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This article is about the monarchs of the Anisoran Empire. For predecessor states, see List of Pastanan monarchs and List of Casellan monarchs.

The Anisoran Empire was founded on 12 July 7367 by Marius I. Since the Empire's foundation, there have been ten monarchs ruling from 7367 until the present day, seven emperors and three empresses, all belonging to the House of Decus. Before the foundation of the Empire, the Anisoran lands were fragmented and were ruled by a great number of royal lines, ranging including kings, princes, archdukes and dukes. The two major predecessor states to the united Anisoran Empire were the Kingdom of Pastana and the Kingdom of Casella, which were under a personal union under the House of Tortagno-Nespola from 7273 and were united to form the Dual Kingdom under Ermino VI and I in 7306. Between 7363-7365 the Anisoran Civil War (also known as the Second Pastanan Civil War) brought Tortagno-Nespola rule to an end and saw the ascendency of the House of Decus under Marius Decus, 3rd Duke of Marra.

House of Decus

Name Portrait Life Reign Spouse Issue Notes
Marius I 7326-7384 7367-7384 T. Lucciana di Sariano (7347-7358)
P. Sophia Carrara-Merignola (7358-7366)
Erelia of Amberia and Eilän (7368)
Marius II
Victoria, Princess of Vattoro
Aurelio, Duke of Marra
▪ First Emperor of the Anisorans (coronation 20 July 7367)
▪ Ruled as King of the Dual Kingdom from 7365 - 7370
Marius II 7361-7423 7384-7423 ?? Victoria I
Victoria II
▪ The longest reigning monarch, reigning for almost 40 years
Victoria I 7388 - 7443 7423 - 7443 None None
Victoria II 7403 - 7468 7443 - 7468 ?? Victoria III
Titus I
Victoria III 7435 - 7472 7468 - 7472 ?? Victor I ▪ Died in childbirth
Victor I 7472 7472 None None ▪ Reigned for only 4 months, making him Anisora's
shortest-lived monarch
Titus I 7451 - 7507 7472 - 7507 ?? Flavian I
Titus II
▪ Ruled as Regent for his newborn nephew Victor I
▪ Strengthened the ailing monarchy and successful prevented the
spread of the Decemberist Revolution to Anisora
▪ Emperor during the outbreak of the Pan-Anarian War
Flavian I 7467 - 7518 7507 - 7518 ?? Flavius
▪ Assassinated in 7518
Titus II 7486 - 7553 7518 - 7553 ?? Marius III
Vettius, Duke of Jelumbria
Sabina, Archduchess of Valmoresca
Victor, Duke of Padrina
Marius III 7524 - Present 7553 - Present Avrona Lassinia of Auresia (m. 7549) Livia, Princess of Pilano
Titus, Grand Prince of Pastana
Brutus, Count of Rellivetta
Victoria, Countess of Tapolia
Juliana, Princess Imperial of Auresia
▪ The current Emperor of the Anisorans
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