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Thickening the plots
09-20-2018, 06:06 PM
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Thickening the plots
OOG intro: in this thread I am trying to fill in some gaps in Vittmarker recent events. Chronology will be a mess.

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09-20-2018, 06:42 PM
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RE: Thickening the plots
Toshi-bu, 7569

"How do you know these things?"
Chopper was looking at Tera for answers. Her remark that the white settlers might want to create their own allegiance with some far a way power had messed up her mindset. Since her birth, she had been convinced that the rickety gang of weirdos who were messing up the eastern part of their island would soon be whipped into a more sensible structure by their northern neighbors. That's why there was a huge emphasis on getting more pupils to learn basic Hallish, it was inevitable that the two cultures would meet.

"The Oto has deep sources, on the mainland in the north, the islands in the east and west, but even with the settlers."
Chopper was still looking in awe. Tera could know, she was very close to the Oto. In fact, her group could have become the first all female leading faction since the waves, if the Oto had not been so darn eclectic. Then Miko, Tera's best friend and Chopper's main mentor, entered the room.

"The blade is gathering. It is time graduate."
But Chopper was not a bit worried about the culling. She had been the 13th pupil of the Sitchi-Nenne blade, thereby already defying tradition that only 12 could be selected for an education. Her group Pinkuporu was not only very popular, she herself was by far the most skilled on her instrument. Well, beside Flower maybe.

The 13 pupils were divided into two groups. So far nothing surprising. Chopper noticed Flower sitting there, as well as Ita. But when the others were asked to leave, she noticed something. There were eight of them.

"Right," Orange began, "this is a bit embarressing, me being the spokesperson for our blade and a pupil as well. But someone has to explain. Flower,,, you're cut... Feel free to continue with Supedo..."
Then it struck Chopper. She was sitting in the loser bracket. Flower was cut because of her preference for women. Ita was of mixed descent. So was she herself. They were unpure in Kakuri terms. So when flower silently stood up to leave the Kotan, Chopper jumped up.

"Fuck that shit. We don't need this, we're better than that."
She grabbed Flower's right hand and dragged her outside.

"How about..." she started when the two of them were standing in fromt of the Kotan. "How about... you and me, starting our own group and show the lot who is the best. In 100 or 200 cycles, they will refer to us as the first all female leader group of our people."

Flower hesitated. "We have just been kicked outside the Kotan by our own."
"I can get us in. Not officially, but as guests. Miko and Tera will make that happen. And Sohoko of the Oto just loves you."
"How do you know?"
"I overheard him when I was waiting for Riku, getting some pointers from him."

Riku was the reluctant shamisen player of the Oto. His vocal storytelling was one of the best, but he wasn't an entertainer. So he ahd been forced to pick up the most impopular task, playing the shamisen.

"Suppose we could," Glower countered, "we still would be needing a koto player, at least."
Chopper looked over Flower's shoulder and pointed to Ita who just was coming out of the Kotan at that very moment.

"Sure, why not," Ita replied when Chopper explained her makeshift plan. "But on one condition. If my sister can join."
"Who is your sister?" Chopper wanted to know. Ita was already regretting her acceptance of the proposal. After a long sigh she explained.
"The two of you should know. You replaced her when you entered the kotan."
"Arimu? Arimu is your sister? But... that's perfect! This means she can perform. And she is blonde... That will upset the blade even more."

"I don't want to upset the blade," Flower countered. "I want to change their opinion. And then change Kakuri culture. We're just as worthy as the rest... now..."
"And across the now," Ita concluded.

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09-25-2018, 08:25 AM
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RE: Thickening the plots
Blåkulla, about the same time... 7569-ish...

"Where is Moa?" Queen Anna asked Swen.
"In the bedroom, your majesty," Palne's older brother replied. Anna had made an unplanned journey to Blåkulla after her mother had suggested her to marry Palne. The little talk with Moa had been refreshing, mentally speaking. But as a result, she had been stuck for the night there, while Palne had to stay over at Anna's mansion at Hederskulla. Vind moves in mysterious ways.

"She's not feeling well, Your Grace," Swen continued. "I haven't seen her today, no one seems to. Except for Ada, who shares quarters. But now she just keeps the door locked."
"Just show me to her quarters, she might make an exception."
But at first, Moa wasn't responsive. Anna sent Swen away and tried one more time.

"Please... go away," it sounded softly from behind the door.
"I was planning on leaving, but not until we said goodbye," Anna insisted. "I'm staying here until..."
Anna heard the door unlock. She slowly opened it and stuck her head around it. She found Moa in a fetal position on the floor.
"I'm dying..." she moaned.
"We're all going to die, just not today," Anna tried to break the ice. It did not have the anticipated effect.

"My belly... it just hurts... and I'm bleeding..."
"We're all..." Suddenly Anna got it. "How old are you again?"
"Way too young to die. This is the first time you have cramps in your lower belly and are bleeding?"

"Are you bleeding... down there..."
Moa looked up with a panic struck face.
"I... don't... how do I tell this... to a queen..."
"We're all girls in here. Just girls. Let me help you."
"I'm bleeding out of my ass."
That's not your ass silly," Anna started laughing. "You will be fine. Just get on the bed, I'll get some..."
"No one can..."

"Hey, I'm the queen remember, and you're my subject. Now get your bleeding ass on that bed and let me take care of this. You will be fine."
Anna started ordering the house's caretaker around for a warm bottle, some clean clothes and especially a telephone connection to her own mansion.

"Isn't there a message we could relay to Palne, your highness? No need to..."
"This is something I need to discuss with his lordship himself."

"How serious is it," was the first thing Palne asked when the connection had been made and the right persons were at the telephone.
"My future stepdaughter is fine, or she will be in a day or so. But you are in deep trouble..."
"Am I? What is it I have done wrong this time?"
"You haven't done anything, that's the problem. Your daughter is suffering from her first period and she does not know what is happening to her. What is wrong with you?"

Palne was flabbergasted by the candidness, but managed to formulate an answer anyway.
"Ehrm... I have tried to explain her the concept, several times, and enquired on a regular basis as well. She's not really sharing that kind of information with me. And there isn't a womand she can confide in in our household yet."
"This is not exclusively a woman's task," Anna almost barked.
"It's not exactly something I have a personal experience with," Palne replied, "so my possibilities are quite limited here. She is lucky to have you around at this time."
"Yeah... Vind knows..."

It remained silent a short while.

"Wait," Palne suddenly realized something he heard before, "did you say stepdaughter?"
Anna started laughing. "You heard right, old man."
"Am I involved in the set-up somehow, or are you taking her out of my custody?"
"Which one do you prefer?"
"She is my daughter, so I will be involved as much as possible... Sorry, but this must be the lamest, most unromantic marriage proposal in history."
"Most arranged marriages are, and besides, romance is something I already have with Teres."

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