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[Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
10-26-2017, 08:46 PM
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[Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
So I've thinking about Anisora and the sort of power she is. When I joined Gotha I was very keen on her being a colonial power (as the colonial setting had appealed to me especially). However, the more I have thought about it, the more I have realised that overseas power projection wouldn't have been the main priority for Anisorans. My vision for a continental Anisoran Empire in Anaria Minor and a colonial Empire aren't really compatible, and considering Anisora's internal sea location, it makes even less sense for her to have a sprawling overseas Empire.

As such I have decided to move Anisora away from colonial power and towards continental, in line with the continental empire over much of Anaria Minor I had envisaged during the late 74th century to the PAW. I am therefore abandoning the Andrea Islands in the central Shangti Ocean (i.e. they were never annexed by Anisora, and depending on what Tom wants to do, may never have been colonised by Auresia before that).

A bigger problem is Aspasia (Southern Altaia colony). Not only have I put a great deal of work into it (as far as I am aware it is the most detailed colony on Gotha), it has also played an important part in established histories - such as the Auresio-Anisoran War, and potentially in the Becuvitatian War of Succession. Again, a lot of work was put into this, and I am therefore loath to abandon it altogether. I am therefore considering Aspasia remains Anisora's only colony (albeit a reasonably sized one).

Secondly, and apologises for the long post, I am proposing a new constituent territory of the Empire for your consideration. It would function as a dominion, using up Anisora's colonial support points in the manner of colonies. It would be a functioning member state of the Empire, but with considerable autonomy, operating basically like the Grand Duchy of Finland in the Russian Empire.

Colonial support points are an issue, however: Anisora produces 64 points overall, with Aspasia taking up 35. The provinces proposed below require 45. I understand that there are different rules for dominions versus colonies versus company colonies etc. but can't find the information on it. (Am I right in saying that dominions require fewer points than colonies, for example?). Brian also hinted at a restructuring of colony points, but he will have to enlighten us. Basically, I'm asking whether it's feasible that Anisora could retain Aspasia (or a diminished Aspasia) and the proposal below.

The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano

[Image: 20a8ah2.jpg]

Official Name: Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano (Anisoran: Gran Principato di Lusava e Vascano; Lusavanic: Մեծ երկիր Լուսևանյի եւ Վաշարատյի; Mec Erkir Lusavanyi yev Vasharatyi)
Territory Codes: 1162, 1163
Area: 181,302 km2
Population: 5,675,417
Capital City: Tolianero (Lusavanic: Tenalevan)
Government: Constitutional monarchy with autonomous parliament
Languages: Lusavanic (Armenian dialect); Anisoran; Pastanan
Religion: Izhaic majority; large minority of Peratolian Orkanans.
Motto: Strength in Union (Pastanan: Firmitas in Consociando; Lusavanic: ուժ մեջ միության (už mej miutʿyan))
[Image: 10xswer.jpg][Image: 2mwtapg.jpg]

The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano is an autonomous constituent territory of the Anisoran Empire. It is a constitutional monarchy, with the Anisoran Emperor ruling as Grand Prince in the otherwise entirely autonomous region. The Grand Principality retains its own parliament, which has extensive powers over internal affairs, and enjoys the highest degree of autonomy in the Empire, with foreign policy and military affairs being controlled by the Anisoran imperial government in Pena. It is the second largest state in the Anisoran Empire in terms of both land area and population.

The Grand Principality was established as a result of the Treaty of Loraveno (7375) in the aftermath of the Anisoro-Lusavan War (7372-7375), a regional conflict involving a great number of states, including principally the Anisoran Empire against the Kingdom of Lusava, as well as the Holy Kingdom of Becuvitatia. The War resulted in the annexation of not only the Kingdom of Lusava (becoming the Grand Principality of Lusava), but also the incorporation of the Principality of Parona as well as the Becuvitatian Kellorian islands in the South Medio into the Anisoran Empire. The War was the first major conflict of the Anisoran Wars of Conquest, which saw Anisora gain large swathes of territory in Anaria Minor over the next century.

Throughout its history as a constituent territory of the Anisoran Empire, the Grand Principality has suffered from a great deal of religious tension, between the Izhaic majority population (largely correlating to the Lusavanic people) and the Orkanan minorities (including ethnic Anisorans, but chiefly the Vascano people). Numerous religious atrocities have been committed in the region at various flashpoints of religiously motivated violence throughout its history. The most infamous of these include the suppression of the religio-nationalist uprising led by Vardan Gevorgyan in 7473, coinciding with the general unrest gripping Anaria during this period (Haverist Revolution in Helland 7473; as well as the Decretist revolutions in Anisora in 7473). The Anisoran government brutally put down the abortive rising, executing thousands of nationalist and Izhaic leaders for treason, as well as further thousands of civilian deaths during the fighting – the vast majority of which were Izhaic. A number of Izhaic and Lusavanic nationalist historians consider the event just one example of state-sponsored ethnic and religious cleansing of the region under Anisoran Orkanan tyranny.

The Grand Principality of Lusava was renamed the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano in 7474 in response to Vascanan nationalist calls for recognition during the Revolutions of 7473 and for their support in putting down the Lusavanic rising. The name change also heralded in a power-sharing agreement, which provided the sizable Orkanan Vascanan minority an official say in affairs of state, culminating in the appointment of Arsen Saroyan as the first ethnic-Vascanan Minister-President of the Grand Principality in 7479.

The Grand Principality is one of the most economically important regions in not just the Anisoran Empire but the whole of Anaria. The Morevan region is home to the largest and most productive oilfields in Anaria, bringing the region and the Anisoran Empire considerable wealth and energy security. Morevan has made the Anisoran Empire the largest producer of petroleum in Anaria, with the Moreva Petroleum Corporation (MPC) being the most profitable company operating in Anisora, of which the Anisoran Government retains a controlling stake of 51%. Although oil makes up the vast majority of the region’s economy in GDP terms, other sectors of the economy include a thriving wine industry (although increasingly under pressure from oil prospectors), coal mining, chemicals and cotton production.

During the Pan-Anarian War, the Grand Principality was seen as major strategic goal for the United League, with Anisoran oil proving one of the principal driving forces behind the Aschgæt Alliance’s war effort. [As the course of the war is yet to be decided, unknown whether the region ever fell at some point – nevertheless, it would have been a major prize, even if beyond the reach of the Tahani.]

In the aftermath of the PAW, with much of Anaria Minor ravaged and nationalist movements gripping the sub-continent, the Anisoran continental Empire began to fragment. A number of regions previously under the control of Anisora were given statehood [yet to be decided]. While there were loud calls for an independent Lusava once again, the oilfields and economic and strategic importance of the region were too intrinsic to Anisoran interests for independence to materialise. Furthermore, the sizable Vascanic minority were generally against an independent Lusava, fearing an Izhaic state which would be intolerant of their Orkanan faith.

Today the Grand Principality is ruled by the Anisoran Emperor as Grand Prince, although his powers are limited to constitutional powers, including supreme command of the armed forces. The true power remains in the hands of the autonomous parliament, the National Parliament (Lusavanic: ազգային խորհրդարան; Azgayin Khorhrdaran), located in the capital Tolianero (Tenalevan). The Parliament is unicameral with a multi-party parliamentary system, with voters in the Principality also voting in imperial elections to elect representatives to the Imperial Senate in Pena. The leading politician and head of government is the Minister-President, elected on a term of 5 years at a time. Although the Grand Prince retains the constitutional authority to dismiss a Minister-President, this has not happened in over 50 years.

Again, apologies for the ridiculously long post. Would love to hear peoples' thoughts.

10-29-2017, 03:41 PM
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RE: [Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
This proposal would take up territory in Anaria and probably reduce Anisora's input in the larger colonialism plot of Gotha. If our original premise is centered on the colonial exploits of Anarians, this would go against that premise. However, I do not object. Territories 1162 and 1163 are contiguous with Anisora and in the interior of Anaria. I also think that your active participation and dedicated development is valuable to the group and that being a product of unfettered expression of your vision outweighs any other considerations.

10-30-2017, 08:59 PM
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RE: [Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
Thanks for the input Jeff, much appreciated.

El Jeffe Wrote:This proposal would take up territory in Anaria and probably reduce Anisora's input in the larger colonialism plot of Gotha. If our original premise is centered on the colonial exploits of Anarians, this would go against that premise.

I must admit I had not considered this. Anisora would still be involved in the colonial game, but as a secondary colonial power behind the superpowers like Amberia and Helreich and other powers such as Aedeland and Auresia. Aspasia would remain an important possession, and would need protecting (even if during the PAW she was likely entirely cut off). Another potential work around is Anisoran trade interests in the east - a way for her to continue to play a role in the colonial game.

However, if people want Anisora to be more involved directly, I'm sure we could work something out. Alternatively, we could curate a narrative of colonial retreat for Anisora. Perhaps acquiring territories during the height of her power (late 74th and 75th centuries), but lost most of it during the PAW or during earlier wars in the 75th century - such as with Amberia or Auresia? As she focused more on consolidating her position in Anaria Minor, and fighting the Tahani for supremacy [yet to be decided], she might have been forced to slowly step back from colonial ventures. Ian and I have already played around with this concept beginning during the War of the Becuvitatian Succession.

Also, if you're worried about Anisora taking colonial potential from future nations, the two provinces I propose annexing to the Empire only produce 4.6 colonial support points between them. Having said that, I understand your concerns.

11-06-2017, 07:06 PM
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RE: [Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
I'm all for this. Glad to see Aspasia remains. Aboyt adding a dependancy on the outer fringes: if you would simply have expanded Anisora with this territory, there would have been no objections ledger-wise. Then you could have given it all the autonomy you wanted, no colony points involved. So... you chosing the colonial route for adding an adjacent territory only makes it complicated on paper. Having said that, it's all systems go for my part. The colonial setting of Gotha still is pretty weakly developed, since most colonies are nothing more than placeholders. It will get more fleshed out as soon as (or if) we see more nation development by existing or new players.

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11-07-2017, 07:11 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2017 07:22 PM by August Dux.)
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RE: [Dominion Proposal] The Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano
Pepijn Wrote:Aboyt adding a dependancy on the outer fringes: if you would simply have expanded Anisora with this territory, there would have been no objections ledger-wise. Then you could have given it all the autonomy you wanted, no colony points involved.

It is true that this course makes it much more complicated. The reason why I proposed using Anisora's colonial points was an attempt to avoid "taking the mick", as we say in the UK (taking advantage, basically). I am aware I have expanded Anisora twice already, and don't want to appear to be land grabbing for the sake of it. If my proposal is too complicated or unnecessary, I'm of course happy for this to be a simple expansion. I'd be interested to hear what admins thought about this.


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