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Nation Proposal - Kingdom of Usiles
09-21-2017, 08:42 PM (This post was last modified: 09-21-2017 08:51 PM by rarkk.)
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Nation Proposal - Kingdom of Usiles
Nation Name:
Kingdom of Usiles

Territories Sought:
1014, 1015, 1027, 1028, 1029, 1041, 1042, 1043, 1044, 1045

[Image: attachment.php?aid=256]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=255]
Coat of Arms:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=254]
National Motto:


The Kingdom of Usiles is a Parliamentary Monarchy. It has its Royal House where the King sits, wich oversees all the executive decisions. The Parliament composed up of two main branches the Royal Houses, and the Guild-Masters Union and they handle most of the internal governing.. And the Judicial the court system of the realm.
The Royal Houses are composed of 10 Higher Royal houses and 20 smaller royal houses, each smaller house gets one vote, and each higher house gets 2 votes.
The Guild-masters Union are composed of 10 Regional Guild Masters. Each Guild Master has 3 votes.
There are 10 Provinces within the kingdom. Each province has a Royal House, and a Guild House. Each Royal house has the royal family and crest of that province. Governed by a Duke or Duchess. Each Guild house is comprised of city or regional Guild Wardens. The Guild Wardens elect a member amongst themselves with the title Guild Master. Each Guild-Master represents that Province in the Guild-masters Union. Each city Guild Warden presides over a Trade Guild composed of smaller individual guilds. Each small guild has a trade or craft that it represents within that city and region.

The Duchy of Usiles was the driving force behind the unification of the kingdom of Usiles in ???? Prior to the unification the area was smaller kingdoms that sometimes warred amongst themselves and with the their neighbors to the north and northwest. Duke Geoff of Usiles was able to convince his neighbors that it was more profitable to turn to trade rather than continuation of territorial violence. However not all the neighbors were keen on the new alliance that the Duke had established and the war of Lekka lasted 4 years after wich Geoff and his allies were able to defeat their enemies. Duke Geoff placed lessor royal families in charge of those defeated provinces and established the full Kingdom of Usiles. However at this time the 3 southern Provinces were still not part of the kingdom. Those provinces had never been dominated by one royal family and instead were smaller territories fighting amongst themselves. However they banded together after the main Kingdom of Usiles was established. Usiles was rich in metals and raw resources, and the southern provinces lacked any natural metal sources, they began to assault the tradeships of the Usiles. Usiles strengthened its sea fleets in response, after 20 years of light assaults on the tradeships, Usiles invaded the southern provinces to secure the region and protect its trade. This invasion was the start of the War of the Bay. The War of the Bay lasted 10 years. Artur Duke of Vora defeated General Panaria and Duke Lrance at the Battle of Auzters in the War of the Bay At the Treaty of Dunka the 3 Provinces surrendered and were absorbed into the full Kingdom of Usiles. Arturs son established a parliamentary government that gave each area an equal voice, and he enacted massive social programs that improved trade and the quality of life between the Provinces.

Ethnic Makeup









Divided into 10 Provinces
Province 1 (to be named)(1044) - Partial old kingdom culture
Population: 1,1919,872
Area: 24,723 sq/km
Special Notes: Largest wine production in nation

Province 2 (to be named)(1043) -rich, less old kingdom culture
Population: 2,735,238
Area: 31,155

Province 3 (to be named)(1045) - less old kingdom culture
Population: 2,240,986
Area: 22,177

Province 4 (to be named)(1041) - small fisherman culture
Population: 284,519
Area: 2,613

Province 5 (to be named)(1042) - small fisherman culture
Province 6 (to be named)(1029) - melting pot culture with influences from eastern western and southern cultures.
Province 7 (to be named)(1028) - rich, farming and coastal culture
Province 8 (to be named)(1027) - rich, farming and coastal culture
Province 9 (to be named)(1014) - mountain farming and trade culture
Province 10 (to be named)(1015) - mountain farming, and trade culture
Capital, 2 major rivers intersect into more major river headed south into the bay.

King(to be named)
Military:(to be named)

Supreme Marshal(to be named)
Joint Military Commision(to be named)
National Guard
Coast Guard
Intelligence Branches
Internal Security (to be named)
External Security (to be named)

Political Structure:

Houses of Royalty (similar in form to the US senate) (to be named)

Federal Parliamentary Chamber (house of representatives) - comprised of guild houses (to be named)

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09-21-2017, 09:17 PM
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RE: Nation Proposal - Kingdom of Usiles
Quote:Prior to the unification the area was smaller kingdoms that sometimes warred amongst themselves and with the their neighbors to the north and northwest

This is the case in large parts of the area after the fall of the Greater Stoldavic Empire. However... your region is not really mentioned as a part of it. You'd have to find your own era here...

Religion: it's in Orkanan-land. You have the Peratolians (Anisora) across the water and Cydhlig across the mountains as your neighbors. The Orkanan influence dates 2000 years back and also brought some Germanic language to the area. I'd be happy to provide some feedback here.

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09-23-2017, 09:07 PM
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RE: Nation Proposal - Kingdom of Usiles
Sounds interesting. Do you have an idea about how old Usiles is?


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