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Bind Reboot
10-19-2018, 08:05 PM (This post was last modified: 10-19-2018 08:08 PM by Thor99.)
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Bind Reboot
A proposal from a discussion I and pep had to maintain all current lore and history intact, this would be a co-run state between pep and me.

The wolgos bind.

The Bind was born out of the expulsion of the Wolgos from the islands now called Rissland, the expulsion was a direct result of atrocities committed by Dhownolgos and in truth was a genocide that resulted in the elimination of most of the subspecies. The wolgos that survived did so because of a deal with a rogue Vittish company that had benefitted from the Dhownolgos campaigns in Moremburg, the Fisk company which belonged to a neutral party was able to covertly approach the northern regions of Dhownolgos for over a year and evacuate many elite Wolgos packs, officers and troops. The Fisk company had six ships at their disposal at the start, a dozen Wolgos commercial ships were retrofitted as Fisk ships and transferred to the company, with this fleet around 250,000 Wolgos where evacuated before the islands were completely overrun by the newly founded Helreich and other powers.
The Wolgos founded new towns in the refuge bay in northern Altaia and formed the Wolgos bind, the Bind was formed by elite packs and surviving officers as a colonial rogue state.


The Bind is a small yet troublesome nation wreaking havoc and mischief for shipping across northern altaia and the shangti, piracy, fishing and logging are the primary industries. The state has a modest industrial base that allows it to supply its military, mercenaries and fleet. The initial settler population has grown to just over 2 million Wolgos.
Economically the state is dominated by a decentralised military which functions as a collection of mercenary companies that enslave natives and fight for coin for regional post-colonial nations or powers. The Wolgos mercenaries work as shock troops or special forces and their use if effective for scorched earth operations.
For all practical purposes the state behaves like a corporation and has little international recognition, its only amicable official relationships are with the Black Empire of the Luora (my new nation in Davai) which belong to the same subspecies and the Fisk. By having a working relationship with the Fisk the Bind has a proxy relationship with Vittmark, an unsavoury relationship with Vittmark which can cause criticism but gives Vitmark an effective unofficial deterrent for those that remember the occupation of Moremburg.
Through Fisk the Bind guarantees Vittish airship and commercial shipping lanes across Altaia. The Bind have reconnected with their cousin subspecies in the Black Empire as a few thousand Wolgos sought refuge in the empire as some Wolgos packs believed their survival in Altaia was not assured, they have helped the Empire industrialize and safeguard its survival despite its relative underdevelopment. There are some that suggest that the expulsion and migration of the Wolgos into altaia, the Black Empire and involvement with Fisk has caused an upsurge in the trade of opium into Anaria and an expansion of its illicit recreational use.

[Image: New_bind.png]

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Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"
10-20-2018, 12:06 PM
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RE: Bind Reboot
To add to this, I calculated how many the Fisks vessels at the time could evacuate from the island at the end of the PAW. These are combined vessels, passengers and cargo, so the most able Wolgos would be able to emigrate and take means of production with them. This would explain the rather quick establishment of an "expat state" on a different continent.

Also, this Wolgos colonization fits within a previously stated meta-event of a renewed interest of colonization of e.g. Altaia. The war effort needed cheap labor and raw material, so why not get it yourself? If we see Altaia as a continent which was filled with a patchwork of indigenous nations before / during the PAW, or maybe a couple of Canadian / Bolivian style hybrid nations present as well, then the recent wave of colonization is relatively fresh. It is a different type of colonization, which gives some pointers for fleshing out the existing colonial claims.

Back to The Bind

Fisks didn't settle with them for obvious reasons, but occupied some islands off the Altaian coast to build up profitable trade routes. We should assume that other states on the northern coast are relatively weak, but I have to check how interesting these territories are from a raw material POV. It would explain why sea trading through Fisks and later air travel by Vittmark would be viable.

The proposal has consequences for the extent and content of the Häverist colonies as well, looking forward to flesh out this as well.

VITTMARK:"This mess is a place." --- FISKS:"Fisk you!"

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