa said.
”Whose is it then?” Frania asked, ”someone who isn't able to return anymore?” she tried.
”No, she's sitting right here. It's Chopper's...”

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09-12-2016, 02:10 PM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
Moa opened her violin coffin. She started playing a southern Vittmarker folk song and then stopped.
”This is the only way to trigger a story, I just hope they take the bait.”
And indeed they did. Flower started to tell the story, while Little Finger and Linnea both tried to translate. Green and Byebye were doing the performance, while Moa had to keep continuing playing. It seemed to be an improvised play.

”She grew up in the blacksmith group.” Linnea started, ”Living next door to Flower's group. She was... I don't know, not a child, not grown up...”
”First blood,” Little Finger tried to explain.
”Ah, uhm, yes, just into puberty probably. So 12 years old maybe?”
”She bring... axe to... people?”
”OK, I see, delivering an axe to some customer.”

Flower had stopped talking, not only to give the translators time to catch up, but the narrative had transferred to the two dancers who were miming. Byebye was walking around, imitating a man, with a full beard, so probably a Stoldavian settler since the Kakuri hardly had any beard growth. She suddenly grabbed Green, both started in some fighting dance sequence. Moa improvised by doubling the tempo of the song she was playing, which went down really well with the 30 or so people that now had started gathering in front of the pavillion. The staged dance-fight turned into something resembling a rape scene, or attempted rape. Moa was shocked by the graphic display and forgot to continue playing. Flower let out her trademark growl and at that time Byebye picked up an imaginary stick or axe and started bashing Green, who turned over, lied on her back and let Byebye continue for some minutes. She then started chasing Little Finger, who ended up next to Green, after which she continued with Orange. She kept on twitching her leg, which made Byebye continue clubbing her. That particular sequence resulted in some laughs from the audience, which had become quite large by now. Apparently the Kakuri knew how to blend in a bit of humor in dead serious stories.

Byebye got up, threw a hollow look into the audience and started running circles around the perimiter of the pavillion, until she stood still right in front of Flower. Who in her turn looked at Moa, indicating that she had to start playing again.

”Covered in blood,” Little Finger said while still lying on her back on the ground between Green and Orange. Linnea wanted to take over translation, but this part clearly was in their second language, which she didn't master.

”Chopper was going bearskin” Moa whispered, more to herself, while continuing playing.
'Going bearskin' was a Vittmarker expression for when someone completely lost it and ended up in a trance-like violent frenzy. Linnea turned her head around. She grabbed a piece of charcoal and started writing on the floor.
”Say it,” Linnea insisted.
”Kanojo wa hada o pansa” Moa whispered. This made Flower turn her head. She made a hand gesture that Moa had to say it again. So Moa repeated a bit louder: ”Kanojo wa hada o pansa”.

”HAI” responded the crowd.
”Ah OK, so I got the inclination wrong again,” Linnea said half aloud.

Suddenly all people wanted to greet Moa in person. She was shoved towards the first step of the pavillion, where people took shallow bows towards her. They pointed at her bare overarms and chatted among each other.
”Aka pansa” she heard many people say.
”Red panther,” Linnea translated behind her. ”Your freckles and red hair, they remind them of a red spotted panther. And then you come up with the analogy of a panther for Chopper's story...”
”Did I say panther? I thought you had me say bear.”
”They don't have bears here, so I picked the most fierce predator available.”

Then Chopper had made her way to the front as well. She had remained invisible during the short improvised play, but now she grabbed Moa's arm and raised it in the air.
”HYO SHIMAI” she yelled in her high pitched voice.
”HYO SHIMAI HAI” replied the crowd.
”She said panther sister.”

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09-15-2016, 04:00 PM
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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
”Her highness does have that effect on people,” Frania stated when things had returned to normal again. As far as normal goes with the Kakuri. ”Bringer of profound change, your parents picked the right name, your highness.”

”Frania the brave!” Moa replied jokingly.
”Today I might be Frania the smart. Is there any way we could convince the Kakuri to donate these types of objects?”
”What do you mean?”
”Is it possible that the Kakuri can hand over some items? Not these ones of course, but some items they could spare? They don't have to have any symbolic meaning, nor value. Hells, they could even give us their failed attempts...”

Moa still didn't get where Frania was going with her idea.
”We trade one item, each month, for upholding the agreement that Fisks will no longer bother any of the Kakuri. We sell the item, then we donate the money to the federal budget. This way the Kakuri hand over their proceedings to the Crown. Which makes them eligible for membership.”

”But... those items, do they have any value?” Moa wondered.
”Doesn't matter. Even if we earn just one crown, then the Kakuri still donate 100% of their external monetary trade income towards the federal budget. That's the highest rate. It has a huge symbolic value.”

Moa then turned to Linnea.
”Could you translate?”
Moa recollected the story about the event at the market place in the Old Town of Östvallen. The Kakuri didn't understand the concept of money and had no idea about why people were handing over coins to each other. A bag of coins however makes a half decent musical instrument. Moa explained that everyone in Vittmark contributed to the biggest musical instrument of them all. An instrument so big it needed six chancellors and a queen to play it. Everyone contributed... So the Kakuri were supposed to contribute as well.

They seemed to get the concept.

Then Moa started explaining about trading goods and services. That the Vittmarkers did not register it like the Kakuri did at their administration building, but that they used these metal plates to keep track. That the queen's face on the coins represented her saying ”you have done well, thank you” and that any owner of such a coin could hand it over to someone else, also saying ”you have done well”. She showed with some items left on the breakfast table. She grabbed a small orange-like fruit and handed it to Linnea. She replied by handing over one ”thank you”. Moa now picked up a cucumber. Linnea gave two ”thank you's” for this. She then got up, walked up to the federal soldier and gave them one ”thank you” each. ”For protecting us”.

Even this part of the explanation seemed to work well. But when Moa tried to put the two stories together, it became confusing. Little Finger made an attempt to conclude the matter.
”Durrum Mu-Wa... We give you... thing. You trade for thank you. You give Queen thank you. So we give Queen thank you.”
”Still do not understand. If Durrum Mu-Wa says, we do.”

”OK they're on board. What now? Do they get a seat at the senate, or a seat in parliament, a hotel in Östvallen? None of that will make any sense.”
Moa was very practical about this. Even though it would be 'fitting' in an Orkanan setting to give the Kakuri equal rights, in practical terms this would not work.

”Then the Kakuri should enter Fjällsta Stift. You could represent them everywhere.”
”They're not really freethinking landless Orkanans, are they,” Moa tried to get to the core of the discussion.
”Technically speaking, the federal government owns the land, so they're just as landsless as the people of Kulla. We don't know anything about their beliefs, but I'm pretty sure they're freethinkers. Two out of three ain't bad.”
”Well I'm all for it, but my dad decides of course” Moa concluded.

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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
12 Sept 7576

Some days had passed now and it was time for the return trip to Nybygge. Astrid Fisk would be making her maiden voyage towards the new airfield. It was already nearing noon when her ship finally approached. She lowered the two front ropes in order for the ship to get moored to the tower. The two federal soldiers took the initiative to try to get the ship under control, helped by four local men and a girl that had climbed up the tower.

Once secured, the two ropes at the back were released. The soldiers waited until the ship had drifted with its nose directly facing the wind. Then they grabbed the ropes and secured them around some metal pins that had been driven into the ground. Since the ground was pretty uneven, with rocks and tree trunks still sticking out, it would become difficult to manoeuver a ship when the wind was stronger though.

Frania's luggage and 8 Kakuri items were loaded on board for the return journey, while Astrid had left her airship for a while.
”I thought I could find my way back here easily. I didn't. I have been flying around since 9. I almost decided to return before I would run out of fuel when I noticed the bald hill top.”
She looked around, trying to identify some land features that might be on the map and triangulated for her location. 'Skallkulla' she noted on the map. She then indicated that they would have to leave quickly.

”Well, see you in a couple of hours,” Frania said to Moa and Linnea.
”See you back in Östvallen,” Moa replied, ”I am staying for a while.”
”What? You can't be serious. Your father wouldn't allow for it. The crown can not allow this. We can't leave you behind in isolation.”

”This is the High Administrator, a dedicated federal civil servant, and I have two of the finest federal soldiers here. They follow our orders. We'll be fine. Please tell Astrid to return in 4 days. The Kakuri say it's OK for you, Petterson, Teres or Em Blixt to accompany you. Only Petterson can counter the soldiers' order to remain here, and I promise I won't stay here without them. Now hurry."

Frania had no other choice than to board the airship. Astrid was indicating she had to hurry up now. Frania climbed the rope ladder and sat down on the passenger seat.
”Bomber seat,” Astrid corrected her. ”Who is paying for these trips anyway, Lady Chancellor?”
”This one is on the tab of the chancellery of federal affairs. You are supposed to return in 4 days. I'll let you know who picks up the bill then.”
”No lunch package? I was hoping to get some grilled pork again.”


The airship quickly vanished behind the trees. Flower approached with a very sad look on her face.
”Nenne”, she said and wanted to grab Moa by the sides of her head.
”Ie” Moa replied and got hold of Flower's hand. Moa started walking back the same path they came on.
”Yokyu!” she yelled instead.
”Jokyu?” Flower asked.
”Close enough. I am staying a couple of more days. Or weeks. We'll see”

”You... stay?” Little Finger now asked.
”For a while. Not forever. But a few more days.”

Linnea quickly approached Moa.
”Won't you get in trouble for this?”
”Probably. But they can come and get me. I saw an opportunity when Astrid said she was in a hurry. Didn't give the chancellor time to think much.”
”For what it's worth, I am glad her highness is staying for a while. I'm a scientist, a civil servant. I do things thoroughly, systematically. Her Grace acts on impulse, gut feeling, emotion. Like the bear skin analogy a couple of days ago. I would never have come up with that. This really helps me to understand their second language.”

But the conversation was interupted by Flower who jumped on Moa's back and hung in there.
”Elsuka di” she said just loud enough so Linnea could hear it too.
”That's a new one for me,” Linnea said.
”She says 'älskar dig'”
”Are the two of you..."
”Friends... sisters... I'm half Nokumo now.”
”And have you thought about what you will be dropping then?”

At that time Flower let go and started walking right beside Moa, pushing Linnea either in front or behind them.
”Your Highness, you are Av Blåkulla and till Fjällsta, now you're also Nokumo.”
Moa hadn't thought about that. Being a member of two stims was perfectly accepted in Vittmark. But this might count as stim as well.
”Till Fjällsta is a title, it's not my stim. Blåkulla is my stim.”
That was not exactly the case, but Moa seemed to have found a solution herself. The stim at Fjällsta felt like something out of her past. Blåkulla was her future, which might lead to her becoming a Queen. Although she knew she was only a placeholder until her half sister Iduna or half brother Asvard would be appointed next-in-line. But if Fjällsta was the past, and Blåkulla the future, what was Nokumo then?

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RE: Kakuri (Season 3)
16 Sept 7576

”We do need a clerk or something to work out and structure all my notes,” Linnea complained to Petterson when he had arrived 4 days later. ”We are really making progress on their second language, but it's like a Scriptures sized gathering of stories, anekdotes, legends, myths and historical accounts which together form the basis of their figurative speech. They only communicate in idiom, metaphors, simile, standing expressions.”
”Well, you could head back and appoint someone.”

”You're not here to pick up Moa?” Linnea asked.
”Yes and no. You are needed back at Nybygge in order to formulate the outlines of the inclusion of the Kakuri into the federation through Fjällsta Stift. We also need to reach an agreement with Fisks. Both are tasks where you play a role. I'm just the lawkeeper. And Her Highness is only symbolic in those kind of talks, you and Fru Frania have a federal assignment, Fru Ståhlvik represents the House of Lords as well as The Crown. So, your return has priority now. Now I need to see if these soldiers need to be relieved.”

But the two men, who had received the local names Matsu and Doki in the mean time, didn't mind staying for a while longer. There were still plenty of girls and women interested in these exotic visitors. Petterson seemed to remember that at least one of the two was married, but he decided not to take this up. He wasn't an alf, he was a police officer. These men were not under his direct command, but by lack of any other chain of command he could give them direct orders anyway.

”I'm heading back today accompanied by a single guide. Stay foot. Guard her with your lives. Don't give in to too many distractions. The airship will return in two days in order to pick up the crown princess.”


20th sept 7576

But after two days, no airship turned up. Weather conditions were probably too bad, and it only got worse the day after, and the next day. The rain season had kicked in early this year. Rain could appear any day in the climate of Gilles Carls, but at the end of September, early October a concentrated belt of rain moved from north to south, bringing violent rains.

”If the rain season has kicked in, then the airship might not return for weeks” Moa discussed with her guards. ”We'll have to get back ourselves, otherwise they might send an expedition. By doing that they breach the agreement with the Kakuri, and that would be my fault. I don't want to be the cause of that.”
The soldiers agreed, but then again, it was their job to agree with anything the crown princess said.

It took a lot more convincing before the Nokumo caved in. Especially Flower had hoped Moa would stay for weeks and weeks on now the rains had come. She was used to getting things done her way. But not this time. No matter how much it hurt her heart, Moa insisted on hiking back to Nybygge.

Four of the five Oto volunteered to guide them to Nybygge. Chopper and Little Finger would follow along as well, the latter especially for her language skills. Saying goodbye was difficult this time, since Flower clearly was disgruntled.
”Koyubi, can you translate? Sano... You know I have another world in the big city as well. I will return. Soon. Soon as possible. Is this how I am going to remember you until I return? What image do you want me to have when I think of you? This, or something else...”

It took Little Finger quite a while to explain. Then Flower jumped up and started to undress. Moa really had no idea if Little Finger had managed to translate her question, or that this was just ging to be one big embarrassing misunderstanding to add to the collection. But she was putting on her finest, long blue silk shirt and quickly making a braid at te left hand side of her head. She walked towards Moa.
”Durrum Mu-Wa, Watashi...” Moa got that part.
”... waeieni...”
”Forever” Little Finger translated
”...anata nomo...”
”From you”

Moa just hugged her firmly, but almost immediately regretted it when Flower answered her firm grip. Flower was by far the most muscular surprise in a 5 foot small package Moa had ever seen. And that included Chopper. The hug didn't last that long and Moa got a huge smack from Flower's right hand fist on her shoulder.

”Aaw, that hurts....”
”Flower still angry you leaving. She gave you something... to remember...”

It was already getting dark when the small company managed to reach the furthest outposts of the Fisks colony on the island. The rain had made the forest paths treacherous and all of them had fallen several times. Moa probably had a sprained ankle as an additional memory to the bruise that was still throbbing on her shoulder.

They were however met by gunshots.
”Stop firing, this is the federal army! We're accompanying diplomats and royalty. Stop firing immediately.”
The local settlers apologized for the incident, especially when they noticed that the crown princess was among the group. They were offered shelter in the farmstead, while a young man was sent out on a horse to inform the Residency.

”Please come in. Let's get you some dry clothes.”
But the Kakuri refused to get in.
”This... their home. If we not invite, then we not in their home.”
It was a matter of principle for the Kakuri. They didn't want to impose themselves on any Fisks household as long as they hadn't invited in Fisks with them. The fact that these people were free to provide shelter to whoever they wished to was a concept that they didn't get.
”It might help if there are no men in the room,” Moa tried to bridge the gap.
”You heard her highness, all the men out!”
Now Chopper and Little Finger did enter the room, but remained close to the porch door which they insisted on on having open all the time. The Oto sat down on the porch, where the two federal soldiers accompanied them.

”Allow me to introduce, emissary Chopper and emissary Little Finger from the leadership at Kakuri town. Little Finger speaks our language.”
”Yaya,” replied Little Finger which sounded the same as 'yes' in Wortsproke, but in her own language it stands for 'kind of'. It had become a running gag.

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