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Portals serve as enhanced "Main Pages" for specific subjects, where visitors can find an introduction to the subject, learn more about it and related topics, and keep up to date with the most recent additions and news.

This article has information relating to portals and how they are used on the GothaWiki, including help on creating or editing (updating) portals.


What is a portal?

A portal is an enhanced "main page" for a specific broad subject, such as history or geography. These portals provide an introduction to the overall topic, a means by which visitors can learn more about the chosen subject. In every portal numerous links to other articles and media relating to the chosen topic are shown, which allow the visitor to learn more about the chosen topic by delving into the topic in greater detail. The information provided on the portal pages is chosen to encourage a visitor to explore the topic in more detail and learn more about the World of Gotha in the process.

Each portal is named for the subject it covers. For example, "history" or "war". To set them apart from articles, portals have their own namespace, and so the title of each portal is always preceded by "Portal:". So, the one on history is called Portal:History.

As many of the portal titles suggest, portals are often focused on broad-ranging topics. When a subject goes beyond the capacity of a single page, that page is called the subject's root article (its title is the name of the broader subject). But, GothaWiki's coverage of subjects goes beyond what is on a root article's page. For example, there are a great many articles and categories in the Category:Anaria. While the article Anaria summarises the general subject of the continent, its history, geography etc., there are other approaches to learning more about Anaria and other subjects.

That's where the wiki's various navigation systems come in, including portals. Portal:Anaria, for instance, provides a selection of reading samples and links to delve into the wiki's coverage of related topics further.

Purposes of a portal

Each portal on GothaWiki acts as an alternative entrance to a subject. Portals supplement the encyclopedic approach we as worldbuilders are taking to the World of Gotha. They support their subjects in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • Providing a variety of sample content of subtopics ("topic tasters"), from within each portal's subject, that the reader may find interesting. Kind of like a magazine.
  • Aiding navigation. Portals are one of GothaWiki's navigation subsystems, alongside categories, designed to help visitors find their way around the large amount of content on GothaWiki to material within a particular subject. So, in addition to sample content, a portal may also present in various ways, links, and lists of links.
  • Providing bridges between reading and editing, and between the encyclopedia proper and the World of Gotha community. These pages encourage existing players who might have their own nation to interact with the wiki in a new way. Portals encourage the community to learn more about various topics by choosing to showcase articles and images when they update a respective portal page.

Features of a portal

Featured article
The continent of Anaria

Anaria is a continent located mostly in the northern hemisphere, separated from all other land masses by the sea. It is bordered by the Sinian Sea to the north-west, by the North Sea to the north-east, by the Stolvic Ocean and Settant Sea to the east, by the Viverian Sea to the south, and the Ovestan Sea to the west. Anaria covers 19,449,631 km² (7,509,545 sq mi) and is by far the most populous continent on Gotha, with over 920 million people, approximately 34% of the world's population.

Most portals have some combination of the following features. Examples of portal features and their format are given on the right, with featured information and media selected at random.

Selected content

Portals typically include one or more selected content sections that display one or more images or article excerpts. Such as:

  • Selected featured article
  • Selected featured picture
  • Selected featured biography
  • Selected featured quote
  • Selected featured location
  • Etc.

In the news

In the news
10 February 7580

December 7579

Most portals include a In the news section. This section showcases recent events related to the subject matter of the portal in question. For example, in the Portal:War, the 'In the news' section includes the most recent military operations and battles taking place around Gotha. This section obviously only needs updating on an existing portal if new related events have occurred.

This section includes pieces of news drawn from in-game World of Gotha forum posts, updates from wiki articles, the History of Gotha 7567-7579 page, and any events you as the editor wish to add (taking into consideration that World of Gotha is a collaborative project, with major international events by necessity being discussed first on the forum).

The 'In the news' section should only include events that have happened in the last few years of 'Gotha time', or preferably the last year if there are enough events to list. Featured event should be in reverse chronological order, with the most recent event at the top.

Information and events in the In the news section are conventionally rendered as follows:
''Day Month Year''
* Event information.

Did you know

Did you know
  • ...that World of Gotha is a geofiction project?
  • ...that this page is incredibly helpful?

Most portals include a Did you know section. This section showcases facts and interesting trivia relating to the portal topic. As with all other sections in a portal, editors are encouraged to include links in the 'did you know' facts, to further encourage visitors to explore the topics they might find interesting.

Did you know facts are conventionally rendered as follows:
* ...that [did you know fact]?

Related portals

Related portals

This section, normally towards the bottom of the portal page, lists various related portals that might be of interest to a visitor. Links to the respective related portals are provided in the shape of an image (linked to the respective portal) above the name of the portal (again, linked to the respective portal). The related portal links should be given in alphabetical order.

Portal development and maintenance

How to add portal links to articles

To better encourage navigation around the GothaWiki, links to related portals should be provided. The location used to place a portal template in an article is normally the See also section. If there is no See also section, make one or place it at the bottom of the article anyway.

Portal templates are rendered as follows, with the image and name of the portal, linking respectively: Anaria  Anaria portal

In an article's See also section, paste in the following code, replacing the portal templates with the appropriate portals.
{{Portal template|
|Portal 1 = {{Portal:Anaria}}|
|Portal 2 = {{Portal:War}}|
|Portal 3 = |
|Portal 4 = |

Anaria  Anaria portal
War  War portal

A maximum of four related portals can be added, but only a minimum of one is required. To the right you can see how the portal templates are rendered on an article page.

If a portal template does not exist, it is easy to create one. See, for example Template:Portal:Anaria for the format. Simply replace the image, title, and link to create a new portal template you can use here.

How to create a portal

The page title for each portal should be as follows: Portal:[text], for example Portal:Anaria. For the code and format used for GothaWiki portals, you can use any of the existing portal templates available, replacing the specific information with relevant information to your own new portal.

If you want to create a nation portal, such as Portal:Anisora, follow the instructions available at Nation portal template. Similarly, if you want to create a continent portal, such as Portal:Anaria, see Continent portal template for specific instructions. If in doubt, look at existing portals and their code for help or guidance on the sort of the information and where it should go.

How to update a portal

Updating portals is an important job and helps keep the wiki alive. Ideally each portal should be updated every month with fresh articles, images, facts and biographies. Updating a portal is a great opportunity for a player to choose articles and images that they want to showcase - which can include particular favourite articles, biographies, or general articles which you think deserve recognition by the community. While most portals can be edited by any interested player, nation portals should only be updated by the nation owner.

Updating a portal is simple. On the respective portal page, click the 'edit' tab. You will then be confronted with the simplified code of the portal template. Each area of a portal that needs inputs is listed, such as 'featured article text', 'featured article image', etc. A portal template page should provide specific instructions on how to edit the respective portal, but the process is simply replacing existing information with your own. A shortened version of the Nation portal template is provided below as an illustration of the inputs required:

{{Nation portal |
colour = your_info |
nation name = your_info |
portal welcome translation = your_info |
main article image = your_info |
main article image size = your_info |
main article image descriptor = your_info |
main article text = your_info |
featured article image = your_info |
featured article image size = your_info |
featured article image descriptor = your_info |
featured article text = your_info |

If you are updating a portal, instead of simply your info, the above input sections will be full of the text and image code for the info you see on the portal page you want to update. To update a section, simply delete the information already there and replace it with your own - simple. If updating a portal, it is important to not change the main article section of the portal, including colour, article/nation name, main article image, main article image size, main article image descriptor, and main article text. This should remain unchanged upon each update.

To ensure your chosen articles, images, etc. aren't lost to the ether when somebody updates a portal, it is important to add your updated information to the respective portal/featured article, portal/featured image etc. pages. These pages are linked at the bottom of each respective section on the portal. For example, below the 'featured article' information and image, a link to More featured articles is provided. Here you can add your addition to the list, making sure to put your new updated information at the top (reverse chronological order), dating the update also. For an example of this, see Portal:Anisora/Featured articles and Portal:Anisora/Did you know.

It is important that you take responsibility for your own edits and do not simply leave them for the next player who updates the portal to add them for you. That's rude.

Portal help

If you are having trouble updating or creating a portal, the relevant wikipedia guides can be helpful - see the See also section below. If you are still having issues, feel free to contact August Dux on the forum or facebook.

See also

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