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The Infinite city of Idrass
09-21-2017, 11:49 PM
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The Infinite city of Idrass
My new proposal, sorry if its a bit messy, I wrote it right after work but I hope you like it. more to come, more tangible location information but FYI it encompass all the islands and immediate coast of the Simal Straight.

The Infinite city of Idrass

In the Konget archipielago and waters of the Simal straight lies the city of Idrass, the largest city in Gotha in terms of population, an ancient city build atop the layers of countless and many unknown iterations of itself. The knowledge of its age and founders have long been buried by the sands of time and distorted by the hearsay of legend and myth, what its known is that the city's calm shallow bay with its numerous islands and marshes have attracted all manner of seafarers who settled on the city's largest island long ago in ages before trade and glory. the cities islands were large masses of gravel and stone hills covered in vegetation, through out the ages the stony hills have been levelled by countless human hands and shaped into an almost flat expanse covered in countless buildings made out of the islands now reconfigured stone.

Ashen coloured stone buildings gleam brightly under the sun for what seems like miles on either side of the horizon, the ashen line of buildings topped with deep saffron coloured tiles is frequently broken by colossal stone towers who in groups of three or six intertwine using great arches in carefully choreographed positioning, like groups of men and women holding to each other by weaving their arms together into a circular dance high above a light ashen and saffron field of buildings. from these colossal structures resonate at various times through out the day soul piercing choruses and harmonies that flood the city and that echo the cities greatness and power to uplift its citizens and humble visitors and tributaries.

When the resonance of grandiosity subsides the sounds of the city takes its place, a cacophony composed from all manner of sources, the calls of merchants, the brashness of the forges and clangs of workshops, the sombre chants of the religious, the moan of passion from lovers and whores, the soothing melodies of troubadours, the screeching of hags, the mumbling of countless languages, dying protests of animals being slaughtered, the cheers from circuses and arenas and so many more.

Beyond the sounds of the city all other senses are delighted and assaulted, from its bustling streets with the lingering stench of sweat of human and animal origin mingling with the aroma of spices and fragrances ubiquitous from all places to the high terraces of homes were scents of burning incense, oud or patchouli waft into the cool evening breeze and impregnate the atmosphere even far beyond its shore to welcome visiting ships. When those visitors steep of their ships they are greeted by the cities densely packed but opulent and proud architecture often embellished with frescos, rich tiled walls, extravagant stained glass and inlays of lifelike statues or deep hardwood decorations, the Buildings are generally of the local Rhakam Byrizi style but many are mixed with foreign styles to varying degree, many mixtures now considered Rhakam. the plazas, streets and boulevards of the city are mobbed with the opulent and proud Rhakham Byrizi draped in their bold styles with all manner of foreigners mingling amongst them, most as equals that either reside in the city or visit for its riches and many others visit as lesser men, slaves or destitute refugees .

The Rhakam are the people of Idrass, unmistakably Byrizi but many considered Rhakam had their blood long ago enriched by the Imbatu, Illista, Tragoni, Athves, Tahana and many others from as far as north Anaria, Giganum and the Shangti ocean. the Rakham are known as being brunette to jet black in hair colour with a wide range of eye colour and a light golden tanned skin. The Rhakam men tend to be tall, swarthy and hairy with thick facial and body hair and although passionate about their grooming they have a fame for emphasising their masculinity, Rakham women are considered to be beautiful not only in Idrass but in many distant shores, they possess imperious and haughty feminine features and allure exuding an aura of superiority that enhances heir famous hour glass shaped bodies long ago made famous by the cities artists and poets. Exotic foreign features that crop up from time to time from their mingling bloodlines that resonate with the Byrizi ideal of beauty are celebrated and fetishized by the Rhakham.

The Rhakam long ago accustomed to riches and luxuries have an innate sense of vanity and hedonism at all levels of society, in Idrass all pleasures and vices can be found and many are celebrated and are a source of pride with prostitution being a romanticised profession that not only provides status and comfort to its practitioners but also fame to the city as the source of human passion. Glory is highly sought after and the romantic image of the adventurer is common, adventurers returning to the city with riches and battle scars are admired and some are even able to live from just displaying said scars and retelling their heroic tales.

Vanity alone does not alone rule the Rhakam, their faith has conferred a strong sense of individuality, cynicism and competition and although those quality serve them well in industry and trade it has given them a reputation in some cases as a hypocrite, deceitful and conniving people .

Sarardisnism is the faith of the city and it along with its cultural and economic weight have made the city the axis of culture in south Anaria and north Tzerka, The origins of the faith are obscure and by most standards arcane and stretch all the way to prehistoric times, the main motif of the faith is Sarardis, an omnipotent being and creator with obscure interests and malevolence who bargains with the living often at a high cost in exchange for abilities and riches. Sarardis revels in his dealing with the living who he lifted out of the lethargy of death and whose life is a constant bargain for survival and growth, Sardis has since time immemorial bargained with humanity and all his gifts are a double aged sword.

For example fire was given to man by Sarardis, man was visited by a mysterious traveller, Sarardis always takes obscure and mysterious forms, he freely gave fire to the pathetic shivering race of man as a servant who would keep them warm, cook their meals and revive the land in exchange for mans attention to Sarardis dance, a dance that he would perform when man least expects it, an insignificant and ridiculous bargain that man readily accepted in exchange for a servant who would lead them to comfort and greatness.

Fire provided man with comfort as promised and man soon forgot about the bargain made, but as promised Sarardis returned, in fact he returned every time a fire was lit and danced before the eyes of the naïve tribe of man. man with their fickle memory time and time again broke their word and ignored the dance of Sarardis as he danced within the faithful servant of man, The enraged Sarardis dancing in the fire took control of man's ill controlled servant and engulfed the tribe of man and danced on scorched bones and flesh of their children, brothers and women. Sarardis taught man a lesson in keeping their bargains, in understanding nuance, respect and care, since then Sarardis has forced man to always be watchful of his dance and in control of a fire for otherwise Sarardis will gladly remind them of his power and lesson.

More to come, I became sleepy lol.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
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RE: The Infinite city of Idrass

Map of the cities empire

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Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
09-23-2017, 02:05 PM
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RE: The Infinite city of Idrass
You said Idrass is the largest city on Gotha. How large is it, exactly? And how are you defining city? City-limits or the greater urban area?
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RE: The Infinite city of Idrass
Since we are in the late 1800's technology wise and london in 1890 had six million or so, id have to go with 8 million people more or less, nearly 70% of the nation's population. The city would be all the islands, nearby marshes and boroughs too.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
09-26-2017, 10:23 PM
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RE: The Infinite city of Idrass
I'd like to see how an 8 mio people city works in a 10 mio people country. Usually, a country where a large part of the population is concentrated in the capital, then 15-25% of the population is living there. Only states that hugely depend on agricultural import from nearby and import of raw material to drive the industries might have a capital counting over 50%. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just curious about the mechanics behind it.

Also 8 mio people use enormous amounts of water and produce a lot of waste. Those marshes... I don't now... Islands are notoriously low on drinking water supplies. Challenge accepted?

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