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Imperial Senate
02-22-2018, 03:57 AM (This post was last modified: 04-20-2018 05:53 PM by Morbius.)
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Imperial Senate
Within this thread, the business transacted within the legislature of the Empire - the Imperial Senate - can be seen and read about. The 320 members of the Council - known as senatore imperiale, or imperial senator, gather to discuss the issues and concerns facing the Empire, debate the means and methods for addressing them, and formulate the legislation that molds and inculcates the laws of the realm which maintain it's people, its lands, and its affairs.

The Chamber of the Senate is a long, rectangular room with an arched ceiling. The councilors sit on the chamber floor, and a viewing gallery on the upper level, located over the main entrance to the chamber, has room for one hundred citizens to sit and watch sessions of the Senate. On the opposite end from the entrance is the Speaker's dais, where the Speaker sits. Before the chair of the Speaker is the desk of the sergeant at arms, and in front of them is a long wooden table where a team of ten clerks maintain the written record of the business transacted each day.

The Senate meets every Monday through Friday, from 0800 to 1200 and from 1300 to 1700. Its annual session is broken up into three quarterly periods - the first three consisting of twelve weeks each and the fourth consisting of eleven weeks. The first three quarters are followed by a one-week holiday, and the fourth quarter is followed by a two-week holiday for Winterfest. On the last day of the fourth quarter period, the Senate formally closes for the year, to be reopened on the first Monday after Neo Annum in the following year.

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