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| [[Altaian Reach]]
| ''[[Altaian Reach]]''

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A list of trigraphs by country ordered alphabetically by trigraph. A trigraph is a three-letter combination used to represent a full word or name. In this list, colonial holdings, dependencies, and protectorates are italicized.

Trigraph Country
ACA Aspasia
ADL Aedeland
AKL Achilleio
AKM Kamura
AKR Altaian Reach
AMB Amberia
ANS Anisora
ARC Arsas
ARD Ardennes
ASR Alsair
ATR Atregona
ATZ Búle Republics
AUR Auresia
BVT Becuvitatia
BWR Bowersland
ERA Errea
EWB The Bind
FHN Fisks
HCU Halland
HFE Prince Folke Island
HLT Helreich
HRB Hradista-Bojov
HRD Hayrand
IST Istania
ITH Ithrien
MDA Mandros
MRA Mirodenia
MRB Mörenburg
NRZ Neheraz
NST Häverist Altaian colonies
PRN Penryn
PSR Stachelort D'Runia
RIS Rissland
SIK Cykeria
STA Stachelort
TAN Anat Tahan
TAV Tavonia
TOR Taurès
URP United Royal Provinces
VAR Varennes
VTM Vittmark
ZIE Ziemia
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