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A day in the life of...
08-10-2018, 12:30 AM
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A day in the life of...

Bae had recently made her home in one of the lower districts of Shuido as a vendor of Hwando street pastries. Her most popular recipe was a personal favourite of hers from her home island back in the archipelago – minced lamb and pulled duck with wild Hwandeon herbs and plum-berry sauce. She had mostly set her self up in the capital off the trade of dock workers and sailors, who filed into the lower districts adjacent to the Shangti's largest dockyards, in the evenings to visit all the bars and brothels to be found there. Bae did make herself a fair sum earlier on in the evening most days having pitched herself along one of the mains route of foot traffic, however, being an island girl previously unexposed to making copious amounts of wealth quickly, she was bitten by the money-bug fast. Unsurprising when you're in one of the world's largest urban markets with more choice than all the tea in Kamura, as well as all the tea in Kamura.

Bae and her fellow vendors, mostly other girls like herself had come to term the money made later on at night as 'vomit money'. It was when the drunkards, effectively the same customers from earlier would flow back towards their homes, hostels and ships after their night-long piss ups and flesh parties. Due in no small part to the dehydrating effects of Kamuran alcohol, some of which was cheap knock-off liqueur sold from shady establishments following the recent drink laws, these patrons had an even bigger appetite than before and would order whole trays filled with dozens of rolls to take away. Or have over the counter while they tried to flirt with Bae. Kamuran portions of meat-rolls and female attention seemed to fall short for many of the foreign male visitors. Many a Vittmarker or Aedelander had complimented Bae on her shiny blonde hair and light skin which reminded them of the girls at home. Some were chivalrous in an gentlemanly Anarian style while others crassly crossed the line into chauvinism of a kind Bae and her fellow vendors found repugnant. These men were not a patch on the occasional Wolgos who would come her way though. Everytime a new white, brutalised 'hog-face' turned up, all the vendors and loyal patrons would turn hypervigilent and close ranks around Bae in particular whose complexion was likely to attract Wolgos attention. After a time though it would be her seaweed and hagfish wraps that would keep the hogs coming to the trough and they would occasionally show Bae what seemed as close to Wolgos loyalty as a Hwando could wish for.

Recently Bae had gone a little bit further up in the world and got herself onto a carriage stall, which was linked together with other such carriages on a tram-line which were steered between various places within the lower districts at opportune times to catch high volumes of potential customers. It also took Bae by her home at the end of her working day and while the carriage was being secured in it's hanger, Bae would have already returned to her small pigeon-hole apartment and took a beer out of her cooler in preparation for a quiet evening listening to the radio, some music on the gramophone or watching the latest filmrolls on her small projector – a treat for herself she had bought with that 'vomit money'. Often though she would settle for a simple book sat on a fur cushie of the type they have back home. Despite the money, the self-indulgent treats and busy city-lifestyle filled with strange characters, Bae was still an island girl from tranquil Hwandeon and balanced her chase of adventure with a clam contentment in her little private nest.

This was but a small snapshot of daily life from the perspective of one residing in the Kamuran Empire of our current times.

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