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Elrood, Prince Imperial
Elrood, Prince Imperial
Photograph, 7579
Prince Imperial of Auresia
Tenure 18 April 7567 - present
Born 8 March 7560
Veneziano Palace, Cedelphia, Auresian Empire
Died {{{death_date}}}
Spouse HIH Princess Imperial Sofia Gabriella
Issue Garon Federico (s)
Full Name Elrood Cosimo Rex Alexandros
House Alexandros
Father HIM TDE Cephorus IV
Mother HIM Empress Orosea
Religion Lazarian Orkanan

Elrood, Prince Imperial - properly Elrood Cosimo Rex Lord Alexandros LL.D. KCES KCWO is the second born son and second child of Dynast Emperor Cephorus IV of Auresia. He is currently a commander in the service of the Imperial Auresian Navy, and is fourth in line to the Golden Lion Throne.

In formal print, his full style is His Imperial Highness, Prince Imperial Elrood Cosimo Rex, Lord Alexandros, Duke of Livovoli, Knight Commander of the Order of the Evening Star, Knight Commander of the Imperial Wensician Order.


  • Legum Dominus - Master of Law, Grand Collegium
  • Scarlet Letter, Veneratio Scientia


  • Phalera I (1x)
  • Phalera II (2x)
  • Phalera IV (1x)
  • Master Marksman Badge
  • Weapons Master's Badge


  • He stands 6'4" (1.93m) tall.
    The Imperial House   
History & Traditions HM The Dynast Emperor, List of Dynast Sovereigns, The Doom Bell
Living Members HM TDE Cephorus IV, HIH PI Emthoro, HIH PI Jerec, HIH PI Soontir, HIH PI Faykan, HIH PI Elrood, HIH PI Margani, HIH PI Eddara, HM DE Aquiala
Deceased Members Cephorus Maximus, Wensicia Maxima, Emthoro IV, Willem II, Emshandar III
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