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Summary of the Kakuri storyline
08-27-2017, 10:50 PM
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Summary of the Kakuri storyline
In November 7575, federal police officer Peter Petterson is meeting secretly with a native tribe on Gilles Carls, Fisks. The nightly meeting is arranged by the natives, who identify themselves as Kakuri. The entire meeting consists only of a single song by the Kakuri representatives, after which Peter gets a piece of paper from the natives. It is a bilingual document, one of the languages being Hallish.

It takes two months before federal institutions take any action regarding the document. Translators can confirm it is Hallish, but the translation does not seem to make any sense. Crown Princess Moa is sent to Fisks as a covert emmisary, with her father Palne Kristersson posing as official guest for the leadership of Fisks.

Moa plays an Orkanan traditional on her violin during a second secret meeting in the jungle, in an attempt to communicate in a similar way. To everyone's surprise she is invited to come to Kakuri Town. Palne and Moa learn that this is a myth in local folklore, a supposedly hidden city of gold with a fountain of eternal youth hidden in the tropical jungle of the island.

But after a long journey by canoe and through dense forests, Moa and Palne arrive in a settlement with stone houses, a complicated irrigation system and a culture that seems to revolve around music and dance. This is a complete surprise because Fisks only made mention of primitive hunter-gatherer communities on the coastal plains. This Kakuri culture seems to have nothing in common with them.

The offer to bring any message to Queen Anna is misinterpreted by the Kakuri emissaries: all 6 of them show up expecting to be taken to the queen. They are smuggled on board of an airship, Fisks' leadership is kept in the dark about the contacts. Even in Östvallen, the Kakuri women only seem to be wanting to communicate by song and dance. Moa is able to interpret one of their songs partially on violin, which can be seen as some form of communication. But when the Kakuri have to return to their own settlement, it is still unclear what their message is. An anthropologist is following them back, trying to learn their culture and language.

(this covers the first 25 postings or so...)

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08-28-2017, 12:08 PM
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RE: Summary of the Kakuri storyline
Speeding up things during the spring of 7576. The anthropologist reports back occassionally, which gives more and more insight in the Kakuri culture. Most important note, the 6 women that visited Östvallen are not messengers or emmissaries, they are the actual leadership of the Kakuri people. Although leadership seems to be an unfitting word, they are more guides and administrators. Society seems to be self regulating mostly. The guidance task is granted to a group of outstanding performance within the generation with the most women in childbearing age. Therefore the leaders are between 17 and 29 years old. The generation blade is a way to define groups in Kakuri culture. People do not live in families, but in friend groups, most often within the same generation blade. Family ties are an added dimension to society, but not the most important one.

The Kakuri do not have one language, but two. First a simple one, mainly used by children and for quick commands. The second language has the same vocabulary and grammar, but is almost entirely made up by metafors, figure of speech, allegories or sometimes even synoptic sentences from well known stories or songs. This language clearly is only meant for initited members of society, which in this case means the adult population. Since the anthropologist lacks the cultural background, it is impossible for her to communicate in the second language. One of the Kakuri women has picked up some Wortsproke though.

It becomes clear that the leadership has looked for contact with the federal institutions, since they feel threatened by the colonizers of Fisks. The colonizers employ natives involuntarily, including some Kakuri. There are also reports of woman hunting and rape as a passtime for the upper class. This results in quite some mixed off-spring. Linnea (the anthropologist) has met at least two women with blonde hair as a result of this involuntary ancestry.

At the end of the summer, Linnea is introduced in her own friend group through a rather degrading initiation rite. For those interested in the gruesome details, don't bother to look for those in the longer version of the storyline. It isn't there...

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08-29-2017, 11:11 PM
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RE: Summary of the Kakuri storyline
It's September 7676 now and time for Chancellor of Federal Affairs Frania av Lårsten and crown princess Moa to update the Fisks leadership about the Kakuri. For the second time Moa makes the lomg trip through the jungle towards Kakuri Town, this time with a federal executive in her company. It is time to establish how their society functions and how to stay connected.

Moa makes an important connection, she gets included into the leading faction of the Kakuri, the Nokumo Nobono. When Frania leaves with Astrid Fisks' little airship, Moa stays around for a couple more days. But then the rain season kicks in early, which forces her to go back so that the Fisks Militia won't come looking for her and breach the policy of non-contact. It still means that she ends up in the Fisks Residency on her own.

Moa gets to meet Arimu there, a blonde Kakuri who was part of the Nokumo Nobono before but now has been exiled from Kakuri society. On one side, she is no longer alone, but on the other side she might get in trouble with her fellow Nokumo members for it. Tensions rise even more when it turns out that Chopper, one of the leaders of the Kakuri, earned her name by slaying the middle brother of the Fisks ruling family, 17 years ago. What started as an exciting adventure for the crown princess now becomes a twisted plot with her right in the middle of it. A confrontation is inevitable...

The result is that Arimu will join Moa back home to Vittmark. Moa is uneasy with the idea that she has to execute a ban she does not understand, but it is clear that Arimu can live a normal live on the other side of the planet. The Kakuri emissaries get invited at the Fisks Residency for dinner, which is the start of building relations.

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08-30-2017, 04:03 PM
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RE: Summary of the Kakuri storyline
The story about the Kakuri is that of a culture clash, not being able to understand each other, of dealing with a changing environment, personal development and much more. That's why 30 postings can be summarized into a dozen sentences, if we ony focus on potential political and cultural aspects of the storyline.

Anyway, season 4 popped up. The Kakuri send a music group called Kinzoku to Vittmark as ambassadors of their culture in April 7577. But Moa starts to get second thoughts though, is this a really good group of performers promoting the Kakuri case, or have they been sent into exile as well because well performing groups can be a threat to established positions of power? Nevertheless, an improvised tour s set up, with Moa as guest speaker and Arimu as the musical bridge between the Kakuri and Vittmark.

Of course there is a clash with the Kinzoku and the exiled ex-leader Arimu, which Moa has to solve through the sheer power of her position within the leadership group of the Kakuri. Kinzoku's main performer Naka recognizes her mistake and puts a punishment upon herself. This event shows that Moa is up to her middle in internal Kakuri affairs now, even though she does not understand much of their culture yet.

The government wrestles with the lack of communication and information, which makes it impossible to take a position regarding the Kakuri case. In order to break up the stalemate, Queen Anna suggests she will visit the Kakuri herself, thus forcing a direct line of communication upon them. There is however one challenge to this operation: it requires that the queen and crown princess will be at the same place, the same time... This has been avoided ever since King Karl and Prince Thomas were assassinated 11 years ago.

Moa has to travel in advance, in disguise, in order to prepare both Fisks and the Kakuri for the upcoming visit. During the visit, Anna explains to Moa why she insisted on them both traveling there. Since Moa became crown princess, the two can not spend much time together. Anna has seen how much the Kakuri case has affected Moa, in a positive way, and she gives her the option to stay there.

The second part of the visit, at Fisks, ends up in a disaster when native staff have wrongly been informed that the queen is there to give them citizenship. It is a black flag operation by Arild Fisk, an excuse to kick back the natives to where he thinks they belong, in the households of their colonizing masters. Anna decides to apply her executive powers and puts Fisks temporarily under federal rule. All of a sudden they have 44 wounded Kakuri servants to attend to as well.

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08-31-2017, 01:15 PM
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RE: Summary of the Kakuri storyline
#5 kicks in where #4 left. Moa returns from Kakuri Town and finds Fisks in a state of unrest. She is able to move the arrested Kakuri to Gilles Villes, an island governed by distant family of her.

(Funny detail: when I wrote Palne's biography, I wanted to make his family uprooted and had half of them living in exile. Then I designed Fisks and thought it would be a nice idea to have this family managing a small island there. Four years later this becomes handy in the storyline... Vind's master plan!)

Two of the Kakuri leaders travel with Moa to Vittmark, after one of them has a falling out with the second in command of Fisks. The duo has three tasks: healing Nenne, registering an Exemplar and managing some off-spring. Moa learns that the leadership's position is rather weak and she comes to the conclusion that she only was included in the Nokumo as a safeguard: nobody kicks out a princess from Vittmark. The Nokumo started out as a bunch of misfits and outcasts, they have made quite some victims while elbowing their way towards leadership.

Registering an Exemplar is not really a problem, Orkanans tend to be very inclusive and inviting. The event is also marked by a meeting between Chopper and Arimu, the woman who exiled meeting the woman in exile. It is an awkward moment, but not completely a disaster. It turns out that all the Kakuri leaders are trained in speaking a foreign language, knowledge they have picked up through so called "deep operatives" that live in the neighboring colonies.

During an unplanned visit to the senate, the Kakuri get the feeling that they are considered second class citizens, since their flag is not present there. As such, they have asked to be included as a member state of Vittmark. A hazardous enterprise, with all sorts of internal and international consequences.

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09-02-2017, 04:39 PM
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RE: Summary of the Kakuri storyline
How about a summary of a storyline that has not (yet) been published? Since activity on the Gotha forum was about zero, I didn't post S06 yet. It is called Ny Skiöldavik (New Stoldavia) and the main event are the preparations for building a small settlement in Kakuri territory. This against a background of a situation in Fisks that is borderline civil war. It takes place in the summer of 7576.

To make things worse, there's a spin-off as well. It tells the story of a young Kakuri woman travelling to Vittmark as a stowaway in the spring of 7578. She wants to become a "deep girl", which is the Kakuri term for someone living undercover in a different nation in order to gather infmoration. But a Kakuri living undercover in a Stoldavian city... not gonna happen. The whole story has almost zero political consequences, apart from a small detail.

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