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-- Umbrella Ethnic group --
Average Height & Skin Hue
Eye & Hair colour
Total Population
est. 15-20 million
Regions with significant populations
Northwest Davai, Hwandeon Islands and Northeast Altaia
Amerato, Hwando, Kamuran
Kamuran Celestialism, Folk Religions
Related Ethnic groups
Other Davaian groups, Sriaav (through intermixing)



The Ameratsu are a people of mysterious origin and differ in significant ways from other Davaian ethnicities, not least due to they're lighter complexions. It is believed they are distant relations of Yan-Xiangren peoples and migrated north from the Shenzu Mountains arriving in Northwest Davai around 10,000 years ago so folklore says. However, the Samzayids, as they are otherwise known, speak a group of languages that appear unrelated to the Yan-Xiangren Languages and are considered linguistically isolated.

It's understood that the ancestors of the Ameratsu once had dark hair and eyes like other Davaian peoples but it's unclear when they became pale skinned and fair haired. Anthropologists have said that they're paleness is the result of adaptation to living at such northern latitudes and being exposed to weaker sunlight.


The routes and extent of the Samzayid Expansions prior to the Hanayakaav annexation of Hwandeon.

As the oldest inhabitants of Northwest Davai, the Ameratsu are the sole surviving representatives of a group of ethnicities that are said to have lived in the region before the Yaemic Migrations and subsequent Yannic Expansions that largely swept these cultures away. Due to their original home being the cool and isolated Sriu Peninsula, the Ameratsu were relatively safe from displacement and following the settlement of the migrants in more temperate lands to the south, the Ameratsu were through adoption of agriculture able to bolster their population along the Northern Coast of Kisaga. The Samzayid Expansions later spread breakaway groups of Ameratsu west to the Hwandeon Archipelago and Altaia where they diversified into various local identities.

During the expansion of the Hanayakaav Empire, Hwandeon and the Western Samzayids came under the suzerainty of Kamura. Their incorporation into the Empire was largely peaceful and the Hwando in particular gained a significant position of trust in the Sriaav dominated Empire as valued merchants and bureaucrats. In recent centuries they have enjoyed the same rights as Sriaav subjects and have adopted major aspects of Kamuran culture including the Kamuran language and religion.


Alongside their native animist belief systems most Ameratsu have adopted Kamuran Celestialism as their main religion, in particular those living within the Kamuran Empire. The Ameratsu of Shilyak Mo and the Sriu Peninsula tend to have preserved more of their pre-Celestialist religious practices and typically adhere to some kind of nature philosophy venerating the weather, landscape and wildlife of their homelands.

Ethnic Relations

The Ameratsu's closest ethnic relations are with the Sriaav whom they frequently encounter or live amongst and engage in extensive trade with. The relationship between the two peoples has been relatively harmonious and positive by Gothan standards. Ameratsu nations living north of the Yan Basin have historically been tributaries of Yan though due to the harsh climate and terrain, Yannic control was never strong. The Ameratsu tend to have civil relations with the Penduan inhabitants in Kisaga and generally keep to themselves.

The Ameratsu are typically a peaceful culture and hospitable to foreigners and their merchants and emissaries have a good reputation among outsiders for being honest, however they are known to be shrewd when they need to be.

Cultural Ratings

All ratings are based on a 10-point scale

Fighting Spirit: 3 Duty: 7 Mercy: 2 Ingenuity: 9 Resolution: 6
Etiquette: 9 Compassion: 6 Creativity: 5 Passion: 4 Friendliness: 8
Loyalty: 2 Scholarship: 5 Temper: 1 Vanity: 6 Imperialism: 1
Tolerance: 7 Honor: 6 Pride: 6 Piety: 2 Patience: 5

Included Ethnic groups

Ethnic groups
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West: Ir'duma, Ir'ust
Biazriite Byrizi, Ilista, Imbatu, Kalalal, Nadir
Davaian Ameratsu (Samzayid), Bao, Penduan, Xiangren (Houbian), Yan
Kuvimbic Awawatu, Balisubri, Baloma, Utura
Pan-Altaian Aka'lm, Azix, Iztomal, Keshkwit, Mizuet, Pequatl, Telwotti
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