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Anna's moves (7579 to present)
01-05-2018, 04:16 PM
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Anna's moves (7579 to present)
Östervallen palace, September 23rd 7579

"You asked for me, majesty?"
Arimu entered Anna's working office. It was nearly 18:00 and the end of a working day that had been way too long for Anna. Arimu expected that her arrival only was a signal to end all meetings. Indeed, Anna did send out most of the attendants, she only asked Moa to stick around.

"Dinner time?" Moa asked, recognizig the trick Anna just pulled.
"Not yet. Please sit down. There is something I would like to discuss with Arimu."
The Kakuri immigrant had an idea what this was about, but Moa had no clue. Not even when Anna opened a folder containing six stapled sections of manuscripts.

"Thank you for confiding in me," Anna addressed Arimu, "this work is... exemplary."
"Did you enjoy it?"
"I most certainly did."

"What is this?" Moa asked.
"Arimu handed me six stories she wrote herself. Something more light and distracting to read when I had to lie down."

Moa looked at Arimu. "I know you were testing to write something, get better in Wortsproke. I said you could always as me for an opinion, suggestions or corrections."
"There's a reason why she did not let you read it," Anna replied on Arimu's behalf. "Is it OK if I show her?" Anna asked the author, who nodded in agreement. Anna handed the first section to Moa.

'Kakuri Mu-Wa - Moa and the isolated' it said on the cover.

"What is this," Moa said once more.
"It is part of your future biography," Anna supplied as answer.
"This is what you have been writing?" Moa asked Arimu, who in her turn looked down and nodded hesitatively. The subject of the story opened the section halfway and started to read somewhere in the middle. She looked up, but did not meet Arimu's eyes, so she continued reading. The silence was deafening. Arimu looked up when Moa turned the page. They quickly made eye contact.

"You have a nice way of storytelling," Moa complemented her lady-in-waiting, "and the use of our language... creative, but mostly correct. I'm impressed... and a bit embarressed."
That feeling only increased when Anna started handing over the other sections.

'Aka Pansa - The red panther sister'
'Kinzoku - A relation in metal'
'Tensho - Master of the weeping box'
'Ny Skiöldavik'
'Urashin - the new back'

"Where did you find the time?" Moa asked. Arimu laughed.
"Did you expect I laid idle in some doll's box whenever you are here in Östervallen?"
"No, of course not... but this must have taken ages!"

Moa started reading 'Urashin' from the start.
"Hang on, this happened only two months ago... And how do you know all of this? Most of the times, you weren't even present..."

"Let me tell you something," Anna addressed Arimu directly, thus cutting the discussion with Moa short. "You are a part of the story, and you have a... typical relation with most of the people presented here. Your stories are... balanced. I know you have a history with Kirisaki, and yet your portrayal of her is rather... neutral."

"Thank you," Arimu replied, "that was the purpose. This is about Moa and her relation with the Kakuri people. All Kakuri, myself included. The story only has value if it is fair."
"I am deeply impressed. I know you write songs and lyrics, but this is something different, and in a language that is new for you. You are a writer in an Orkanan tradition, yet you are not from an Orkanan tradition yourself. Remarkable..."

Arimu did not know what to say. Suddenly Moa got a hunch. She picked up 'Ny Skiöldavik' and flipped it open near the end.
"How... you were not there... how... it is pretty accurate. Someone has been informing you."
But Arimu wasn't going to answer that one.
"Hang on, this is not what happened. There are only two persons who could know what really went down there... This is fiction. And you let Anna read this?"
"But it could have happened..."
"You let Anna read this?" Moa asked rethorically once again. "And call this balanced?" Moa now addressed Anna, who wanted to know what the fuss was all about.

"Ah, right... that's an interesting bit. Well, I knew Arimu could not have been there, and that no one would have updated her. But the action is pretty much in character. It could have happened... Or do you want to tell us what happened between you and Flower that night."
"No," Moa snapped, "none of your business. Nothing happened."
"That's basicly how Arimu describes it..."

"So what is the purpose of all this?" Moa tried to steer the discussion into a different direction.
"First of all, I wanted Anna's opinion. I thought she might enjoy my efforts, even though they're not really good. It might get her mind off if things."
"Well, that worked," Anna added.
"Secondly, at some time, I would like to see your story, about the crown princess of Vittmark and an isolated culture in the tropics, to be told. Published maybe."
"This is not going to be published," Moa cut the discussion short.

"Of course not. It is not ready. It is raw material. I am bad at writing..."
"No, you're not," Anna interrupted, "this is good. And you are right, at some point Moa needs a biography. Then this episode will be a centrepiece. But there is plenty of time. Maybe Moa wants to give you some insights on events where you weren't present?"
"This is not going to be published," Moa repeated.
"My dear, at some point, a biography will be written and published. Maybe 30 years after you die. Then you have nothing to say about the contents. Now you can."

"Can I read all of it?" Moa asked Arimu.
"Of course..."
"I have one request," Anna intervened. "There is a piece of the story missing. I never understood how the Nokumo Nobono came to power in the first place. You don't have to write this, but maybe you can tell it as a story..."

"Right now?" Arimu asked.
"Let's eat first."

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01-15-2018, 11:45 PM
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RE: Anna's moves (7579 to present)
After dinner, Anna directed Arimu into the side room, where there were some couches. Tea was served here with some light dessert. Palne, Moa and Teres joined.

"Now you can tell," Anna addressed.
"Now?" she replied. Anna nodded. Arimu looked at Moa. But Anna cut that shot cut off.
"Moa does not know how your leadership is chosen, not even how it functions. She's just... there... But you do."

Arimu now put down her cup of tea, knowing that it would be stone cold by the time she was done.
"Where to begin... well, I could not have told this before, since I didn't understand how your leadership worked. For me, the Kakuri way is as natural as walking on two feet. But maybe... your history... the written accounts, they are formulated from the winner's perspective, in hinesight. Kakuri leadership works in the same way, but then in the present."

"You write history... in the present," Teres interrupted. This gave Arimu a moment to sip her tea.
"Palne understands. Kakuri leadership explains the current events, gives them context, they actually tell how it should be interpreted. New leadership could mean new interpretations, but that seldomly happens, because the old leaders play a role as well."

"That does not explain how your leadership works. Are they chosen, appointed, and if so, by whom?"
"Leaders must come from the same birth blade, it provides cohesion. But not always. Sohoko of the Oto was an outsider. Just like Urashinu..."
"And Moa..." Anna added.
"So it seems. That's really outside. No offence."
Moa indicated that she did not feel offended.

"Usually, the largest blade group of generations in child-bearing age provide the leadership group. They are in the middle of life. The middle is good... The birth blade group itself determines who can tell their stories. These people get training so they can claim a leadership role on behalf of the blade."

Arimu took a sip again and decided to elaborate a bit more.

"Sorry to say this, Moa, but the Nokumo Nobono is an accident. They were not supposed to become leaders. There were two separate groups within the blade, and the group had decided to put the best together in a single group. Kirisaki was axed, but didn't leave quietly as most people who got cut do. She decided to gather the other axed girls and kept performing. Koyubi and Sitchi Dai joined later from the main group."

"But how do you claim leadership?"
"Leadership is given... by the people. Groups perform, tell events as stories, songs, dance, plays. Some groups are more popular than others. That's the basis of power... That's how Kirisaki managed. Her group was more appreciated than others, especially outside her blade."

"So it is a cultural, artistic meritocracy," Palne conformed an expression the conductor of the city's philharmonic orchestra one had uttered.
"If you provide the narrative of today and yesterday, you are in power."
"And is it handed over, or claimed..."
"Both. The Oto handed it over to the Nokumo Nobono about a year after I was forced to leave. The Oto provide continuity, routines; while the Nokumo Nobono provides the present."

"And how is that combined with administering services? Because that is central."
"Arisu and Midori take care of that, with help of the Oto. Until Arisu was replaced by Nenne."

"Hang on..." Teres asked or some thinking time. "Arisu, you say... that's not you..."
"No, Arisu is a younger member with junior performing tasks."
"Then I had it all wrong in my head. I thought Arimu and Arisu were the same person. They were in and then they were out..."

Arimu laughed. "Easy mistake to make. But I left a year before the Nokumo Nobono became leaders, Arisu joined at about the time they did."
"Sorry..." Teres apologized.
"Not a problem."

"I still don't get what the Nokumo does as leadership."
"The Kakuri do whatever they want to do, but always in a strict framework of taking care of each other. Only if you need something your own group can not provide, you ask the leadership to set up a fair trade. It will be administered."
"Sounds like a lot of work."
"The administration is the basis for what you would call the law, the ways things are being dealt with, the do's and don'ts. Defining the law is an evaluation, so the Oto is doing that. But the Nokumo Nobono is ultimately responsible."

Arimu sat back and took her cup of tea in both hands. This was an indication that she was done talking for the moment. Moa recognized the gesture and started a different topic of discussion.

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