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ÆRILYS: Amberian Ratification Unsure
09-20-2017, 05:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-20-2017 05:01 PM by El Jeffe.)
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ÆRILYS: Amberian Ratification Unsure
SINCE 6818

Amberian Ratification Unsure

ASCHGÆT - After three days of deliberations, the Amberian Reiksþingi appears to have moved no closer to ratifying the controversial Gadalhem Protocols.

The debate centers around Amberia's control of the Eastern Anarian Straits and in particular the 72 mile Madheshtor Strait.

The Treaty of Ærilar defined territorial waters as extending 12 nautical miles beyond a nation's land territory to include straits and their immediate approaches. Under the treaty, straits such as Madheshtor are included as territorial waters beyond the 12 nautical mile convention.

Opposition within the Diet have expressed fear that Auresia will not abide by the Treaty of Ærilar and challenge Amberian control of Madheshtor. Sources within the Aedelish Foreign Office have confirmed that the Auresians have indicated that they will not recognize the Madheshtor as territorial waters, however, there has been no official statement from Cedelphia.

The Gimlé has not made an official statement on the Amberian ratification crisis but the newly appointed Foreign Secretary Þórmundr av Jǫtung has expressed the government's support for the Amberian claim to Madheshtor. According to the Foreign Secretary, it is understandable that the Amberians are concerned about the Auresians, whom the Secretary called "unpredictable". However, the Secretary pointed out that Auresia has little to justify aggression. "The Auresians ultimately agreed to the Treaty of Ærilar, recognizing Amberian control of Madheshtor regardless of their misgivings," explained the Secretary, "and without the Treaty there is no legal concept of territorial or international waters." The Foreign Secretary dismissed concerns that the Auresians would go to war over Madheshtor saying "the Auresians will not seize territory from a power during peacetime to stop the enforcement of an economic arrangement."

The Foreign Secretary refused to comment on the future of the Cartel if Amberia were to withdraw. However, he did express his own opinion that the monetization of the straits is fair and just. "This is no different than collecting a transit tax on goods, just as the Vittmarkers have proposed to levy against the port concessions," opined Lord Secretary Jǫtung. "The straits are a resource, just like the iron in Kötthagen or the Trans-Hanniyahs passage to the Phasian." He called the Auresians "fools" to give up such a resource for free and expressed his confidence that the Amberians will not make the same mistake.

The Foreign Secretary continued to express a strong suspicion that the same agents that have influenced Cedelphia and Pena are at play in Aschgæt. The Foreign Secretary asserted, "Aedeland will not be so easily bullied."


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