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Approving Proposals
10-29-2017, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 10-29-2017 04:35 PM by El Jeffe.)
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Approving Proposals
We need a formal process for approving proposals. The first stages of the current process works great. No one seems to have trouble finding the Nation/Colony Concepts & Proposals thread. Players usually are pretty good about providing useful feedback. But the approval process seems ad hoc. The wiki says Admin and Moderators will review proposals and reply with a simple "OK" or a counter-proposal with some helpful suggestions. Very few proposals get a formal "OK". Some proposals go through incredible public scrutiny while others are approved with almost no discussion and what is presumed to be a private message.

Develop guidelines for an acceptable proposal. Beyond conforming to Gotha's setting (probably the most critical factor), what makes a good proposal? Does a proposal need to address all the conceptual topics listed on our join page? Do we exercise any control or guidance to ensure better gameplay? Do neighboring players have any say in the proposal? Knowing what is expected of you makes denial or approval something that can be predicted. This reduces the chance of frustration and disappointment.

A process of approval that is consistently used. Can any moderator or admin approve a proposal? Is there a certain amount of time allowed for feedback? Do players have any say in the process? I suggest that any admin or moderator can approve or disapprove. If disapproved, the admin or moderator must provide a reason from the above mentioned guidelines. Any player can disapprove for any reason and the proposal will be put to a vote with a 10 day voting window and an announcement of Facebook. This would be a compromise that allows us to quickly approve uncontroversial proposals while allowing flexibility with the more difficult decisions. I also suggest we standardize the approval language. Something like, "I approve this proposal" or "This proposal is denied due to setting".

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10-29-2017, 05:37 PM
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RE: Approving Proposals
I think deciding on this process is a good idea. It is, as you say, rather ad hoc. I think your suggestions are more than sensible.

11-06-2017, 07:00 PM
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RE: Approving Proposals
Bit late to the party...

I agree with the idea of setting some standards for the process. But beside the formal things regarding approval, there are also practical issues. Personally, I would like to see a majority of the admins saying "Yay" before approval. But with the activity levels of this moment, that might prolongue the process.

I think one of the issues the admins should look at is the interaction with neighbors. It's pretty straightforward if I give the thumbs up for a proposal (as a player) so the admins know that this particular bit is covered. It becomes more difficult if a neighbor does not interact. We can blame a new player for that, can we?

I'm not a big fan of voting procedures. It either passes the bar we set, or it doesn't. If a player objects for a well defined reason, it's up to the new player to address the issue or the admins to make a decision.

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11-07-2017, 05:20 AM
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RE: Approving Proposals
If we have some standard for approval there is no need for multiple admins to approve. First one to see all the boxes are checked can get the ball rolling.

I see voting as an eventuality to fairly address outliers. I'm not a fan of having an admin just make a decision. It isn't transparent.

11-08-2017, 02:29 PM
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RE: Approving Proposals
It's kinda funny that you (Jeff) as an admin are not a fan of making admin decisions, while I as a "regular player" have no problem with that. Just an observation.
11-08-2017, 07:14 PM
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RE: Approving Proposals
El Jeffe Wrote:If we have some standard for approval there is no need for multiple admins to approve. First one to see all the boxes are checked can get the ball rolling.

In an ideal world we would have multiple admins contribute and approve the proposal. But, as Pep has already mentioned, when we consider the activity (or lack there of), this poses difficulties. I have, in the past, had trouble getting proposals through simply because of an almost complete lack of activity.

I think a streamlined process that enables a single admin to approve would be much more functional considering the reality of the forum.

11-08-2017, 09:18 PM
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RE: Approving Proposals
I really think for a system such as the one you are proposing to work we need more new players getting involved and with the higher numbers it'll be easier to maintain higher levels of activity. There are only five or six regular posters on here at the moment so if a couple of people end up distracted by life then you've got yourself a hiatus which can be hard to lift. Hence, we should seriously pursue a recruitment drive to get more potential worldbuilders interested.

In the meantime maybe a new thread (Proposal Analysis Thread?) could be set up alongside the National Proposal Thread where Admins can open up discussions scrutinising new proposals. A minimum number of players (of a certain rank to be counted) can clearly state why they are in favour the new concept and say "I approve this proposal" like you suggested. The approval requirements could be at least three player of planet guide rank come out in favour. I trust that players of a higher rank will be informed enough to encourage proposals to stay true to the Atlas in the future.

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