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Those damned noisy neighbors
03-11-2019, 09:21 AM
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Those damned noisy neighbors
(OOG: thread about Vittmark's reflections and responses to events unfolding in Aedeland from Nov 7579 onward)

"If there is a shift in authority in Valland, then it should be towards us," Chancellor av Hagen explained undiplomatically. The security chancellor from Hagen remembered all too well that Aedeland confiscated a slice of the western territory of Hagen during the Pan Anarian War. It was not official Vittmarker policy that it wanted parts of Valland to return to Hagen, but it surely was a surviving sentiment among Hagenites.

"At the end of the Three Way Conflicts, Aedeland helped pacify western Hagen in order to pave the way for the federation we now have," Palne Kristersson added. In absence of the queen and crown princess, he replaced them in cabinet meetrings. "Of course they had self interest and maybe some less noble motives to justify this step..."

Av Hagen looked stupified. If there was someone who would never defend the Aldsay, it was Palne. And now he did just that.

"They were an occupying force..." he countered.
"Matter of perspective. Listen, we're not here to formulate this chapter in the history books, we're here to decide about the future. Your blunt statement that Valland should be Hagenite won't help a thing at this moment. But offering our help in surpressing Häverist uprisings in Valland, returning the favor from the early 7560..."

"They won't accept that, never."
"Of course not, but that's their problem."

"Gentlemen," Prime Chancellor av Lårsten cut off the discussion. "We won't do anything like that. I am counting on it that Ålesund is looking for a reason to blame this on us, providing aide to surpress häverist anti-governmental forces is just the thing they would need. They would state that we're behind the uprising in order to destabilize the country."

Foreign chancellor Rågersson added his bit a bit cowardly at the end of the discussion, while this actually was his core business.
"We sure would like to see a change in government in Aedeland, this thin shell only providing for corporate interests. But a shift towards häverism won't change a thing, they'll just replace the current aristocracy with another class of kleptomaniacs."

"Chancellors," Palne Kristersson concluded, "I am no position to make any proposal here, I don't have the mandate to do that, but could I bring up the topic of small scale intervention in Valland? Not to protect the current regime's interest, nor that of the häverist, but to see to it that the local population is able to determine their future themselves? I mean, as soon as someone tips over the cupboard in Ålesund, nothing preamptive...."

"We do have a contingency plan for this," Av Hagen added.
"Strictly military, yes. But nothing about a post intervention set up for self determination."
"We would not be welcomed as liberators. There's too much historical baggage. Unless someone can show me a reliable opposing local authority as receiving part for this solution, the entire contingency plan will never be lifted from paper to reality."

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