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Tensho (Kakuri S05)
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Tensho (Kakuri S05)

On November 10th 7576, a native maid on Gilles Carls (Fisks) contacts the federal police officer Petterson with an unusual request: an unknown inland tribe wants to deliver a message. The Kakuri are the stuff of legends on Fisks, Vittmark's only colony, but the legends seem to be true. There is a hidden civilization, and they are reaching out...
Crown princess Moa gets sent out to establish permanent contacts, since she belongs to the same demographic as the Kakuri messengers. Personal and political relations get intertwined in unusual ways when she becomes a part of the leading faction of the Kakuri, as well as becoming the caretaker of a banished former leader.
We are now one-and-a-half year later. Queen Anna is just returning from a visit to the Kakuri. The colonizers, a tightly knit group of third generation traders, feel threatened in their lifestyle. Riots break out and the federal government intervenes to look into the involvement of Fisks leadership.

It is with this background that officer Petterson is awaiting the return of the crown princess from the Kakuri Town, to which she traveled on her own accords.

Carls Nybygge harbor, June 6th

Petterson was waiting for the trimaran to arrive on the long pier. He had been there since early morning, but it took until noon until the vessel appeared.

”Your highness,” he welcomed Moa, ”emissaries,” he continued towards Chopper and Byebye. It was a small delegation this time. Petterson was most surprised that Flower was not present.

”We are on transit,” Moa explained, ”is the airship on schedule?”
”Not really. And even if it was, there have been some developments here. I have a confirmation from your father, the Lord of Blåkulla, that you are entitled to register new members into Fjällsta Stift.”
”Why is that?”

Petterson updated the crown princes about the incident one (Orkanan) week ago. A rumor had spread that Queen Anna could liberate native staff from their serf-like existence. Fisks had dispersed the natives with brute force, which led to Queen Anna intervening in colonial affairs. The situation was still tense.

”Take me to the wounded right now,” she insisted. She tried to update Chopper and Byebye while walking the steep pathway towards the Residency. But Chopper wasn't looking forward to entering that building. She had a life-threatening and life-changing moment with Arild Fisk's younger brother during her childhood. Then she noticed the Vittmarker flag on the balcony, not the hated fishbone.

”Catch the light?” she asked Moa, who in her turn understood that she wanted her picture taken.
”I'll get a camera from the station later,” Petterson proposed once Moa had indicated to him that she herself had run out of film days ago.
”Maybe you should get it right away, and bring Shay Na along. We will be needing her.”
The company entered the building through the main door. The federal soldier at the door recognized the crown princess and escorted them in.
”Where are the royal guests?” she asked euphemistically.
”Left wing, guest quarters, I will show her highness.”
”I know where it is, but please clear the way.”

Moa entered the room that had been her guest room some months ago. There were six women sitting there, all of them tried to get up when Moa entered.
”Suwaru (sit)” she gestured, indicating that they didn't have to get up. Most of them were already recovered physically, but clearly in a mental state of limbo.
”I am Moa, the queen's dream. I am from the mountain gathering. Kyoukai take... This...” she pointed at Chopper, who immediately took over and started talking like a machine gun.
”My name is Koga Kirisaki, the Chopper Child, I am from the Nokumo Noboko, the artists in charge of the Kotan at Kakuri Town. I am joined by Byebye, the youngest member of the Nokumo. Durrum Mu-Wa from the mountain gathering of the white lands can take you away from the great stone nest.”

She then noticed that the women clearly weren't understanding a thing she said. She then tried something else.
”Kirisaki sutiymi. Imaynam kasanki? Imataq sutiyki?”
Moa looked at her wondering what this was. But Byebye helped her out.
”Chi,” Nenne whispered. She then took charge of the conversation.
”Hello... Good afternoon. My name is Byebye... Sitch-Nenne blade... Kotan, Kakuri. How are you?”

”Confused...” one of the women said. ”Why is Firehead speaking our tongue? And why is that thing addressing us in Chi?”
”That thing... is the founder of the Nokumo Noboko. She is tensho.”
The women's face spoke 7 shades of fear now. She bowed her head so low that her nose touched the ground, she started crying hoping for forgiveness.
”The red panther,” Nenne continued, ”she is the Queen's dream. But she is also Nokumo Noboko. And who are you?”

The woman didn't lift her head but mumbled between her sobs.
”Shokuryou choutatsuka, forgive me Zennou...”
But Chopper kneeled down in front of her, grabbed the wrists Shokuryou was pointing at her and lifted up her arms and shoulders.
”You could not know. You were stolen. I was almost stolen myself. I understand. The red panther can help you.”

After Shay-Na's arrival registration was dealt with much more quickly. The servant had been living isolated from Kakuri society so long that someone speaking as swift as Chopper was difficult to understand. But Shay Na's Kakuri was just as crappy as the newly registered members of Fjällsta Stift. Apart from these six, the six men in the room next door were registered, as well as three staff members of the Residency. But the company had no intention to stay in the building, they were heading towards the police station when suddenly Chopper remembered.

”Take the light...” she yelled to Moa and drew her back to the front door. Shay Na handed her a Kakuri flag. Moa took two shots of her posing with the Vittmarker flag waving behind her on the balcony railing. The Kakuri leader clearly had understood the power of Stoldavian symbolism. Of course, so did Anton Fisk, the youngest of the three Fisk brothers. He came rushing out when he noticed a native posing with a flag.

Arrest that girl. We won't allow these insults,” he yelled.
”I'll have to stop you right there, mylord,” Moa intervened, ”Koga Kirisaki is an emissary with diplomatic privileges.”
”Nobody is insulting Fisk's achievements right here, in the heart of our company structure,” he continued. He walked up straight towards Chopper and stood so close to her that their noses would have touched, if Anton had not been one foot taller. But Chopper just stood ground, lifted up her chin and produced an angelic smile.
”I killed your brother in his prime while I was a little girl, does the old man think he can scare me while I'm in my prime?” she stated in machinegun Kakuri. Nenne put her hand across her mouth in shock, until she realized that Anton would not understand what she just had said anyway. But he certainly understood her next move. Chopper took half a step back and spat him right in his face. Anton instinctively backed but tripped over his own feet in a combination of utter surprise and humiliation. Which gave Chopper another opportunity to spit in his face, before she was dragged away by Petterson.

”That... biggest insult possible... some say better off dead,” Shay Na tried to update Moa about Kakuri customs. Chopper had relieved herself from Petterson's grip and was slowly walking away from the Residency, now with the flag resting on her shoulder. Petterson was walking backwards, keeping an eye on the Fisk security forces. They were largely outnumbered, but he hoped that none of them would do anything stupid. More stupid than spitting a leader of Fisks in the face.

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
June 7th

In the early morning, Petterson had relieved the federal custody over the Residency. The 15 brand new Fjällsta citizens, former Kakuri sevrants, were moved to the police station. Now it was time to gather 32 more. Petterson was walking towards the Borg with Moa and Shay Na, in order to witness the Kakuri prisoners to be released. House representatives were already waiting outside to take over the prisoners for some more private punishment later that day.
”Federal witnesses of the release of the prisoners,” he announced himself at the gate. They were let in.

The prisoners were chained up and led into the corridor in line. Which they had counted on. The first 8 men had just been taken out of their 4 person holding cell. Only in the final hallway before the exit door, they were to be relieved of their chains.

”Leave them on,” Petterson insisted. ”We are arresting these people as soon as you release them.”
”But they have received their punishment for disrupting the order, the federal government can not charge them for the same offense.”
”We only want to have their names and houses, so we can keep an eye on them. They were besieging a building where the monarch was residing. That makes them a federal security liability. I don't want to loose them out of sight.”

In the mean time, Shay Na had started with the introduction of the form that needed to be filled in.
”The red panther,” she pointed at Moa, ”is the queen's dream. She can take you into the mountain village gathering. State your name, number of arc shifts and house.”
One by one the men started giving the info needed to get them registered at Fjällsta Stift. It was quite a leap of faith, since they only knew Petterson from heresay. No one knew the crown princess nor Shay Na.

”Are you really going to march them to your little station,” the head guard wanted to know.
”I have plenty of federal soldiers to make them march,” Petterson replied.

But once outside, the caravan did not go to the police station. Instead the path towards the harbor was chosen. It was a weird sight, 32 chained Kakuri accompanied by 16 federal soldiers, followed by almost two dozen house staff representatives who were wondering where the federal authority was taking their property. It turned out to be a small supply ship that just had arrived from Gilles Villes.

Moa got up on a cart, surrounded by the 16 soldiers.
”Citizens of Carls Nybygge, of Fisks... These 32 people can not be taken from the island without written permission by the houses, that is what your laws dictate. However... These 32 people are free residents of the federal monarchy of Vittmark, registered under the Outer Kakuri Charter of Fjällsta Stift. I have upon me a total of 47 registration forms, new members of the Freethinker society with its headquarters high in the Blue Mountains of Vittmark. They have made use of the rights given to any person by the Association Act of Vittmark. Since they are out of a place to live, and out of a job, we are encouraging you to hire these free citizens. Those who will not find employment will be taken care of by the Fjällsta community in close cooperation with the Kotan of Kakuri Town.”

Not surprisingly, the boat left for Gilles Villes with all 47 Kakuri freethinkers. Only then most of the crowd started to dissipate. Although some citizens of the lower town stayed behind.
”Your highness,” one enquired, ”can you take my application as well? I want to practice Orkanan again, but not in the style of Fisks.”
”Of course, my good man. Please gather friends, family and others. Fjällsta would be happy to enable the creation of a freethinker stond here.”

But back in the high part of town, the situation had become more precarious. Moa was asked to see Arild Fisk.
”Your highness... I clearly remember what your ladyship told me when she arrived in disguise. If anything would happen to her or her majesty, the federal authorities would hold me personally responsible. It is my duty to inform you that the security forces of Fisks no longer can guarantee her highness' safety here. We would like to propose her highness to leave with the airship that is arriving this afternoon. It's in her highness' own interest. And I would suggest the Kakuri emissaries to make themselves scarce as well. Her highness has liberated and evacuated 1% of the town's population. As good as everyone is impacted...”
”Herr Fisk, it has been my intention to board the airship anyway. We already have reserved accommodation, just not in my name.”

Arild Fisk had interpreted the 'we' as pluralis majestatis, but it turned out that Chopper and Byebye were joining Moa on board, together with 3 federal soldiers. Moa said goodbye to everyone while the two Kakuri emissaries were waiting in front of the stairs towards the gondola. But then Moa placed herself between Chopper and the stairway.

”I took you here. You asked. I did. But... I am the queen's dream, Durrum Mu-Wa, of the Nokumo Nobono, Choppers panther sister, afterlife ruler... Why?”
Chopper smiled.
”You are true. Chopper has three stones. Byebye's ears. Jinja Kulla. The next generation.”
Moa didn't get any of it.
”Byebye is in pain. Our medicins don't work. Then Chopper needs to see Kulla. And I want your brother or sister to be my baby.”
”Wait... what?”
”I am Tensho. The example. We don't have children. I don't want to. I...”
”You want a child... a baby? But my brother and sisters already have parents.”
”I know. We'll make a new one.”
Then it hit Moa.
”You want... my dad to be the father of your child?”
”If I don't get a baby, no one will.”
”Why him? There are plenty of men...”

Byebye interfered.
”Hurry. Tan potato wants to rise.”

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
On board the VFS-NTR-AB, June 8th

There was a bit more interest in the exotic travellers this time. Many might have heard of a hidden tribe on Gilles Carls, but unless you saw it with your own eyes, it was nothing more than a story. For these passengers aboard the Kejsare Carl it was an opportunity to become a part of the story, now they had something to tell back home.

Air travel was something for the upper class. There was only a thin line between travelling and exploring, especially on a more peripheral route like this one. For example, the airship had made a night landing at Gilles Cillas, the westernmost island of Fisks, to pick up a couple of passengers. This stopover was a rarity and many passengers regretted that it had happened during the night. Some of them got up nevertheless and disembarked for a couple of minutes, just to be able to say that they had been on Cillas.

This 'event' had passed unnoticed by Moa, Chopper and Byebye, who were sharing a three bed cabin.
”Would you mind... doing as if... maid?” Moa asked Byebye when they prepared for breakfast. It took her a lot more time to explain exactly what she meant. As royalty, Moa was supposed to be accompanied by a lady-in-waiting or at least a maid of honor. That whole concept was alien to the Kakuri. It was also alien to Moa herself as well. She had grown up at a farmstead in the southern mountains and had spent a lot of her youth following her father along his journeys. She could manage without servants, but people surrounding her, or not even knowing her in person, assumed that she needed to have ladies-in-waiting and travelling staff.

”Why me?” Byebye replied after she kind of understood.
”You are the youngest. Chopper is travelling companion. Can not have two Kakuri maids. Can not be other way around.”
Gramatically speaking, Moa's Kakuri still had a lot of room for improvement. But she limped her way through it in a way the others could understand.
”So Chopper is your guest, and I am staff?”
”As if... not real... I am the queen's dream. Queen's group has staff. People expect...”
”You owe me for this one, panther sister,” Byebye said to conclude the matter. ”What does a maid do?”
”What I tell... but I don't tell a lot. Maybe... nothing.”

At the breakfast table, Moa set the standard for the other passengers on board by introducing her two companions.
”This is emissary Kirisaki of the Kakuri people on a diplomatic mission to the capital. Her companion is Nenne. She assists us.”
”Both of you?”
”It's effective. I don't have to tell you air travel costs money. We don't want to spend federal budget on sending large amounts staff across the globe. I can dress myself since I was a little child, why should I not be able to do so now I carry some extra words in my name?”
”But... forgive me for asking your highness, what if you have duties, like during refueling in New Hapsburg?”

Moa grinned.
”I hope to be able to skip duties, but if I have to... Your name is Av Berås, isn't it?”
”It is, your highness.”
”That's Kötthagen, right? Would you join me on such duties as representative of Hagenite nobility?”
”Berås hardly counts as nobility. We're an industrial stim.”
”Even better. The häverists like it modern. It would make a great picture, wouldn't it? You and your husband beside me and some häverist dignitaries from oversees...”
The woman across the table started to glow now. She was hoping that Moa had to perform some duties as crown princess in New Hapsburg now. Or anywhere else. There were more stopovers.

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
After breakfast, Moa sat at the table of the common room again with her two friends.

”You want to ask something,” Chopper had read Moa's face correct. She hesitated, but decided to put her concerns on the table.
”Last time... on the tan potato... take the bird's way... you were six. Now you are two.”
”Missing Flower?” Chopper joked. Moa did so, but she declined to answer.
”We can no longer leave with four or more. The Nokumo needs to be at the Kotan.” Chopper explained.
”She's going to ask why,” Byebye intervened.

”The Nokumo exists seven years now. When we were allowed inside the Kotan, people opposed. People love us, or people want to see us gone. When we were in Ushvalla... some wanted others inside the Kotan. Urrashinu was alone, she could not stop them. She asked the Oto. When we came back, the Oto left the Kotan to us again. But next time... it will not be the Oto and a new group will not leave the Kotan.”

Moa had mixed feeling about this news. On the one hand, these were internal affairs of the Kakuri people. It did affect her on a personal level, she had a strong friendship bond with the Nokumo. But on the other hand, she was Nokumo, she was involved in local politics of the Kakuri, wether she liked it or not.

Then it hit her.

”I am the Queen's Dream... I am Nokumo Nobono.”
Chopper and Byebye were waiting for a further explanation after this introduction.
”I am Nokumo Nobono, for I am the Queen's Dream. I am the anchor... Your anchor, inside the Kotan. With me... more rough winds to get Nokumo out. True?”
Both Kakuri women were facing down now.
”You use me. You use my... my... ZA!”

Chopper started talking really fast now, in an almost panicking voice.
”That was... then. When you appeared in the forest, Flower decided on the spot we needed to reel you in. Anchoring... good words. That's why she invited you to Kakuri Town. But then you reeled Flower. She... likes you. So I grabbed the handles, moved on. Litte Finger learned your tongue, then she got to know you. She likes you too... as a sister. And I started to like my red panther sister too. You... know me. You help, you are true.”
”You are true,” Byebye quickly threw in between Chopper's flood of words.
”We lowered the branches. But we really got a sister. We did not know... in the forest, the first song...”

”I am true?”
”You are the Dream, red panther sister, tongue teacher, afterlife ruler, you are true.”
”You know what this is?”
”The Queen's Dream is a treasure, and we took a large part from it...” Chopper apologized in their second language.
”No... yes, maybe... We say: 'Vind blows, Vind knows.' You... wanted anchor. Got something else. Look at me... LOOK!”
Byebye and Chopper were ready to burst out in tears when their eyes met Moa's.
”You are in the forest. You choose a path. It is wrong path. Too late to turn back. Find other way to right path. You wanted anchor. Got something else. Panther sister... ask me...”
”Ask what,” Byebye tried.
”Ask me, am I anchor?”

Chopper interpreted Moa's broken Kakuri into a full sentence.
”Durrum Mu-Wa... Do you want to become our anchor?”
”Yes... I say yes. For my friends. Everything for my sisters...”
Byebye jumped up from her chair and started hugging Moa. But she wasn't ready with her explanation yet. ”I am the Queen's Dream. If Fighting Eagle is dead, I am the first. I am a girl from the Mountain Village Gathering. A lot of people do not want a first from the Mountain Village. So Fighting Bird lives. I am Fightin Bird's anchor. I am the Nokumo anchor.”

”What is Vindu?” Chopper wondered.
”Vind is everything and everyone. We... do things, Vind gets... bigger.”
”Ah, the beings of our parent's parents, guardian of the whole,” she replied.

At that moment the second helmsman entered the common room. He saw Byebye hugging Moa, an unusual gesture for an assistant or maid.
”She has ear problems,” Moa explained. She wasn't lying, but she was applying the truth in a different context. ”I said it probably is the altitude, and if not that we have doctors that can take a look. It took a while before I could explain, but she is happy to hear that we have healers too.”

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
Östvallen, June 12th

Byebye and Chopper were positively surprised by the landscape that they encountered. During their last visit it was in the midst of winter. Now it was early summer and Östvallen was bathing in a pale sun which emphasized the lush green foliage on the trees.

Teres Ståhlvik once again welcomed the delegation, this time in the arrivals hall. There was no separate VIP section here, air travel was only available for VIP's anyway.
”Thanks for your telegrams. Although they were very cryptical.”
”That was the point,” Moa replied. ”The Nokumo asked me to bring Kirisaki and Nenne here...”
”Oh right, you know them as Chopper and Byebye. They asked me, I complied. Only during the trip, the true nature of their mission became clear. I tried to forward that in messages, but I didn't trust any of the telegraph staff on the intermediate relay stations with the exact content.”

”OK, we got it that Byebye has some medical condition which they think can be cured here. But the other two...”
”Chopper wants to visit one of the registering shrines in Kulla. I have suggested Herrkulla, she can easily stay there. I think she intends to file an examplar, but I am not sure. We have been discussing Orkanan Exemplars a lot. Not in depth, since my knowledge of Kakuri is limited. She has been trying to explain to me about some historical figure from their culture, but she only does this in their second language. But they are registered at Fjällsta, so technically speaking Orkanan, which makes them eligible to file a local exemplar.”

”Interesting... And the third?”
”I'd like to discuss that with my dad and Anna.”
”Yeah, your dad was confused by the telegram 'sorry once again I am bringing along trouble in the form of kirisaki'. There's a motorcade waiting outside.”


The court doctor was in for a surprise. Byebye managed to explain her ear problems in very basic Auresian or Anisoran terms. Since every medical doctor was trained in the language, this made diagnosis a lot easier.
”Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, that's for sure. I just have to see if there is a single cause for it. If so, it might be treatable.”
A dentist was called in as well, who easily could locate the source.
”It's the wisdom tooth. Looking at the other molars in her upper jaw, the wisdom tooth seems to be growing in the wrong direction, causing the TMJ. It can be operated, but it's a painful procedure.”

Byebye seemed to understand after a basic explanation.
”Parao” she replied, while digging up a bag of leafs from her luggage.
”Manere,” the dentist said, ”crastinus dies.”
The procedure would have to wait until next day, since the dentist didn't have all his equipment with him on a diagnosis call.

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
(same place, same day)

Moa, Chopper, Anna and Palne were meeting in the queen's working library.
”What seems to be the trouble,” Palne tried to open conversation once the other people had left the room. In Vittmark, work meetings with the queen tended to be fluent events.

”Let me start from the start,” Moa tried to introduce the delicate matter. She had rehearsed this several times in her head by now. ”The Sitchi-Nenne blade contains a generation of childbearing age. However, not a lot of children are born at the moment. People are looking towards the Nokumo Nobono as an example. As you might have noticed, none of the Nokumo women have children. It seems that within the Nokumo everyone is waiting for the Tensho to take the initiative. Chopper and Flower are Tensho...”

Moa hesitated about how to continue. Which gave Palne the opportunity to intervene.
”I might have a hunch why Flower isn't setting an example. And I assume that the challenge Chopper is facing is not medical, otherwise we wouldn't be sitting here, but was she under examination by doctor Tomorsson right now, just as Byebye.”
Moa decided to do a 'Palne', leading the audience towards drawing their own conclusions. This time she could use Chopper's own explanation.

”Chopper has stated her ambition that she wants her child to be a brother or sister of me...”

Anna raised an indirect question after a pause to let the ramifications of that statement sink in.
”Is that a Kakuri tradition, developing bloodlines in this way?”
”I am not exactly sure. They don't have core families like we do, children are raised in friend groups, often without the other parent present. Blood relations are an extra dimension in Kakuri society, they tie together generations and friend groups. It's complex.”

”It's not any more complex than Stoldavian courts or line marriage,” Anna countered. ”It's... unusual... from our point of view. But then again, we are unusual to most Anarian observers as well.”

It was very much unlike Palne not to participate in a discussion, especially not when it concerned himself. But now he saw a chance.
”Why me?”
”Like I said, she wants to create a bloodline within the friend group.”
”I can understand that, in some twisted way. But there must be dozens of eligible men with family ties to other Nokumo members there. Why travel all the way here to tie up with a rinkly old fart like me?”

”Maybe it's just because you're not there...”
”Let me stop you right there. I don't want your speculations. I want answers. And I can only get them through my daughter, since I can not talk with Chopper myself. That's not acceptable.”
”So... that's a no?”

Anna and Palne looked at each other. This was an excellent opportunity to end this weird conversation. For some reason Chopper felt the importance of the moment as well. She approached Anna, fell down on both knees and presented the inside of her wrists while holding her head down.
”On behalf of the Kakuri people,” she started in Wortsproke, ”Kirisaki Koga of the Nokumo Nobono, Sitchi Nenne Blade, is welcoming her majesty Queen Anna av Kulla av Vittmark.”
It was the exact same welcoming greeting she had produced almost two (Orkanan) weeks ago. It was not really appropriate for the occassion, but it was a gesture.
”Our lives are in the wings of Fighting Bird,” she continued in Kakuri, ”across the now, across the afterlife.”
Moa translated as good as she could, but the second half was clearly second language which she understood poorly.

Anna decided to act on her instinct. She grabbed a letter opener from her desk, making sure she produced a metallic sound while tapping it on the hardwood top. Anna could feel Chopper twitching when she grabbed both wrists from below with her left hand. She pressed the letter opener with the flat side on the exposed inside of the wrists. This was the moment when Chopper looked up. Anna did not know at the time, but Kakuri accepted the consequences of their actions while looking the other straight into the eye. Instead, Anna moved the letter opener to Chopper's opened hands, her own right hand flat on top if it. She then jerked up Chopper with both her arms and closed her hands.

”Any other woman, any other family, any other royal court would have slapped you in the face, or done much worse, for what you are asking of us. But Vind wants us to explore, learn more about other cultures, other ways, other people, add the experiences to the greater collective, the fullfilment of his master plan. We need to know more about you, Kirisaki, and the Nokumo, the Kakuri people. This is not a no. It is not a yes either.”

Moa did her best to explain with her knowledge of Kakuri. It had improved during the last weeks, but these type of statements tended to be the domain of the second language.

”So how do we proceed?” Moa wondered.
”As usual with tricky matters, we postpone them,” Anna replied. ”Let her visit Herrkulla first, see what happens there. It was time for me to travel south anyway.”
”You?” Palne wondered.
”Yes, me... Herrkulla is my summer palace and it's nearly summer. I want to be there when she presents their exemplar. Or whatever it is we are going to witness.”

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
June 13th

Byebye was led into the specially prepared room at the university building. Both the doctor and the dentist were there, as well as two nursing assistants. Chopper was right behind her, holding what seemed to be a cup of tea with some leafs beside it on a tray. Byebye sat down, Chopper handed her the tea. At that time Byebye spit out what seemed to be similar leafs which she had been chewing on for quite some time.

”What's this?”
”Make ease,” Byebye answered in some Pastano-Auresian hybrid.
Although coca leafs were commonplace on Fisks, among the settlers and locals alike, it wasn't well known in Vittmark. The plant had been introduced by the Chi some centuries ago, but it didn't belong to the Kakuri culture. Kakuri staff in Nybygge used it recreationally and it seemed that this particular use had now made it to Kakuri Town.

Byebye shivered. Not that she was afraid. But the room was about 14 centigrade (57 F) warm and she was only dressed in a thin white gown. Vittmarker surgeons worked from the experience that cold operationg rooms led to fewer infections. As soon as Byebye lied down, a blanket was put on top of her, covering her up to about her breasts.

The entire procedure took something like 45 minutes. Byebye had only yelled from the pain on two occassions, first time when the drill hit the wisdom teeth's nerve, and the second time when one of the molar roots had to be removed separately after it had broken off from the rest.
”That's remarkable. Most of the time patients keep yelling from the very first incission. This is a tough little woman. The toughest I've ever seen.”

Byebye was groggy and exhausted, a combination of the anesthetic, surpressing the pain reflex and the blood loss. She was brought back to the royal palace in a wheelchair, but indicated that she needed to stop. Probably the cobblestone pavement caused a lot of pain. Moa hauled her into the senate building's lobby. She instructed some clergymen to get some palace guards to deal with the situation.

”Kotan?” Chopper wondered.
”Part of it. Gathering of gatherings. Vittmark... more parts.” Moa held up six fingers, point with her thumb at the middle of her middle fingers, the symbol for seventeen.
”Each part, one voice.”

Chopper looked at all the flags that were hanging vertically on the long wall of the hallway. She recognized the fishbone triangle.
”Yes... Toto, Fisks.”
Chopper pointed at another flag. Most of them were in orange, black and white, but not this one.
”Ådalen,” Moa explained.
”Odara,” Chopper repeated. She then pointed toward another one, in light blue.
”Mivö” Moa said. Chopper started to laugh.
”Mi-Wu...” she tried. But then her tone changed. ”Where's Dorusu?”
Chopper meant the Kakuri flag. Moa tried to explain.
”The Kakuri are part of a part. Fjällsta Stift, the mountain village gathering.” She pointed at the Fjällsta flag.

”Toto is a part, but Kakuri is part of a part... No... no, no, no... Kakuri is a part.”
At that moment Palne came in with three palace guards. But Byebye refused to be carried by any of the guards. She just pointed towards Palne.
”Oh hells, I am getting to old for this shit,” he exclaimed. But in fact, he managed quite well to lift Nenne from her chair, she wasn't that heavy. Although he still had to put her down in the chair twice before they had reached the smooth floors of the palace.

”Dad,” Moa asked Pakne who was panting heavily from having to lift Byebye up the stairs to the side entrance. It was only four steps, but still.
”You OK?”
”Ask me next week. These Kakuri will be the death of me.”
”Not an unpleasant way to go,” Moa joked, which made Palne cough uncontrollably.

”Don't want to think about that now.”
”No, it's something else. I explained her what the Senate is. She told me that she could not tolerate that Fisks is a member there, but that the Kakuri are only represented through us.”
”That's quite a lot of detailed info. You sure you got it right?”
”Fisks is a part, but Kakuri is part of a part? No! That leaves hardly any room for interpretation, right?”
”You weren't leading her...”
”Of course not. Hells, I don't even know how we should organize this, if we should be able to pull this off at all. I was not prepared for any of this. But I was right when I said I was bringing along trouble, wasn't I?”

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
June 14th

The royal carriage was hauled up the cog railway near Byggebo. Lunch would be served afterwards, since it is not really funny to try to eat soup while on a 12 degree slope.

Moa was travelling without a lady-in-waiting on this occassion. Chopper had insisted on taking the route from Gäddedevida through Blåkulla to Herrkulla, the pilgrim's route. They would take Moa's motorbike, which could carry two. The train would then continue through its large loop through Högdala, Lovis Bruk and Kronsta, where a carriage would take the queen, her ladies-in-waiting Teres and Cilla and the rest of the staff towards Herrkulla. The stopover at Moa's home in Blåkulla would guarantee that Anna would be in place once the Kakuri visitor would arrive.

The trip with the motorbike across the Gäddedevida plateau went swift. This time of the year all the melting water was already drained deep into the boggy soil. Both security cavalrists had difficult to keep up with the motorbike, Moa seemed to be eager to set a new track record.

At the road leading up to the mansion's stable, a familiar figure was awaiting them. Then it struck Moa. Neither her fellow stim members, nor staff had explained that Chopper was following along. Or they did not understand the sensitivity of these two having to meet: Arimu and Chopper. Now there was no way to avoid the confrontation.

Moa stopped the bike right beside Arimu. She helped off Chopper, who wasn't used to sitting on a machine like this at all. She also untied the helmet's straps. Then Arimu grabbed both Moa's hands. Chopper took off her helmet and shook out her long, straight hair. Moa felt Arimu clinch. Then Chopper's eyes met Arimu's. She stopped breathing for a while. The moment seemed to last an eternity, but still something was happening. Large tears were rolling from Chopper's eyes. She then started talking, very rapidly, but with long pauses in between.

”I am sorry... I should not participate in your afterlife... I am glad you are well... look to be doing well... That pleases me.”
Chopper then turned her attention to Moa.
”This never happened. No one can know.”
But at that moment Arimu let go of Moa, grabbed Chopper's shoulders and kissed her right on the mouth. In between her own tears she then uttered:
”Let's get you something to eat. You must be starving, you both.”

Moa and Chopper followed behind Arimu towards the mansion.
”She never kissed me,” Moa stated.
”This never happened,” Chopper repeated.
”And you won't even let me give you a hug...”
”This never happened.”
”Some day, you might have to...”
”No I don't. It happened, but it is our history. This however... this never happened.”
”Well... I'm glad this never happened then. I am carrying your amphora now. What's in it for me?”
This was a second language expression Moa had managed, using amphora as synonym for secret.

”In the Nokumo, we don't keep amphora's from each other.”
”Yes we do. I didn't tell about Arimu.”
”And Flower served back.”
”You didn't tell why you wanted to go to Vittmark.”
”And you asked.”
”But you haven't told me, why Pam-Da?”
”Pam-da cuts the rough winds, not Durrum.”
Which was Chopper's way of saying that this was between Palne and her. But that wasn't enough for Moa.
”That's an amphora.”
Chopper looked at her.
”No it's not. I am not showing the content. My sisters will.”
”None of our sisters are here. Except...”
”You can ask Arimu about the content.”
”She will tell me?”
”I don't know. It's her afterlife. You are the afterlife ruler.”

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
Chopper was introduced to each and every member of the Blåkulla stim. Which was a waste of time, because there were so many new faces that she wouldn't remember anyway.
”You have a strange house,” Chopper stated to Moa ”There is blood and there are friends. Old people and babies, all under the same roof.”
”It's different from Toshi-bu.”
”Tell me, who are important? I can not remember all of them.”

Since they were talking Kakuri, Moa could answer the question. Everyone had joined for a late lunch.

”The small one with the white hair,” Moa started.
”The oldest one,” Chopper completed.
”That is Ebba, my father's mother. Pam-da's mother... Then the beautiful woman with the short red brown hair...”
”She looks like you.”
”I look like her. She is my mother. She is Rawa.”
”Mother? Pam-da has two?”
”No, no... is old... unity... Pamda and Rawa are friends.”

Chopper had several questions now, but knew that Moa probably could not give an exact answer anyway. So she skipped them.
”The tall girl with yellow hair...” Moa continued.
”Everyone has light yellow hair,” Chopper interrupted.
”At the short side of the table...”
”She looks like Sunsanna.”

Moa looked at Chopper in awe.
”You know about Sunsanna? Sister of...”
”Mari-yandurra, Wallan-tina, Hukurisa...”
Chopper was reciting the Sisters of Mercy. She clearly had picked up something from everything Moa had been telling on board of the airship.
”You did well... She who looks like Sunsanna... that is Sanna, my sister. Rawa mother, Pam-da father... Almost forgot. One is not at table. Ben... he's at... animal house...”

”What are you talking about, I feel a bit excluded,” Rawa intervened.
”I just said that one important resident is not at the lunch table.”
”Yes, where is Arimu? I thought she would be happy to see a fellow Kakuri.”

Moa heart sunk below her knees. In all the commotion she had missed that Arimu had made herself scarce. She excused herself and rushed up to the room she was sharing with her.
”Why are you not at the lunch table?”
”I don't want to embarrass Chopper. You two are Nokumo...”
”Nonsense. I am Av Blåkulla. You are Blåkulla. This is your house, your stim, your table. Chopper is our guest. Your guest. We decide, we live here. She is passing by. This is your life,” Moa continued, ”the Nokumo has nothing to say here, Chopper has nothing to say.”

Arimu now joined the lunch table, still a bit reluctant, but warm on the inside from Moa's unconditional support. Most of the other attendants were ready and had other duties, but Rawa and Ebba remained at the table until Arimu had finished eating.
”Aren't you glad to see one of your people,” Rawa asked Arimu. She only replied with a bothered look.

”Mom,” Moa answered, ”haven't you been paying attention? Our guest is one of the people who banned my lady-in-waiting.” She was carefully avoiding names, assuming that Chopper would guess what they were talking about. Ebba understood however.
”So your group abroad is at unease with your lady-in-waiting. The enemy of your friend is your friend. That's unusual, but not impossible.”

Arimu however addressed Chopper directly.
”They are talking about us,” she explained.
”I already thought so. I liked 'My grave'.”
”Thank you.”
”You were true. We did wrong.”
That sounded awfully lot like an apology from Chopper.
”No, I did wrong. You were true.”
”We need to thank you for where we are today. But you know, we can not.”
”I know. I understand. With me, no Green, no Arisu.”
”Arisu left. We have Byebye now.”
”Little Byebye? Poor Byebye... You certainly pick your members.”

Moa interrupted the awkward conversation.
”I still need to introduce you to Ben. Follow me.”
They headed for the stables, where Ben the trunkbull was grazing on some freshly cut, long grass. Chopper started laughing uncontrollably.

”What's so funny?”
”The white men, they have hair all over their bodies. The white men's elephant also is very hairy. That's hilarious.”
”They have something else in common,” Arimu continued, ”the size of the trouser snake.”
It took a moment before Moa understood the expression, but it immediately made clear why Chopper was not amused.

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RE: Tensho (Kakuri S05)
Herrkulla, June 15th

Moa vividly remembered the first time she visited Herrkulla. She disembarked from the steam bus on the village square, from which you could see the mansion on the hilltop in a riverbend just outside the village very clearly. She had been hiding behind her father's back when he had knocked on the large door of the queen's summer residence. The queen of Vittmark... imagine that.... And now she was her appointed successor.

Which meant that four cavalrists were escorting Moa and Chopper this time, riding on their motorbike through the main street, taking a right turn toward the outer gate of Herrkulla. The door was open, no nocking needed. They rolled into the mansion square, where servants were awaiting their arrival. Moa helped Chopper off the bike and immediately started looking for a familiar face. She found her among the staff.

”Alis!” she yelled just a bit too loud. The servant girl walked quickly towards Moa and Chopper.
”Your highness, mylady...” she greeted formally.
”Allow me to introduce, emissary Chopper of the Sitchi-Nenne blade, Tensho of the Nokumo Nobono, which makes her the alf of the Kakuri stond, or something like that.”
”Her highness does not need to introduce us, I am only staff.”
”Her highness does as she likes, remember? You're not staff, you are a caretaker. We have some extra bags, could you take those while you show us our room? We would like to change into something more... fitting.”

Half an hour later, Chopper appeared in a silk outfit, a shiny yellow, silk pantsuit, rich in black and white ornamentation. Moa had put on something similar, a red, silk sleeveless dress with light blue and white details.
”Kirisaki Koga, alf of the Nokumo Nobono, Kakuri stond, Fjällsta Stift, is requesting entrance to the registry of Herrkulla,” Moa announced themselves at the door of the registry. As usual in protocol, a hatch in the double door opened.
”Who is accompanying her as a witness?”
”Durrum Mu-wa of the Nokumo Nobono, but I am registered as Tovemor Palnesdotter av Blåkulla ätte av Kulla, Blåkulla stim, Fjällsta Stift. I hope that is acceptable.”

The double doors opened.
”It certainly is,” the clerk replied while indicating them to enter the room, ”welcome, your highness, mylady.” Even though Moa had entered this registry (and many others) before, she was nervous. As a 10-year old you're not aware of what the gravity of the situation, a kind of naive state of mind. Now she was willingly naive, since she had no idea what Chopper would be presenting to the registry.

There were quite a few people in the room. Chopper greeted the registrator according to protocol, but took two steps sideways first in order to kneel down in front of Queen Anna, who was overseeing the ceremony.
”Youkosu,” Anna replied.
Chopper got up and unrolled a piece of paper, which she put on the registrator's desk. It was bilingual, in Kakuri to the left and Wortsproke to the right. The Kakuri part was written from left to right for the occassion, not top to bottom as usual. She turned the paper around so it was facing the registrator.

”The Nokumo Nobono wish to have Gacha registered as Exemplar from the Kakuri stond,” she started in Kakuri. She moved her finger across the paper, so that the registrator could follow. But he interrupted.
”We can not accept a registry in an unknown language, I'm afraid.”
Moa took one step closer and examined the document. The Wortsproke was flawless. It was signed by Linnea Blåis as translator.
”Mylord,” Moa explained, ”this document was translated by the High Administrator of the Eastern Crown Domains. She belongs to Blåis socken in Liden and is in service of the federal government.”
”That might be true, but she is not the witness. Her highness is.”
”But I am the direct superior of the High Administrator.”
”Then you can read the document as drawn up by your clerk.”
”Only if she can read it too, it is her registration” Moa insisted.
”By all means. She can do whatever she wants beside your oral registrion, sing or dance, I don't care,” the registrator joked.

Which gave Moa an idea.
”Rough winds cut like a knife?” Chopper asked.
”Cool breeze... Is there a song for Gacha?”
”Anyone I know?”
”Shall we just play any song? They don't know...”
”I can't sing.”

Which was true. Chopper yelled, talked, screamed, but singing wasn't one of her virtues.
”We'll take you up on that offer, mylord,” Moa addressed the registrator, ”are there a double bass and violin available? Then we will add a song to the registrion.”
”That's unusual... but why not. In the mean time, proceed with the text.”

Moa let Chopper read her part in Kakuri, then she would follow in Wortsproke. It was about a great Tensho who was born 471 years ago, in a time when the Kakuri were a regional force to be reckoned with. His list of virtues was completely in the second language, which made Moa having to add a translation to the translation.

Then the instruments came, which made Chopper grin from ear to ear. She started playing a riff while plucking the strings in a very unusual way. It was pretty straightforward and Moa recognized the song as one of the eight she was allowed to play with Arimu. Which meant that she knew it well. Moa entered the song with the typical lead part on her violin part, after which it set off in a different tempo. Moa took care of the lyrics while Chopper continued on bass. Playing and singing at the same time still was too difficult for Moa, who had some average music skills. This song required more. At the start of the second verse Moa recognized the words 'Gacha Gacha' right in the middle of a sentence she had been singing dozens of times without her understanding what it meant. The ending was quite chaotic though, Moa had never played this song with Chopper, only with Arimu and she usually played piano. But Chopper managed an end shot through eye contact with Moa.

An applause arose from the people witnessing the event, about 40 or 50 curious attendants.
”The registry of Herkulla will evaluate the entry and will let you know about its finding within three months,” the registrator concluded with his usual remark. Any registration would be carefully examined in order to gather more information about the person in question. Local sockens were allowed to have their own Exemplars, but the registry would at least make notes of controversial ones.

Then Queen Anna intervened.
”The registry of Herrkulla will not evaluate the entry by the Kakuri stond,” she stated. Even Moa was surprised by it.
”Mylord,” Anna continued, ”when it comes to historical accounts from Kakuri history, the foremost representative is standing right in front of us. She has been introduced as the alf of the Nokumo Nobono, but in fact she's like me, she is the leader of her people. Kakuri leadership comes in groups and is culturally based. Kirisaki Koga is the co-founder of the leadership group. She is the First. Her word is law among the Kakuri. She took the pilgrim's route to Herrkulla, visiting at least one other Kulla en route. Her intentions are true. And her registry is valid, as approved by me in my capacity as leader of the Mellanhand congregation in the Vittmarker Federation. Of course we need a second registration by different messengers at a different location, but that is just a matter of time.”

”As her majesty orders,” the registrator replied. ”Ehrm... we welcome Exemplar Gacha as the first registry from the Kakuri Stond... at the moment I am not up to date about which number this exemplar will get within Fjällsta Stift. Clergy work by a representative from Liden and an oral support from the House of Kulla makes Exemplar Gacha eligible for broader registration. I thank both emissaries for their registration.”

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