Erelia of Amberia and Eilän

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Empress of the Anisorans
Queen of Casella and Pastana
Grand Duchess of Amberia and Eilän

Erelia lounging before the Medio, by Gesalec (7369)
Empress-consort of the Anisorans
10 March 7368 - 19 April 7384
Queen of Casella and Pastana
10 March 7368 - 9 March 7370
Grand Duchess of Amberia and Eilän
17 August 7342 - 7 February 7424
Personal Details
Born 17 August 7342
Þiudan Anstegen, Amberia
Died 7 February 7424 (aged 81)
Santorenna, Pastana, Anisoran Empire
Spouse Marius I of Anisora (m. 7368)
Issue Tiberia Larissa (born 7369)
Hosto Aurelio (born 7371)
Lucio Flavio (born 7375)
Full Name


Aje-Erelie Xhenia

Aia Erelia Xenia
House House of Ajas-Anstegen
Mother Aje-Kateriin of Amberia
Father Leander Vilha
Religion The Faith

Erelia of Amberia and Eilän, (17 August 7342 – 7 February 7424), born Aje-Erelie Xhenia äv Ajas-Anstegen and known in Anisora as Aia Erelia or simply Erelia, was the first Empress of the Anisorans following the establishment of the Anisoran Empire in 7367. She was born a Grand Duchess of Amberia, the third and final child of Amberian Queen Aje-Kateriin I and her favorite, the Baron of Llodrihs.

On 10 March 7368, she became the Empress-consort of the newly proclaimed Anisoran Empire and Queen of the Dual Kingdom of Casella and Pastana upon her marriage to Marius Decus, King of the Dual Kingdom and Emperor of the Anisorans. The marriage was not a happy one, due to Marius' continued relations with the Duchess of Bogliano and Erelia's chafing against the unfamiliar constraints placed upon her by Anisoran society. Nonetheless, the couple would produce three children, and the Empress' artistic inclinations would endear her to the wider populace.

Known for her great beauty, Erelia was the subject of a series of portraits by her dearest friend, the court painter Gesalec. She was a short story writer and a novelist, publishing her works as "G. Honoria Vespacci", and is considered one of the foremost precursors of the modern-day Romantic literary movement.


Early Life



Later Life

In Culture

Gesalec's Portraits

An undated portrait, commonly considered to have been completed around 7371.

Literary Work


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