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Master Summary
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Master Summary
Realizing that it is difficult for both new as well as established players to follow, the following is a summary of Aedeland's storyline bringing together various posts in proper order of occurance. This post will be updated as required.

The Invasion of the Haniyyahs
Main thread: A National Enterprise
The Imperial Sørtarnland Company began searching in 7569 for an economical route to the Phasian that would undercut the expensive middlemen who controlled the route through the Tharnan wilderness. The Outer Transvalia Expedition failed to find a route through Aedelish Tzeraka and, upon its disbandment in 7572, agents of the Aedelish Skyggejegere (Aedeland’s intelligence agency) began preperations for the invasion of the Haniyyahs. In 7574, the Skyggejegere implemented Project Draupnir which resulted in the successfull assassination of native leaders and the installation of an Aedelish puppet state in the Haniyyan East Bank under the Treaty Port Amir in 7576. (ÆRILYS: Sørtarnland Company Authorized to Support Barre Barre)

The following year the Company's Muwaddimah Expedition invaded the Ithreini Haniyyahs with intentions of expelling the Ithreini and rebuilding the Ubani Railroad, also called the Trans-Haniyyahs. The expedition quickly secured eastern and central Haniyyahs and approximately three quarters of the Ithreini controlled West Bank. Heavy resistance at al-Burj halted the Company's advance resulting in a twenty six month stalemate. Aedelish units were encouraged to volunteer in support of the effort but few answered the call.

To break the stalemate, the Aedelish military was ordered in 7579 to assist the Company's forces in Haniyyahs. (ÆRILYS: Styrkene Ordered to Haniyyahs) Members of the Háraland Highlanders, among the first units to be drafted under the order, refused to deploy to the Western Hanniyyahs causing a riot in which four men died. (ÆRILYS: Draft Riot in Vinterset) The leaders of the riot were executed. (ÆRILYS: Civil Unrest Continues)

The Common Tarrif / Straits Cartel

As the Company set upon invading the Haniyyahs, concerns grew that access to the Phasian would be at the mercy of certian strategic straits. Foreign Secretary Jakob av Varung proposed securing free access to these straits before developing the lucrative Phasian trade route. (ÆRILYS: Council Aims to Secure Navigation Rights). The Foreign Secretary embarked on an ambitious diplomatic campaign in the early months of 7574. (Preparations / Laboring for a Common Tariff / Travelling to Ærilar) In June 7574, representatives from Aedeland, Amberia, Anat Tahan, Anisora, Auresia, Hallis, the URP, and Helreich successfully negotiated the Treaty of Ærilar. (ÆRILYS: Council Meets in Ærilar / ÆRILYS: Tariff Treaty Signed in Ærilar / Council of Ærilar: Policy Briefs /Treaty of Ærilar)

Tragically, Foreign Secretary Jakob av Varung is assassinated and his family is murdered upon his return from Ærilar. (ÆRILYS: Lord Varung Slain / From Talpå to Aedeland / Dealings in Aerilar / Buyer Beware / From the Bind With Love). His killer, a kidnapped sailor who refused to name his conspirators, requests to be exiled to the Wolgos Bind but is instead imprisoned in Storhavn. (Handling the Tragedy, Replacing the Great Man, and Miscarriage of Justice ÆRILYS: Killer to be Exiled / ÆRILYS: Foreign Office Under Investigation / A Husband and Father).

Vittmark challenges the Straits Cartel immediately after the Treaty of Ærilar is signed by sending vessels into Aedeland's territorial waters and threatening to interfere with signatories' port concessions. (Anna's Moves / Business as Usual (Response to Vittmark)). Only months after signing the treaty, Anisora opens its registries to Vittmark in exchange for exclusive trade (Circumvening the straits / Anisorian False Flag / Grand Prince of Pastana lays keel for Vittmarker Navy) Aedeland unsuccessfully attempts a controversial suit in the Anisoran High Court arguing that the Anisoran policy is a violation of the Treaty of Ærilar. In September 7576, the High Court refuses to hear the case. (Lamoni v. Impero Anisoro)

Signatory nations are given one year to implement enforcement of the treaty. Six months after signing the treaty, Aedeland closes its straits to non-signatory nations. Standing Orders at the Straits

The Anisoran issue is largely ignored by the moderate government of Fører Georg av Horda, a critic of the Sørtarnland Company who assumes office in 7577. However, the Company eventually convinced the Foreign Office to pursue a second conference at Gadalhem where the Cartel passed protocals to end the Anisoran circumvention (ÆRILYS: Straits Cartel Passes Protocols Amid Criticism) As a result, Anisora and Auresia withdrew from the treaty. ([Imperial Times] Anisora withdraws from Treaty of Ærilar) The unexpected Auresian withdrawl took the Foreign Office by surprise and led to the resignation of Foreign Secretary Vilhelm av Hólarung. (Auresian Confusion, Meeting with Cavour, and Consequences) Citing domestic political concerns and uncertianty about the Auresians, the Amberians did not commit to the Protocols but remained in the Cartel. (ÆRILYS: Amberian Ratification Unsure)

Domestic Instability

Facing an unpopular war in the Haniyyahs and isolated from traditional allies, the moderate government of Fører Georg av Horda faced an unprecedented domestic crisis of confidence. Through the Cartel, Aedeland relaxed its position against the Haverist government of Helreich and the hermitical government of Anat Tahan. This included allowing a number of Haverist professors to return to Aedeland's universities.

On 23 March 7579, there are riots in Ascolat, capital of the Lantën of Valland in eastern Aedeland. Because of the decentralized nature of local government in Aedeland, radical students from Aulë storm Rideskolen-Elverum, headquarters of Aedeland’s Stads Kavalericorps and the most prominent symbol of authority in the region. The students take the facility with no resistance as its defenders are fighting in the Haniyyahs. The students declare an independent Haverist state.

The Haverist in Valland attract sympathizers from around Aedeland and in the ensuing weeks their numbers swell. Fearing further unrest and hoping to maintian the integrity of Aedeland, an emergency session of the Althing votes to temporarly suspend parts of Aedeland's constitution, the Dōm, and hold popular elections.

Haverist Government
The Haverist garner narrow majorities in the Althing through emergency elections held in the summer of 7579. This double majority, in both the Lögrétta and Folkmōt, allow the Haverist to ammend the Aedelish constitution.

03-04-2019, 09:49 PM
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RE: Master Summary
Nice overview. The "Grand Prince of Pastana lays keel for Vittmarker Navy" storyline however is from late 7579, not 7574 as suggested in the summary. But that's detail.

The 7574 "threatening to interfere with signatories' port concessions" gets implemented in 7579 when Aedeland's and URP's concessions are unilaterally terminated.

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RE: Master Summary
Thanks, Pep. I have to dig around and find those posts about actually closing the concessions.

03-07-2019, 10:06 PM
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RE: Master Summary
I don't think it was posted as a storyline here, but it made its way directly from OOG discussions / chat to the wiki:

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RE: Master Summary
I think you are right. There is a wealth of info on that wiki timeline too.

I notice that I need to tweak some dates on that wiki entry to have Horda get elected earlier explain periods of innactivity on my part.


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