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Still Around
10-06-2018, 05:40 AM
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Still Around
I’m still around. Probably gonna get in my last week or to of riding before it’s too cold and miserable to be fun. After that I should have more downtime to get back into things.

Kinda burnt out with our storylines. Makes me wish for a restart. Maybe I’ll change things up and go in a new direction with Aedeland.

10-06-2018, 01:38 PM
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RE: Still Around
Good to hear you're still with us! I'm looking forward to hearing what ideas you have for Aedeland.

10-06-2018, 05:46 PM
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RE: Still Around
Looking forward to your plans too. I think the current lore depends too much on absent players who a reluctant to come back and this chokes the rest of us. I not sure how we can prevent that happening again in future but for the time being, especially if we want new players, a restart might be a good idea.....
10-08-2018, 05:09 PM
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RE: Still Around
Yes! Let's get 25% more active people!

Not a big fan of integral restarts though. Plenty of room to restart a nation by plunging it into civil war, or have a niche political branch taking over by democratic means, or stop focusing on the homeland for a while and develop stuff in one of the colonies. The possibilities are almost without limits.

Anyway, I'm always available to pingpong ideas with.

VITTMARK:"This mess is a place." --- FISKS:"Fisk you!"
10-10-2018, 01:42 AM
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RE: Still Around
I won’t be the one to straight call for a restart. I’m ok with taking Aedeland in a new direction as Pep suggests. I get all the reasons to be hesitant for a full restart- the biggest being all the time and effort invested. On the other hand, so much of Gotha’s backstory has inactive nations as primary actors and does little to “cross the paths” of our few active nations.


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