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The Autokrat is the supreme leader in Stachelort, a country on the northern half of Nester Major, part of the Anarian continent. He is both head of state and head of government. As such, he is the chief executive of the state, with authority to issue decrees having the force of law, and commander-in-chief of the military. The concept of the Autokrat is based on autocracy, a form of government with similarities to the ideology of unitarianism.

Stachelort's current Autokrat is Nikolo Lusky.



The position of Autokrat came about as a result of the Preservationist Coup in 7545 when the military sequestered the then ruling nobles. With popular opinion on the military's side due to the losses and hardships caused by the Pan-Anarian War, Duke Gunther Luitger von Sulzbach signed the Framework of the Republic of Stachelort. This ended the his rule and authority, vesting that power in the position of the Autokrat.

With the signing of the Framework, Admiral Lorenz Saller became the first Autokrat on July 1, 7545.

Succession of the Autokrat

According to the Framework of the Republic of Stachelort, the Council of Ministers selects the next Autokrat by two-thirds majority vote. The Council takes this vote when the Autokrat dies or resigns or if the Council has determined, by four-fifths majority vote, the current Autokrat is incapable of fulfilling his duties.

The Framework provides no guidance on the pool of potential candidates for Autokrat. The current Autokrat was previously Chancellor, but there is no established practice for the Chancellor to become the next Autokrat. The military, guilds, and marches all exert influence on the Council when it comes time for such voting.


The Framework, Stachelort's constitution, provides the following regarding the authority of the Autokrat:

ยง 2: The Autokrat shall from this day forth be revered and considered the most perfect and supreme person on the world by all his subjects, standing above all human laws and having no judge above his person, neither in spiritual nor temporal matters.

Thus, the rights of state power in their entire extent belong to the Autokrat. As a practical matter, power is further entrusted by him to persons and institutions, acting in his name, by his orders, and within the limits laid down for them by law.

Success of the autocratic state in Stachelort attributes much to the effectiveness of the State Protection Service (Stoldish: Schutzdienst Stachelort or SDS). The agency is widely believed to "hear all and see all", so much so that ordinary Stachelortans are guarded about conversations with strangers.

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