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Lisl Veichs
Lisl Veichs
Portrait, 7497
Born April 16, 7475
Svartzdal, Carolina
Died October 24, 7538
The Stolvic Ocean
Occupation Government official

Degansmarschal of Amberia
In office
January 5, 7519 - October 24, 7538
Preceded by Zsulie äv Llesei
Succeeded by Grand Duchess Ulrike

Lisl Veichs (full name: Frauja Lisl-Karolin Veichs, RSS, Cheltic: Frauja Lisl-Karolin Vei𐍊s, RSS) was a Degansmarschal of Amberia, and, until her death in battle, one of the Amberian Stratigós to the Allied Supreme Military Council during the Pan-Anarian War.

She is commonly counted among the ranks of the Amberian Grand Marshals, leaders of particular skill and success. She is the only member of the Amberian air fleet to make the list, and she holds the distinction of being the only member of that list to have never been defeated in open combat. She was noted as a daring, charismatic officer, unafraid to put herself in harm's way and was particularly known for her flamboyant dress.


The daughter of minor landholders, Lisl was born on the grounds of Svartzdal, the family plantation, located in the foothills of the Azenal mountains in southern Altaia. The Veichs family were cotton farmers, and owned a small amount of slaves; the young Lisl devoted numerous diary entries to her experiences at the great slave markets of Viþreyri:

"...Mother brought me to see a slave. He was a Yupanqui, just like Huayna, but he was so much taller... Mother showed me how to examine his thighs, his posture, and his eyes. She made sure I knew about the importance of good teeth. His were very clean, even more than mine... I asked Mother why his head was shaved. 'So he cannot be infected with lice,' she told me..."

Both of her parents were well-known preachers, and intended that their daughter follow in their footsteps. Upon her eleventh birthday, Lisl was sent to a religious boarding school in the Cheltic Isles, and thereafter entered the prestigious Seminarii Æleizeche in the small town of Hvitzsen. About a month before her majority, an airship on its way to Aschgæt landed in the fields outside the town; Lisl stowed away on board and managed to join its crew thereafter. The airship, the Marikreitus, was a privately-owned trader, operating primarily out of the Ovestan Sea. In 7592, tired of their substandard rations, the crew mutinied. Lisl and others loyal to the captain were marooned on an island in the Phasian, but were soon picked up by a passing Ithrieni steamer. Lisl considered returning to her family, but her restlessness (as well as the fact that she had never served her mandatory year and a half) led her to join up with another trader, bound for the Westhold.


Personal Life
General Flag of Amberia, Republican Seal, Cheltic Isles, Amberian Empire
History Orkanan Realm, Rulers of Amberia, Pan-Anarian War, Amberian Civil War
Culture and Society

Languages: Cheltic, Vaixellan, Stoldish, Hallish
Religion: The Faith, Lazarianism, Erecund
Culture and Society: Nobility of Amberia, Amberian Clans, Reiksmark


Institutions: Queen-Elect (executive), Small Council (executive), Reiksþingi (legislative), Hauhtscuria (judicial)
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