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Official Proposals for Change on the Project
03-01-2018, 09:28 PM
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Official Proposals for Change on the Project
On behalf of the patrons of these reforms, Alex, Pepjin, Tom and I, James.

1) We would like to have the following active players be granted admin powers:

Alex (August Dux)
Tom (Morbius)
Myself (TeamBattleaxe)

2) We would like to have usable templates and base-maps uploaded to the box for common usage. It is up to Brian, Jeff and Felipe to decide what on their databases is usable and what is not with the goal being that players need not rely on these admins too much when seeking out map materials.

3) We would like to adopt a change to the approval method for new proposals. It is called the '5 day window' and acts as a safety valve against limbo in game. With this admins have 5 days to veto or counter a new proposal after which time only the OK of one admin is required in order to unlock the wiki.

The idea, however, is that with 7 admins, proposals should attract sufficient attention so a decision can be made before 5 days pass.

4) We would like to see the in-game clock paused while work begins on creating a clear timeline from 7567 to 7579 RH and other aspects of the setting are allowed to develop before starting the clock again.

Are the admins willing to adopt these proposed changes?
03-01-2018, 11:30 PM
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RE: Official Proposals for Change on the Project
1) I'd like to see all players become admins after a minimum period of active status. However, I can live with this as proposed.

2) I defer to Brian and Felipe on this. I have no ownership or expertise in this regard.

3) I think we should add a provision that the proposal must be advertised on FB. Otherwise, sounds good to me.

4) Good idea.


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