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Dashink’ Aztagrman Lusav'ereni
Դաշինք Ազատագրման Լուսևաներենի
Alliance for Lusavanic Liberation
Symbol of the DAL
Symbol of the DAL
Active 7509 - present
Ideology Pan-Lusavism
Lusavanic nationalism
Izhaic proselytism
Allegiance Lusavan
Leader Arman Tavarosyan
Area of operations Anisoran Empire
Principality of Tavonia
Anaria Minor
Size Estimated c.1,000
Allies Rose Nere (Black Roses fratellanza)
Opponents Anisoran Empire

The DAL (Lusavanic: ԴԱԼ), an acronym for Dashink’ Aztagrman Lusav'ereni (Դաշինք Ազատագրման Լուսևաներենի), Alliance for Lusavanic Liberation, is a Lusavanic political, separatist and terrorist organisation operating in the Anisoran Empire. The organisation's primary goals are ending Anisoran rule over Lusavan and the creation of an Izhaic Pan-Lusavist state in Anaria Minor. An organisation driven by political, ethnic, and religious factors, the DAL has a range of objectives, with their ideology encompassing pan-Lusavism, Lusavanic nationalism, Izhaic proselytism, anti-Orkanism, and anti-Anisoranism.

The group was founded in 7509 during the Pan-Anarian War by Mihran Sahakyan with suspected Tahani backing. The organisation fought guerrilla-style campaigns behind the Aschgæt Alliance frontline that sought to undermine the Anisoran war effort and aid Anisora's principle enemy Anat Tahan, which as the spiritual leader of the Izhaic sects was seen by the DAL as a liberator of Orkanan-occupied Lusavan. It is heavily suspected that the group was originally and continues to be funded by Anat Tahan, although no proof has yet been found by Anisoran authorities. The group was heavily involved in the violence that led to the granting of independence to Tavonia by Anisora at the end of the War, as well as the backlash after 7552 when only a limited form of independence was granted, rather than the pan-Lusavist state the DAL and other nationalists demanded.

Today the organisation is active across the Anisoran Empire, with their headquarters somewhere in the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano, likely in Tenalevan, and is led by Arman Tavarosyan. The group has been responsible for a number of terror attacks and militant campaigns across Anaria Minor since their inception, and are active to this day. Recent actions undertaken by the DAL include: the 7554 bombing of the Teatro Principessa in Pena which killed over 30 Anisorans, including a number of politicians; the 7577 sabotage of a Moreva Petroleum Corporation oilfield, resulting in major damage and numerous deaths; and the assassination of Antonio Valorsano, the Vascanese Deputy Minister-President of the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano in 7579.

The DAL has various official and unofficial political affiliations across Anisoran-controlled Lusavan, the Principality of Tavonia and the Anisoran Empire itself. Most controversially, various accusations have been labelled at the Lusavan National Party (LAK; Lusavan Azgayin Kusakts’ut’yun), the second-largest party in the National Parliament of the Grand Principality of Lusava and Vascano, with numerous party members refusing to denounce DAL terrorist activities. In Tavonia, an Izhaic majority Lusavanic state under Anisoran suzerainty, the ruling National Unity Party (Azgayin Miabanutyun) has likewise shown reticence to denounce the activities of DAL, given their shared pan-Lusavist and anti-Anisoran ideologies. The DAL also has known connections to the Rose Nere (Black Roses) fratellanza in Pena, an ethnic Lusavanic crime syndicate that was implicated in assisting the DAL carry out the 7554 bombing of the Teatro Principessa.

Given the groups distinct religious ideology, namely the defence and spread of the Norynan sect of Izha, and the almost indivisible link between Izhaic and Lusavanic ultra-nationalism, the DAL maintains numerous affiliations and alliances with other ultra-orthodox Izhaic entities across Anaria Minor and Tharna. The group has conducted numerous attacks on Orkanan shrines and sanctuaries over the years, with many DAL members considering it a sacred mission to kill Orkanans - as many Peratolian Orkanan ultras consider it their task to kill Izhaics. Consequently, the DAL is seen as a major initiator of sectarian violence in Anaria Minor.

The DAL is a recognised terrorist group by the Anisoran Empire, Principality of Tavonia and XXX.

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