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A Visitor
06-26-2019, 11:47 AM (This post was last modified: 07-02-2019 01:47 AM by Morbius.)
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A Visitor
It was just after breakfast time the next morning that a smartly dressed man, bald with a bushy mustache and small wire-rim spectacles, stepped out of the Tavari and made his way up the steps to the front entrance. He carried a small black leather briefcase, and removed his hat as he approached the sentry at the door. With a relaxed smile, he nodded to the guardsman.

"Good day. I am Baron Carioli, Delegate General of the Dynast Sovereign. I understood that Her Excellency wished to see me?"
07-01-2019, 10:08 AM
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RE: A Visitor
Carioli was led to Chancellor Av Lårsten's office where she usually received her guests. In an un-orkanan fashion, she abruptly ended the ongoing session and cleared the room. Only her own clerk, the secretary of the foreign department and his clerk remained in the room. The latter could also serve as translator, if needed.

"My Right Honorable Lord, thank you for replying to our request so swiftly," Frania av Lårsten greeted him. "The current Auresian activities in Darunia have taken us by surprise. We are certain that there are valid reasons for your operations, so we would appreciate it if His Right Honorable Lord would be able to elaborate on the events. But first, can I offer you some tea?"

Her clerk jumped up, ready to relay any order for a beverage or refreshment.

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RE: A Visitor
Carioli made his way over to the offered chair and lowered himself into it with a smile, carefully setting his case down beside it and resting his hat on the small table at his side. He nodded to the clerk.

"A cup of tea would be splendid. No sugar or cream in it, please. Thank you so much."

The baron turned his regard back to Chancellor Av Lårsten. Those shrewd, observant eyes were a serene facet of that round face. He switched to the local language with practised skill.

"We do apologize for the shock you've no doubt received, chancellor. The circumstances behind our decision to action was somewhat obscured, I admit. But you have my firmest assurance on behalf of His Majesty, first and foremost, that it reflects in no way on the relationship between Auresia and Vittmark, or Curia policy towards your country."

Carioli paused to accept the cup of tea with a smile, taking a quiet drink of it before setting it down and continuing.

"I am sorry our operations engendered the concern they did, but I do hope to be able to answer any questions you may have, and clear the air on this matter? And, if time permits, I have a proposal that my Master bid I put forward that perhaps the Queen may find interest in?"
07-04-2019, 07:24 PM
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RE: A Visitor
"Well, let's start from the start then," the Chancellor replied. "Auresia entered the holding of a sovereign nation and then took over custody over it. Our government was not aware of any tension between your nations, nor the ambition to extend your colonial belongings. That raises three questions..."

Av Lårsten looked at her clerk. She decided to go halfway there.
"The first one is, why? We are assured there must have been a valid reason behind these actions, it is just that we are not made aware of any of these deliberations. I would appreciate it if the Right Honorable Lord could elaborate on that."

She moved on her chair, ceremoniously turned the ear of her teacup to the other side without lifting it or making an attempt to take a sip and then continued.
"Our second question is if this could not have been resolved in any other way."

She now sat back, making clear that she would be waiting with the third question after the Baron would have replied.

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RE: A Visitor
Carioli took a sip of his tea and nodded, setting his cup and saucer down. He folded his hands in front of him.

"Yes, and the situation is an unfortunate one. I cannot apologize enough that the matter took everyone by such surprise. But it is what it is, alas, and we must work with what we've been given. As you're no doubt aware, the Curia has been in negotiations with the Istanian government for nearly a year now over expansion of Auresian trade into Istanian markets. Despite our best efforts, however, and even the work of some of the best men and women in both the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Commerce, the Istanians have remained reticent. Even offers of concessions and generous incentives from CHAIM have borne no fruit."

The baron paused, picking up his cup and saucer once more. He turned the cup thoughtfully as he continued.

"Wanting to try and better understand their reasons, and to try to find ways to perhaps work around the issues, we dispatched CHAIM representatives to their colonies where we had trade factors present, and had them speak with local tradesmen and others. For the most part, this went smoothly. In Lorena and Vitherrea, however, it was not so smooth an effort. The representatives were openly harassed and even assaulted at one point. As is protocol, we sent security teams to protect them. But this only seemed to exacerbate the situation. The agents only just got out before a riot erupted in the market square in Puerto del Rosa. They made it back to our trade house, but were arrested later by colonial officials who claimed they had intentionally incited the riot."

Carioli paused, and sipped his tea again.

"Things took a much darker tone from that point. Lord Barsavi directed the Foreign Office to demand the release of our people, but the demand was ignored. The First Minister summoned the Istanian ambassador, who claimed his hands were tied and that his government couldn't override the colonial administrators without causing a 'rift' in the relationship between various agencies of their bureaucracy. Lord Barsavi dismissed the ambassador and consulted with the Emperor. Later, he re-summoned the ambassador and told him clearly that if the Istanian authorities in the colonies did not release our representatives, we would move in to take them back by force. He likewise warned the ambassador that if the local authorities resisted, that we would take the colonies, as well."

Carioli shook his head.

"It's not a pleasant story, but it is the course of events. They violated our trade house, seized our citizens, and refused their release. What it boils down to is we went in and took them back, and took the colonies away, as well. We attempted a diplomatic solution, it was ignored, so we took the only course of action remaining to us...I do appreciate, however, the concern this no doubt has generated here in Vittmark, but you have the firmest assurances of my Master and His government that there is no cause for concern with regards to the sovereignty of this nation. We know this is damaging to relations on many fronts, but we will do what we can to preserve our earnest friendship and maintain good faith between us."
08-20-2019, 07:44 PM
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RE: A Visitor
Chancellor Av Lårsten had listened to the summary of events leading up to the escalation of the conflict carefully. She still thought that this whole turn of events could have been avoided, but chose not to make that statement in front of the baron.

"Well, that escalated quickly," she replied a bit dry. "We are curious to know more about these events and which assassments have been made during the process, but I understand that it is way too early for that. For the time being, this seems to be strictly between Auresia and Istania. Our government sincerely hopes the conflict can be contained and gradually be solved in some diplomatic way. If we can play a role in stabilizing the situation, Auresia just has to ask.

"But all of this brings me to the third question. Over the last years, even decades, we always have had a close and open relation. Would it not have been possible to have updated our government during all these events? There is a Vittmarker saying, we had to deal with a situation in our pajamas, we were completely unaware and surprised by these sudden actions. My Right Honorable Lord could have updated our Foreign Office informally, or your government could have updated the embassy in Cedelphia in some way or another. I understand that the main players in this incident had other things to worry about, but our government was pretty much convinced that we had structures and routines in place that would allow for a less formal update. It is not so much the take-over itself, but the lack of communication about it, that has us worried."

The First Chancellor intentionally used present tense here. Despite the plausible explanation, she was not satisfied with the lack of communication between the two strong allies.

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08-22-2019, 05:34 PM
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RE: A Visitor
Carioli nods somberly at the chancellor's words.

"It was a most unfortunate oversight on our part, Chancellor, and on behalf of His Majesty's Government, we do most solemnly apologize. Events moved quite quickly, and we allowed haste to override the better judgment of at least passing word to our allies. It is my understanding that the Foreign Office intends a review of the decisions that led to the neglect of giving you courtesy of prior notice. Likewise, we are grateful for your offer and assure that every effort is being made to conclude the conflict peacefully. But, I do affirm to you, I will pass your offer on to the Curia, and we will contact you if we've need of your generous assistance."

The delegate general finished his tea, setting his cup down.

"That unpleasant situation notwithstanding, Chancellor, may I be of assistance with any other matters? I am at your service."
08-27-2019, 11:14 PM
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RE: A Visitor
Chancellor av Lårsten was pleased with the replies, but still not pleased with how events had unrolled. This would not be the last time the subject would be on the agenda in talks between the two nations, but for the time being, she had been reassured that Auresia wasn't on an expansionist frenzy. She made sure the delegate understood this. Then she remembered a small detail.

"My Right Honorable Lord... when his lordship entered the room, he was talking about a bid to be forwarded, if time would permit. I certainly do want to make the time available to listen to your master's bid".

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08-30-2019, 05:18 PM
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RE: A Visitor
Carioli nodded. "Yes, chancellor. It is my understanding that two prominent firms involved in shipping and transportation - the Portavira Railroad Company and the Auresian General Navigation Company - are interested in seeking an expansion of services, and I understand they seek to partly expand into Vittmark. I was directed to inquire if such expansion would interest the Vittmarker government, and potentially lay the groundwork for further negotiations on the matter at your convenience. Also, it is my understanding the commodities traders are curious if there is any interest in expansion of trade agreements between our two nations that I may report back for their consideration."
08-31-2019, 02:06 PM
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RE: A Visitor
"That is an opportunity we have been waiting for," Chancellor av Lårsten was honest enough to admit. "As you know, we have been forced to end some of the port concessions due to the Gadalhem Accords. The shift of power in Aedeland has led to a decrease in trade volumes as well. Since then, we have mainly been focusing on building in order to keep our economy running. A diversification is very, very welcome."

She got up and quickly grabbed a folder from her desk.
"I am just thinking aloud, but if the current consession holders could agree to it, we might be able to make some former port consessions available as open ports. For example, the city of Nabben. It would give access to western Vittmark, where it is difficult to build up something from your current consession."

Av Lårsten was fully aware that such an opportunity for foreign investment required one slight change. The federal government would have to get rid of the city board that still was dominated by Häverists. A business opportunity, and a political one, all at the same time and same place. Something good came out of this miscommunication after all.

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