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[Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House
09-02-2017, 02:36 AM (This post was last modified: 09-02-2017 02:37 AM by DiscoPickles.)
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[Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House

I've always envisioned Amberia as a major colonial power in Gotha. That means I was always trying to model it off of England or France in the 19th century, which in turn meant that I was always looking for Amberia's Raj. I wanted there to be this blob of territory that my crazy Amazons could play in and mess up terribly.

To this end, I ended up making who-knows-how-many colony proposals, which you guys were kind enough to mercilessly tear to shreds, because they weren't good. They were land-grabby, they were a little thin, and I guess they just never really felt right. I think that part of the reason I left Gotha for so long was because I was getting a little overwhelmed by all the land Amberia had. There were a lot of disparate cultures to deal with, too many maps to make, and I just fell out of love with it all.

I spent so long looking for the perfect crown jewel in Amberia's crown that I think I forgot to make every colony interesting, first and foremost. So I'm doing it properly this time, one at a time.

This is also a two part thing, so feel free to answer each part separately. You'll see why.

Part 1: The Dominion of New Amberia

Essentially, I propose that I swap out most of my colonies in western D'runia (so New Amberia on the wiki), and all the colonies in Kupeya for these two expansions. So, Amberia would take the old Crown Colonies, and expand Ayatawantin back toward its original borders, so that it's now touching Aspasia. After this, I would have nothing more to do in the west of the continent beyond a military base in 5001.

This would give Amberia another border with Helreich, and has the advantage of giving a nicely isolated territory for Niklazs Attenberg's abortive Häverist rebellion (territory 6144 and maybe 6120) during the Amberian Civil War. In addition, it gives a nice playground for Collin and I to develop the Tandem Wars (so, the main theaters besides Helreich and Amberia could be New Hapsburg and New Amberia).

I realize this will give Amberia something of a large say in what happens in that particular strait (which, given the shape of Gotha, would probably be a huge organ for east-west trade routes), but it's also a liability, in that they'd have to expend a lot of military power defending it from expansionist enemy empires. Repeated major wars in quick succession (the Tandem Wars, the PAW, the Civil War) will have taken their toll on the population, retarding the growth what should probably be a very rich trading hub.

Its history would be very similar to what's on the wiki now for New Amberia. D'runian colonization would have happened first, and the Altaian side was an expansion that began under the reign of Karolin the Great. Ayatawantin (currently, to my eternal shame, just a shell on the wiki) would have been a very late addition/annexation, though due to its Amberian ruling class, it had maintained close ties with the motherland for years. The colony is currently administered by a Governor-General in the city of Þiudan Morü, in D'runia. Other important settlements include Nævnstadt, Uzds Falüs, and Lløsheim in Ayatawantin.

Some nitty gritty stuff:
Official Name: Dominei äv Amberie Noje
Other names: New Amberia, Amberian Aziland
Territory Codes (it looks like more than it is): 5001, 5057, 5059, 5060, 5062, 5065, 6117-6120, 6142-6144, 6180-6183, 6231, 6235, 6236, 6240, 6241
Area: 2,455,751 km2
Population: 21,006,553
Max dev. Level: 63
GDP: 95,509,915 units
Languages: Cheltic, Azix, Hueiwei, Iztomal languages
Religion: The Faith, Stellist Orkanan, native religions
Political System: Autocracy

Map. Current Amberian territory is in lined green. Proposed expansions are numbered in blue:

[Image: Amberia_final.png]
Part 2: Austrasa

Austrasa (so named for its southernly latitudes) would be similar to the (more shame) shell currently up on the wiki. It is restricted to territory 5139 (known an Funinslän for the color of its native grasses). It retains much of the old history: first discovered by Adri Konak, settled by Eiläners. They stayed mostly loyal during the Amberian Civil War, thanks to the decisive and sometimes brutal policies of governor Gudrún Chihsel. Funinslän acts as a node point for traders headed to and from Kupeya, with the city Kohlshavn being both the administrative center and the major trading post.

The rest of this is the fun part.

The yellow territories on the map below correspond to the Kingdom of Lae Lang, an indigenous Ir’duma empire that has up until now acted as a huge thorn in Amberia’s side, preying on (Amberian) shipping and the like. The Lae Lang are led by (I’m stealing this from Hayrand, but Felipe wants to do something with Hayrand anyway) the Avatar, a specially chosen priest who is ritually sacrificed so that one of the twelve great Spirits may take over his body and rule over the people. Lae Lang is a relatively developed nation, holding a max dev level of 58, and having access to very, very limited airship technology. Lae Lang’s capital is located at holy site of Imbiru, in the mountains, but their most populated city is Wabiac, on the coast. The current Avatar is the Bull Avatar.

I am proposing that Amberia conquers this nation (they call the island Jandze) IG, in real time. I’m always alluding to actively ongoing colonization, so I figure I might as well role-play it!

Nitty gritty stuff:
Official Name: Dominei äv Austrase
Other names: Funinslän, Jandze, Lae Lang
Territory Codes: 5131-5137, 5139
Area: 1,181,746 km2
Population: 13,161,382
Max dev. Level: 58
GDP: 83,029,495 units
Languages: Cheltic, Ir’ust languages, Kuluk Yang Za
Religion: The Faith, native religions
Political System: Autocracy

Map. Current Amberian territory is in lined green. Proposed conquests are numbered in yellow:

[Image: Amberia2.png]

09-02-2017, 04:12 PM
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RE: [Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House
Yes... bite off something you can chew on. I'll check to see how close this is to Prince Folkes Island (terr 5002) which is one of the few things I kept for the Halland shell.

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09-04-2017, 11:03 PM
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RE: [Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House
(09-02-2017 04:12 PM)Pepijn Wrote:  I'll check to see how close this is to Prince Folkes Island (terr 5002) which is one of the few things I kept for the Halland shell.

It's pretty close. 5002 is a little east of 5001, but the main thrust of the proposal is around those straits where Altaia and D'runia meet. I don't think you kept anything around there?

09-06-2017, 07:13 AM
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RE: [Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House
One island is needed there, since it was mentioned in a storyline. I might be needing it in the future. I just picked one. It's up to a future player to decide if the island is the entire colony, or if it is part of something bigger. Halland has enough colonial points for some more. In all honesty, I could have done this shell thing without an island, but then I would have to refer to it as XXXX or something.

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09-18-2017, 12:30 AM
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RE: [Colony Proposal] In Which Ian Cleans House
More about Lae Lang:

A relatively young kingdom, founded around the year 7300, Lae Lang is a theocracy; its citizens believe that they are ruled directly by the Twelve Great Spirits, a pantheon of animal spirits that rotate control of the kingdom in accordance with how auspicious the proposed Spirit's rule will be. Each of the twelve Spirits – Bull, Shark, Goat, Snake, Condor*, Mammoth, Sloth*, Wolf*, Armadillo*, Octopus, Tiger*, Phoenix, and Leviathan – choose an Avatar from amongst the ranks of the priestly order dedicated to them.

The chosen individual is ritualistically sacrificed and revived, supposedly with the Great Spirit itself inhabiting his body. This is done in public in the holy citadel of Imbiru (supposedly the location of where the pact of peace between the previously warring Spirits was made), and opinions in Anaria differ as to how the priests pull off this feat – ranging from the use of a body double to an optical illusion.

The island of Jandze, discovered by Adri Konak on her third voyage, had never been united under one ruler before 7300, and quickly set about establishing its power in the region, with the port of Wabiac profiting from successful wars and, following the explosion in Anarian colonization, piracy. The Anids of Ayatawantin are an old foe, and twice before has Amberia engaged in a punitive campaign against the kingdom.

The first attempt, between the Tandem Wars, saw the Avatar captured and killed, and inspired such ill-feeling between the two countries that Lae Lang pirates began to purposefully target Amberian shipping interests, even once staging a daring raid on the port of Uzds Falüs, in Ayatawantin. This performance, at the beginning of the Pan-Anarian War, inspired the Hellish invited them into an alliance against the Amberians. This in turn was the catalyst for the second attempt at correction, which left much of the northern parts of the country in ruins and a significant number of civilians killed in what many in Amberia and elsewhere classify as a war crime.

The island is rich in minerals such as gold and iron and aluminum, and like the rest of the area, contains significant reserves of oil and sour gas (this will be one of the reasons Amberia conquers it).

The south-eastern portion is a noted producer of fragrances, and fragrance itself has an important place in the culture: winning a place as the apprentice of a master perfumer is considered a great honor, and the Avatar keeps as his servants three of the greatest living masters of the art.

The current ruler of Lae Lang is the Bull Avatar. He is the seventh Bull Avatar (the Bull has had more representatives in power than any other Spirit; the Armadillo has had the least), and has ruled for three years. Under his rule, the kingdom has debuted its first military airships (the navy remains incredibly weak, underfunded and understaffed), and begun the fortification and defense of the island itself, though to what purpose many cannot say.

*Really prehistoric versions of these, though I haven't figured out any cool names for them.


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