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[NEWS] Hot off the Press
01-28-2019, 09:48 PM
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[NEWS] Hot off the Press
Pena Gazzetta

19 DECEMBER, 7579

Grand Prince of Pastana lays keel for Vittmarker Navy

Prince Titus, the Grand Prince of Pastana, today laid the keel of the first of a new line of light cruisers being built for the Kingdom of Vittmark at Noveano Dockyard. The vessel, believed to be designated HMS Ragnvald when received by the Federal Navy of Vittmark next year, is the first of three to be built in Anisoran shipyards for the young nation, a variant on the Imperiale Raphaello-class light cruisers currently in service with the Marina Imperiale.

The ships will, according to the Vittmarker embassy, form the ‘backbone of the Federal Navy of Vittmark’ and mark the most significant component of what is believed to be an extensive modernisation programme for the Vittmarker military. The contract for the ships was signed when Princess Tovemor, commonly known as Princess Moa, visited Anisora in June, with the Vittmarker government committing to the acquisition of four vessels with potential for four further purchases in the future.

The programme is an unusual joint Anisoran-Vittmarker venture, with three of the vessels being built in Anisora, with the remaining vessel planned to be laid down in the Vittmarker capital Östvallen next year. All vessels are being constructed with Vittmarker steel, a decision which has been heavily criticised by the iron and steel unions. However, it is the opinion of this newspaper that such a decision by the Liberal government forms part of a wider diplomatic effort to shore up Anisoran-Vittmarker relations at a time of heightened tensions with the remaining Cartel nations - most of all Vittmark’s western neighbour Aedeland.

[Image: 0ehVGjF.jpg?1]
IAN Imperiale Raphaello

The lucrative contract to build three of the four initial vessels has been well received by the shipbuilding unions, whose support the Prime Minister Sir Alessandro Nicotera-Sarno relies upon for his party’s seats in the industrial ports of Casella and Tova. The contract marks much needed investment in the Anisoran shipbuilding industry, which since the extensive cuts to military spending in the wake of the end War almost twenty years ago has seen extensive unemployment and uncertainty in the ports of Anisora. The Tribune for Trade and Industry, Lord Morena, said the vessel’s construction in Anisoran ports represented ‘a renewed confidence in Anisoran shipbuilding, providing jobs and investment to the world famous Noveano and Sillovana dockyards’, referencing the two port towns that will be constructing the vessels.

The contract has been hailed as a major milestone in the increasingly friendly Anisoran-Vittmarker relationship, with one commentator describing it as ‘the most recent reflection of the Anisoran government’s support of the young Federation of Vittmark.’

Describing the joint Anisoran-Vittmarker project as ‘unique’, the Grand Prince of Pastana said at the laying down ceremony, ‘this keel marks the strengthening of a burgeoning friendship between two great nations - one old, the other young. Anisora has stood alongside Vittmark for over fifteen years, since we welcomed the creation of that newest member to the Anarian family of nations. The new Ragnvald-class of vessels marks a new chapter in the Anisoran contribution to Vittmarker security; their service in the Vittmarker Navy a reminder of the close ties between Anisoran and Vittmarker industry. It is with great pleasure that I lay down the keel today.’

With Emperor Marius and Empress Avrona currently in the Vittmarker capital of Östvallen for a much publicised conference of Orkanan leaders and clergy, the laying down of the new generation of Vittmarker ships in Anisora stands as a symbol of a new chapter in the thriving relationship between the two nations.

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