Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty

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Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty
Anisoran: Trattato di Anisorano-Arsiano
Arsasan: Unlœps Arsas Enishora
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The Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty
Type Bilateral
Signed 10 February 7580
Location Colombera Palace, Pena, Anisoran Empire
Signatories Marius III
Ezshkowhot XLV
Parties Anisoran Empire
Depository Anisoran Government
Languages Anisoran, Arsasan, and Pastanan

The Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty (Anisoran: Il Trattato di Anisorano-Arsiano; Arsasan: Unlœps Arsas Enishora; Pastanan: Feudus Anisoranum-Arsianum), also known as the Anisora-Arsas Treaty, is a diplomatic and economic bilateral agreement between the Anisoran Empire and Arsas. The Treaty was signed on 10 February 7580 by the Emperor of the Anisorans, Marius III, and the Emperor of Arsas, Ezshkowhot XLV, in Colombera Palace in Pena, Anisora.

The Treaty was the first major diplomatic agreement signed between Arsas and an Anarian power, and forms a major part of the ongoing modernisation and industrialisation of Arsas. The Treaty is wide-ranging in scope, and includes an opening up of Arsas to Anisoran trade, the establishment of a large oil concession, the supply of modern naval vessels to the Arsasan Navy, the export of Anisoran scientists and engineers to aid the industrialisation and modernisation of Arsas, and controls over opium distribution in Anaria Minor.



Treaty contents

The Anisoro-Arsasan Treaty comprises of ten articles, and are as follows:

Article Summary
I Opening of all Anisoran and Arsasan commercial ports to bilateral imports and exports.
II A mutual lowering of import/export tariffs to 5%, including transit across Arsas for Anisoran goods.
III Opening of Arsas to Anisoran businesses and a commitment for Anisoran scientists and engineers to aid the industrialisation of Arsas.
IV The establishment of the Anisoro-Arsasan Oil Company (AAOC).
V The granting of exclusive oil and gas prospecting, extraction, and exporting rights to the Anisoro-Arsasan Oil Company, per Article IV, in all Arsasan territories for 60 years.
VI A commitment by Arsas to the purchase and a commitment by Anisora to the supply of naval vessels for the Arsasan Navy.
VII The training and sea trials of those vessels delivered according to Article VI to be provided by personnel of the Anisoran Imperial Navy.
VIII Opening of Arsas to Anisoran scientists, anthropologists, geographers, and prospectors.
IX The establishment and building of a settlement for Anisoran workers, engineers, scientists, and other citizens to work in Toshvaradh and Murkthever.
X The establishment of a 200% tariff on opium and opium derivatives on Anat Tahan, and an Anisoran distribution monopoly of opium and opium derivatives in Anaria Minor and Northern Tharna.

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