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Dukedom of Marra
Ducato di Marra
Arms of the Dukes of Marra
Arms: Teal, a griffin rampant gules; on a chief sable, three escallops of the first
Creation date 9 November 7273
Monarch Valerio III and I
Peerage Peerage of Casella
House House of Decus
First holder Alessandro Decus
Present holder Aurelio Decus, 9th Duke
Heir apparent P. Antonio Decus, Marquess of Tarrento
Remainder to the 4th Duke's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titles Marquess of Tarrento
Viscount of Ginestreto
Baron of Deco
Baron of Marra
Seats Palazzo Paroggia
Palazzo Soriana
Palazzo Farigno
Armorial motto Sequens Exemplum Arnoldum ("Following Exemplar Arnald")
This article is about the title in the Peerage of Casella. For the Anisoran emperor, see Marius I, or for the Anisoran Prime Minister, see H. Aurelio Decus, 4th Duke of Marra.

Duke of Marra (Anisoran: Duca di Marra; Pastanan: Dux Marrae) is a title in the Peerage of Casella held by members of the Decus family. The title was originally created by King Valerio III and I of Casella in 7273 for Alessandro Decus, 6th Viscount of Ginestreto, in recognition of his service to the crown during the Tortagno-Nespola restoration of Pastana. The current Duke is L. Aurelio Decus, 9th Duke of Marra.

The Duke of Marra holds four subsidiary titles: Marquess of Tarrento (created 7390), which is used as a courtesy title by the eldest son and heir of the Duke; Viscount of Ginestreto (7002); Baron of Deco (6923); and Baron of Marra (7273). The seat of the Duke of Marra is Palazzo Paroggia in Alcanorra in the Grand Principality of Casella, although the title refers to Marra in Arrento, also in Casella. The Duke retains other seats and residences throughout Anisora, most notably Palazzo Farigno in Vattoro and the historic city seat of the House of Decus, Palazzo Soriana in Alzeno.

The Dukes of Marra have been amongst the most wealthy and politically important figures in modern Anisoran history. The most famous Duke of Marra was T. Marius Decus, 3rd Duke of Marra (later Marius I), who went on to rule as King of the Dual Kingdom and eventually crown himself Emperor of the Anisorans in 7367. The title Duke of Marra was retained by Marius alongside his royal and imperial titles, but was not merged with the crown after his death, as all of his other titles were. The title Duke of Marra was passed instead to his first son by Erelia of Amberia and Eilän, Prince Aurelio, who became the 4th Duke. The Dukedom is, according to the will of Marius I, remainder to Prince Aurelio's male heirs, and the current Duke, Aurelio, 9th Duke of Marra, is the 4th Duke's great-great-grandson.

Another notable Duke of Marra was Prince Aurelio, 4th Duke of Marra, son of Marius, 4th Duke, and his third wife Empress-consort Erelia of Amberia and Eilän. As well as being a senior member of the imperial family, and First Lord High Admiral of the Navy, he served as Prime Minister under his niece Victoria I during the War of the Becuvitatian Succession between 7324 and 7335, and was a chief architect of the Treaty of Gaaze (7431) which brought the war to an end.


Dukes of Marra

Other titles: Viscount of Ginestreto (7002); Baron of Deco (6923); and Baron of Marra (7273)

Other titles (3rd Duke): extensive list of royal and imperial titles outside of the Dukedom of Marra

Other titles (4th Duke onwards): Marquess of Tarrento (7390)

The heir apparent to the Dukedom of Marra is the current holder's eldest son, P. Antonio Decus, Marquess of Tarrento (b. 7559).

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