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Full Name = Aquiala Lucrezia Regina Alexandros |
Full Name = Aquiala Lucrezia Regina Alexandros |
House = [[House of Alexandros|Alexandros]]|
House = [[House of Alexandros|Alexandros]]|
Father = TBD |
Father = Emerico Ambrosini |
Mother = TBD |
Mother = Novella Ambrosini |
Religion = [[Lazarianism | Church of Lazarian]]|
Religion = [[Lazarianism | Church of Lazarian]]|

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Aquiala Lucrezia, Dowager Empress
Countess of Sevorno
Aquiala Lucrezia, Dowager EmpressCountess of Sevorno
Photograph 7579
Dowager Empress of the Auresians
Tenure 18 April 7567 - present
Born 1 June 7489
TBD, Auresia
Spouse HM TDE Emshandar III
Issue Aulus Raimondo† (s)
Caminda Giovanna (d)
Margani Cosandrus (s)
Enman Lazzarro (s)
Ebel Ferdinando (s)
Full Name Aquiala Lucrezia Regina Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father Emerico Ambrosini
Mother Novella Ambrosini
Religion Church of Lazarian

Aquiala Lucrezia Regina Lady Alexandros is the Dowager Empress of Auresia. She was Sixty-Fourth Empress Consort of the Auresians from 21 January 7525 until 10 April 7567, when her husband, Dynast Emperor Emshandar III, passed away. Her granddaughter Avrona Lassinia is the Empress Consort of Anisora, and her grandson Cephorus Maximiliano has reigned as Cephorus IV, the Sixty-Fifth Dynast Sovereign, since 18 April 7567. She is one of the oldest living royals in all of Anaria.

In formal address, or in formal print, her full style is Her Most Excellent and Discerning Sovereign Imperial Majesty Aquiala Lucrezia of the House of Alexandros, by the Grace of Vind the Highest, Dowager Empress of the Auresians and Countess of Sevorno.



Aquiala Lucrezia Ambrosini was born in 7489 to the Count and Countess of Sevorno, in the Duchy of Dolcega. Her father, Emerico Ambrosini (7468 - 7549), spent twenty years as a Navy officer before stepping down from active duty and taking an advisory post in the War Office, where he spent another twenty years, first as undersecretary to the minister, and later as Assistant Minister of War for the Navy. Her mother, Novella Ambrosini (7469 - 7544), was renowned among the wealthy families of Dolcega Valley for her splendid household and highly admired as a lavish entertainer and hostess. Aquiala herself was an only child.

The future empress consort was educated at home by private tutors, before spending two years at Ferdinando College at the University of Gaaze studying botany. Her continued hobby, though limited by her age now, is gardening, and she loves supervising the annual work on the gardens at Veneziano and Epoxague. She and her grandson's wife, Orosea, work together closely in this effort.

Aquiala first met her future husband in Cedelphia in 7506, during the annual Winterfest Ball at Veneziano Palace, a function to which every noble family first presents their children when they come of age. She was introduced to Dynast Emperor Willem II, who was making his rounds of the assembled aristocracy, and kissed the Emperor's hand. Willem was accompanied in his rounds by his son, Crown Prince Emshandar. This chance meeting at first went unnoticed, but just after New Years, she received a letter from the crown prince which would be the start of regular letters and several chaperoned visits. On one occasion, the crown prince invited Aquiala and her parents to Gallinara for the annual regatta, during which they were guests of the Emperor at Portivorno House, the Imperial residence on the islands. It was there, on 9 August 7507, that Emshandar asked permission of Count Emerico to seek his daughter's hand in marriage. They were wed in the Peacock Hall of Veneziano Palace on 10 February 7508.

As a princess imperial, Aquiala charmed and impressed the aristocracy, and the pairing was widely feted as a splendid match for the heir apparent. The couple welcomed their first child, Aulus, on 18 December 7508. The princess found a good friend in the wit and quiet counsel of her mother-in-law, Empress Marona, who took the young lady under her wing and helped her through the more challenging moments of her acclimation to being a part of the Imperial family. It was this care and support that motivated her to do likewise for the spouses of her children and grandchildren. She has especially lent her take on this care and counsel to her great-granddaughter in law, the Princess Juliana.

During the Pan-Anarian War, Aquiala and Emshandar made several trips to visit the troops and factories, both before and after becoming Emperor and Empress, providing much-needed morale to Auresian forces and workers alike. She similarly worked with other noble ladies organizing support drives for the war effort. Post-war, she was engaged in support for the reconstruction and restoration efforts aimed at rebuilding the ravaged lands of the Empire. When Emshandar passed away in 7567, she turned her attention to her grandson, Cephorus, who was accelerated to the throne after his own father, Margani, had suffered a serious heart attack that saw him advised not to risk the succession at such a critical time when his own health was still in question.

Now in her nineties, the Dowager Empress has a reputation for being equal parts charming and acerbic, with a dry wit and capacity for sharp one-liners that can bring down any haughty person. She isn't harsh or cruel, but she speaks her mind, and is unafraid to do so. On those few occasions members of the family comment on her acid wit, she reminds them only Cephorus can tell her to stop, as, "he's the only person in the room who outranks me." She remains much beloved among the people, and continues to work with various charitable interests that she has long supported, most prominent of which is SAFE.

Private Life

Empress Aquiala was married to Emperor Emshandar III from 7 February 7508 until his passing on 10 April 7567. Their 59-year marriage produced five children - Aulus Raimondo (born 7508, died 7565), Caminda Giovanna (born 7510), Margani Cosandrus (born 7512), Enman Lazzarro (born 7514) and Ebel Ferdinando (born 7516).

Through her five children, Aquiala has eighteen grandchildren, twenty-six great-grandchildren, and three great-great grandchildren. Her first grandchild, Avrona Lassinia, is the Empress Consort of Anisora, and her seventh grandchild, Cephorus Maximiliano, is the reigning Dynast Sovereign of Auresia.

The dowager empress maintains a private apartment at Veneziano Palace in the capital, and also a private home on the grounds of the Home Park at Epoxague Palace known as Tivogliari House, gifted to her by her grandson Cephorus IV on her 80th birthday.

† - deceased

Awards & Decorations


  • Baccalaureus Botanica - University of Gaaze


  • She stands 5'5" tall.
  • Her blood type is O+.
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