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The Portavira Railroad Company - (Auresian: Compagnia Ferroviaria di Portavira SpA), also known as CFP - is an Auresian Class 1 rail transport firm. One of the oldest operational railroads in the world, it is sometimes referred to as the "Standard Railroad of the World".

The firm’s reporting mark is CFP.


CFP was founded in 7478 in Panovos, a small city and major suburb of Porto Imperiale, where it remains headquartered to this day. One of the firm's largest shareholders - and original backers - is the ducal House of Rambaldi. The firm grew gradually over the following years, buying out several smaller competitors and expanding its service as new track was laid along what are now some of the Empire's most important rail routes.

As of 1.1.7579, CFP operates 81,658 kilometers (50,740 miles) of rail line and employs over 350,000 people. It owns an estimated 150,000 passenger and freight cars and 750 engines. It is one of the single largest corporate entities in the world, and is the single largest railroad in Anaria by traffic and revenue. CFP has paid out dividends to its shareholders every year for 100 consecutive years and counting.

CFP is overseen by a managing director and a fourteen-member Board of Directors. It is listed on the ImEx


CFP operates both passenger and freight trains, and brands itself on efficient, dependable service. Many of the Empire’s largest firms who depend on timely shipment of goods, materials, and equipment are contracted to CFP for logistical support. The firm remains on the forefront of innovation in rail technology and service.

It is not uncommon to see CFP flagged trains averaging nearly 2,000 metres (6,600 feet or 2.01 kilometers) in length. Freight trains with a total length of three or four times that average are possible with distributed power, or additional locomotive units between or behind long chains of freight cars (referred to as a "consist"). Locomotive units enable much longer, heavier loads without the increased risks of derailing that stem from the stress of pulling very long chains of train-cars around curves.

As of 1.1.7580, the recently-formed Overseas Division is looking into further expansion of CFP services into international territories.



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