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* Asterisk denotes the First Minister of the Imperial Curia. Plus sign denotes the Lord President of the Privy Council.
* Asterisk denotes the First Minister of the Imperial Curia.
* Plus sign denotes the Lord President of the Privy Council.
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The title of Lords Paramount is held by those officers who are the inner circle of advisors to the Dynast Sovereign. There are two types - Lords Paramount of the Court and Lords Paramount of the Council.

These officers are the core of the State and the Emperor's voice in all government affairs. Competition for a seat among these high officials can be heated, as there are those who covet an opportunity to prove their true worth by sitting in council with the Emperor himself and showing that they, too, are capable administrators and leaders. Those who hold this honor will be thoroughly-vetted, and it is customary whenever a new Dynast Emperor is crowned to see the membership of the group shift, its seats being occupied by men who are veterans of military service and trusted colleagues of the Sovereign.

Members of this group represent the highest tier of authority and power within the State and hold authority over all those lower officials within the Imperial Curia. They rank above the lords and ladies who oversee the various ministries and bureaux. They direct State business and handle important matters that may not require the direct attention of the Sovereign. Similarly, they are expected to be model examples of the disciplined, honorable administrators that Auresia considers the ideal for statesman and leaders. As such, the expectations of professionalism, integrity and efficiency are very high for these officers, and the penalties for failure can be severe.

While their spoken, formal title is "Lord Paramount", they are also referred to in conversation by fellow government officials as Satai, an old Jendo'a word meaning "councilor". Depending on their status as a patrician or equestrian, their mode of address can vary.



Of the Court

There are only three Lords Paramount within this subtype, and their responsibility is the maintenance of the affairs of the Court of Elestis itself. Serving at the pleasure of the Dynast Sovereign, these officers are the personal representatives the Sovereign dispatches when matters are of the utmost importance. Similarly, these officers are always with the Sovereign wherever they are. Of the two types of Lords Paramount, the three of this group are the most select as they are the Sovereign's most trusted hands.

These three officers hold the following offices - the Lord Castellan, commanding the Red Guard; the Lord Chamberlain, overseeing the Imperial Household; and the Lord Privy Seal, who serves as the Emperor's top adviser and confidant, holder of the Imperial Seal, and administrator of the Privy Secretariat.

Of the Council

These twelve Lords Paramount constitute the seats of the Privy Council that performs the legislative duties of the State. Likewise, they are the ones most commonly sent abroad in representation of the Emperor and the Realm in critical foreign matters. One member of this subtype holds the post of First Minister of the Imperial Curia, and is essentially the chief of government and the direct controlling agent of the Dynast Sovereign over all State affairs. He or she commands the constituent echelons of the State and their component agencies, and directs their work.

A second member of this type can also hold the post of Lord President of the Privy Council, chairing meetings of the Sovereign's advisory group. Under the current Sovereign, both posts are held by the same man.


Lords Paramount

  • Asterisk denotes the First Minister of the Imperial Curia.
  • Plus sign denotes the Lord President of the Privy Council.
    Lords Paramount   
Lords of the Court Qasimir D. Avenicci, Ennodius A. Caduca, Teodoro A. Humilio
Lords of the Council Varnius R. Acilida, Hieronymus S. Barsavi, Severio D. Cozzolini, Giuseppe L. Dala, Talon M. Durla, Leonardo H. Gervasius, Vittorio A. Leotelli, Dante G. Meraggio, Lorenzo V. Nicovante, Luciano C. Rambaldi, Balthazar L. Thul, Alessandro S. Virini
VT • [E]

    Curia Imperiale   
The Crown The Dynast Sovereign, Privy Council, Privy Secretariat, List of Dynast Sovereigns
Executive First Minister’s Office (Bureau of the Civil Service, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Bureau of Internal Affairs, Bureau of Correspondence)
Legislature Imperial Parliament ( House of Lords, House of Delegates)
Judiciary Supreme Court
Ministries Foreign Office, War Office, Home Office, Finance, Commerce, Health & Welfare, Transport, Works & Infrastructure
State Administrations General Post Administration, Imperial Archives & Records Administration, Imperial Customs & Revenue Administration, Imperial Public Health Administration, Strategic Research & Development Administration
Crown Corporations Auresian Broadcasting Corporation, Export-Import Bank of Auresia, Imperial Oil & Gas, Savings & Investment Auresia
Related Subjects Government Structure, Foreign Relations, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Farinacci
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