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This page lists the highest mountains on Gotha by elevation. It includes notable mountains higher than 3,000 meters (9,842ft), as well as any peak which is the highest in its respective country or region.

Please note that this is an incomplete list which lists only the most famous and notable mountains in Gotha.


Position Mountain Height (m/ft) Range Parent mountain Country First ascent Notes
{{{No.}}} Stortoppen or Grohnkspitze 6,922m/22,710ft Realm Massif None Vittmark
| Mörenburg
Nicknamed the in accessible pinnacle among mountaineers.
{{{No.}}} Mount Andorus 6,832m/22,414ft Greater Bhazens None Tavonia
(Anisoran Empire)
7497 Tallest mountain in Anaria Minor
{{{No.}}} Mount Pazhdasar/Passada 6,523m/21,401ft Greater Bhazens Mount Andorus Tavonia
(Anisoran Empire)
{{{No.}}} Mount Pangri 6,421m/21,066ft Lu Mountains None Yan 7579
{{{No.}}} Mount Rovella 6,417m/21,053ft Eastern Tangani Hills None Tzeraka 7561 Named after its first climber, the Duke of Rovella
{{{No.}}} Mount Ladova 6,400m/20,997ft Ferric Mountains Mount Dorjeva   Hradista-Bojov 7561 First ascent by SIGA's Southern Ferric expedition
{{{No.}}} Mount Giangxi 6,031m/19,786ft Lu Mountains Mount Pangri Yan 7567 First ascent by the Duke of Rovella
{{{No.}}} The Mestrhorn 4,884m/16,023ft Lesser Stoldavian Range None  Aedeland Tallest mountain in Aedeland; one of the steepest ascents in Gotha
{{{No.}}} Skjenfjell 4,810m/15,782ft Lesser Stoldavian Range The Mestrhorn  Aedeland
{{{No.}}} Høygaffjel 4,545m/14,911ft Lesser Stoldavian Range The Mestrhorn  Aedeland
{{{No.}}} Monte Poravetta 4,264m/13,989ft North Bhazens None  Anisoran Empire 7274
c.4500 (legendary)
Tallest mountain in Anisora; according to legend, first ascent by hero Androxes
{{{No.}}} Monte Valoria 4,247m/13,934ft North Bhazens Monte Poravetta  Anisoran Empire 7377
{{{No.}}} Monte Ticano 4,198m/13,775ft North Bhazens Monte Poravetta  Anisoran Empire 7321
{{{No.}}} Jomfruer 4,158m/13,642ft Lesser Stoldavian Range The Mestrhorn  Aedeland
{{{No.}}} Mount Hintere Øtztal 4,087m/13,408ft Alarian Mountains None  Amberia Tallest mountain in Amberia
{{{No.}}} Mount Whlor 3,728m/12,231ft Rift Valley None  Rissland
(Stolvic Commonwealth)
Highest point in Rissland
{{{No.}}} Monte Rizando 3,631m/11,912ft North Bhazens Monte Poravetta  Anisoran Empire 7383 Site of the Battle of Monte Rizando (7523) during the Pan-Anarian War
{{{No.}}} Wolkesockel 3,619m/11,874ft Rückgrat Mountains None  Stachelort June 7383 Tallest mountain in Stachelort; first assent by Diethelm Eberhardt; easiest climb via Eberhardt ravine
{{{No.}}} Mount Oron-Sjøte 3,556m/11,666ft Alarian Mountains Mount Hintere Øtztal  Amberia
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