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Auron Nefed
Auron Nefed
The Languages of Thultannia, 7570
Born 7535
Melinach, Arthshire, Penryn
Died (Living, aged 44)
Occupation Linguist, Dialectologist, Professor

Auron Nefed (pronounced [ˈaɪˌrɔn ˈnɛˌvɛd]; born 7535) is a Penrish linguist best known for her pioneering work documenting the languages and dialects of Thultannia. Her most widely known publication is her linguistic atlas of the subcontinent Ieithoedd Ddwltânu (Hallish: The Languages of Thultannia) which, among other things, mapped the spread of Penrish, Islish and other languages in Penryn.

General Flag of the Republic, Politics in Penryn, Thultannia
History of Penryn Kingdom of Penrhyn and Iseldir, Monarchy of Penryn, First Civil War, Second Civil War
Former monarchs: Queen Seren I (r.7430-7488), Queen Ariawen II (r.7488-7492), Queen Angharad III (r.7492-7509), King Aldwydd (r.7509-7543)
Culture and Society Languages: Cydhlig languages, Camberian, Islish language, Owergogian, Penrish language, Southspeak
Religion: Cydhlig Orkana, Dyddiweth
Ethnic groups: Emther, Penrish people
Government and Politics Institutions: Senedd, Uwcheinidog (Senior Minister), Amddiffynnwr (Protector), High Court
Political parties: Liberal Workers' Party, Orkanan Harmony Party, United Häverist Party, Traditional Party
Famous people Amddiffynnwrs: Elanna Gronow (7545-7549), Gwydderig Cneiddo (7549-7557), Meirionwen Gwyn (7557-present)
Uwcheinidogs: Morgan Madochs (Orkanan Alliance, 7498?), Cadell Halais (Traditional Party, 7498), Celyn Narbedd (United Häverist Party, 7566-present)
Others:Nesta Eynon, Auron Nefed
Geography Features: Blue Forest, Brynoer Mountains, Ffenlan, Iseldir (region), Iseldir Lakes, Penmorfa, Penryn (region), Rhiwgelli, Rhiwaun, Sandover Straits, Westdunn Mountains
Shires: Arthshire, Cumvenmoor, Daroria, Glasswoodshire, Old Penrynshire, Owershire, Penmothshire, West Camberia
Hundreds and cities: Aberardd (capital city), Abergorllewin (largest city), Trebont
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