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ÆRILYS: Styrkene Ordered to Haniyyahs
12-01-2018, 09:12 PM
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ÆRILYS: Styrkene Ordered to Haniyyahs
SINCE 6818

Styrkene Ordered to Haniyyahs

ÅLESUND - The Lögrétta has approved deployment of the Aedelish military to support colonial forces in the Western Haniyyahs as part of a final push to expel Ithreini forces from the region.

Aedelish colonial forces have been locked in a two year stalemate as the Ithreini, backed by naval support, have proven difficult to dislodge from the western coast. Commanders of the Væringet, Aedeland’s colonial force, claim that the colonials lack the expertise to successfully negotiate the final stages of the campaign and have requested a two hundred thousand strong Aedelish surge.

The vote narrowly passed despite vocal opposition. The unpopular order will require the conscription of Aedeland’s unprofessional citizen soldiers - a move that represents a break from the government’s long standing policy to allow individuals and even entire units to voluntarily join the colonial expeditionary force.

The government has argued that a departure from this policy is required to bring a timely end to the venture and prevent the further loss of life and treasure in the Haniyyahs. To date, only professional officers of the Strykene have volunteered - primarily to advance their careers. Not one unit has answered the call to fight.

The war is viewed by many Aedelanders, particularly those in the interior and the north, as only benefiting the Sørtarnland Company, its private investors, and trading houses in Western Aedeland. There was a period following the assassination of Jakob av Varung when the Company and its masters in Nordhavn were given a free pass by the people of Aedeland. Many experts now agree that this goodwill has largely been spent in the Phasian War and the political maneuvering of the Straits Cartel.

Supporters argue that a successful and conclusive end to the conflict opening the Phasian will be a despirately needed boon to the Aedelish economy which has been depressed since the Straits Cartel has stalled. Members of the Lögrétta representing economic interests that stand to benefit from Phasian trade largely carried the controversial vote.

It is uncertain if the Folkmōt, the majority of which oppose the troop movement, will veto the order. Constitutionally it has the authority to strike it down with a simple majority vote. However, the Folkmōt has already met for this year and it is unlikely that a meeting can be organized before the deployment order is executed.

Furthermore, the Folkmōt has not vetoed a major law since before the Pan-Anarian War. Some have argued that reforms passed during the great war prevents the body from vetoing military action deemed necessary by the Fører. Specifically they cite laws passed in response to the Soldier’s Revolt of 7532 that prevent the Folkmōt from vetoing specific militarily necessary orders.

Most experts agree that these reforms are technically unconstitutional according to a literalist interpretation but no political will has yet existed to challenge them. Sources within the Gimlé have threatened that the Fører would not obey the Folkmōt’s veto. Such action would represent a constitutional crisis that no one within the government desires to force.


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