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03-28-2019, 12:32 AM
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Imperial Skunkworks - Kewseonedl 

“So this a 76 Series Lítillbrók, your superior wrote to us that this was the largest and most versatile tank they could provide” Verparazhed the chief engineer of the 5th research workshop said as he gave the Fisk procurer a concerned look.

“Well yes, the Aedelish officers that “secured” it for use had tested it in front of us and we thought it would be acceptable” replied the Fisk procurer “We know it’s not the largest, but you know size it’s not everything and it is a versatile design for you to reverse engineer, easier and cheaper to mass produce”

“That might be the case but as you can see private Hesvezeg is not very pleased with its design” Verparazhed added as they both observed three Luora engineers trying to pull out private Hesvezeg through the tanks hatch as a technician of Anisoran extraction ignited a cutting torch.

“Yes that is clear, but couldn’t you find someone more…compact? Private Hesvezeg must be nearly eight-foot-tall, that’s big even for a Luora” chuckled the Fisk procurer “And this tank requires a few men to crew it, either get smaller men or you will need to scale up the design”

“Of course, we must scale up the design unless we want children to man our new armour divisions” replied a frustrated Verparazhed “But its not that simple this tank will just serve as a concept rather than a blueprint as we will have to redesign the chassis, traction and find a much larger engine design” 
Turning away from the shambles they had just witness both men walked away and entered the chief engineer’s office “Now in private, we have received new orders from Oshghatar and although I myself know little of the situation, I am told that changes in Aedeland should provide us with opportunities”

“Ah yes there is certainly commotion in Aedeland” added the Fisk procurer.

“Yes indeed” Verparazhed picked up a leather cylinder from his desk and handed it to the Fisk woman “Here is a list of items, blueprints and designs we need you to acquire. We also need you to speak the individuals on list B, you are authorised to offer generous terms for their services or to use other means to bring them here, as you know this assignment requires discretion so do as you must”
“Oh yes our brothers have had success in operating in Aedeland as you know from the tragic case of Mr Jakob av Varung, you will meet with that cell which we are given to understand are lying low in Alesund and they will help you with keep your hands clean and your conscience clear”.

Arsas Chroenas - The Black Empire -- "Wide and far, to the ice, to the sands, to the salt, to the heavens"

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