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{{S-prec|order=[[Stachelort]]an [[Autokrat]] line of succession}}{{S-bef|before=[[Nikolo Lusky]]|as=[[Autokrat]]}}{{S-title|title=Chancellor}}{{S-aft|after=[[Oswald von Suß]]|as=Military Commandant}}
{{S-prec|order=[[Stachelort]]an [[Autokrat]] line of succession}}{{S-bef|before=[[Nikolo Lusky]]|as=[[Autokrat]]}}{{S-title|title=Chancellor<br />2nd in line}}{{S-aft|after=[[Oswald von Suß]]|as=Military Commandant}}
[[Category:Government Offices]][[Category:Government of Stachelort]]
[[Category:Government Offices]][[Category:Government of Stachelort]]

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Chancellor of Stachelort
Kanzler von Stachelort

[[Image:Chancellor of Stachelort logo]]
Markus Krüger

since December 19, 7580

Nationality  Stachelort
Head offices Seetor, Brücht
Common name
Type Government office
Competencies First minister; deputy autokrat
Date formed July 2, 7545
Predecessor Chancellor of the Duchy of Stachelort
Date dissolved
Autokrat Nikolo Lusky
{{{employees}}} employees
{{{volunteers}}} volunteers

The chancellor of Stachelort is a government office in Stachelort. The Framework of the Republic of Stachelort, the country's constitution, is the basis for the office,[1] giving it the role of first minister and the ability to act on behalf of the Autokrat. Beyond this, the role of the office is variable and subject to the direction of each individual Autokrat who appoints the Chancellor. The Chancellor typically coordinates the activities of the other members of the Council of Ministers.

Markus Krüger is the current Chancellor. He was appointed on December 19, 7580 by Autokrat Nikolo Lusky. Lusky held the office of Chancellor September 9, 7567 to April 23, 7573 before becoming Autokrat. Under Lusky, the Chancellor also makes policy recommendations in his role as leader of the Council of Ministers, coordinates with the State Assembly, and drafts Autokrat decrees.

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  1. ^ Framework of the Republic of Stachelort, Section 3, paragraph b, article 1.

Stachelortan Autokrat line of succession
Preceded by
Nikolo Lusky
2nd in line
{{{start}}} – {{{end}}}
Succeeded by
Oswald von Suß
as Military Commandant
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