Lorenz Saller

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Lorenz Saller
Lorenz Saller
Official portrait
Autokrat of Stachelort

Born June 2, 7487
Witold, Nordrisland
Died September 5, 7560
Seetor, Brücht
Occupation Government official

In office
July 2, 7545 - September 5, 7560
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Arndt Garber

Military Service
Allegiance   Duchy of Stachelort
  Republic of Stachelort
Service/branch   Stachelortan Navy
Years of Service 7504-7545
Rank Grand Admiral
Commands held Torpedo boat SHS T-124
Corvette SHS Josef
Destroyer SHS D-56
SHS Nordrisland
Settant Sea Fleet
Chief, Naval Operations
Battles/wars Pan-Anarian War
• D'Runia Campaign
• Oceans Campaign
Awards Order of the Golden Griffin
Order of the Eagle
Naval Gallantry Medal
War Merit Medal
Medal of Merit
Wound Badge
Naval Combat Badge
D'Runia Campaign Medal
Oceans Campaign Medal

Grand Admiral (Stoldish: Großadmiral) Lorenz Saller GGR KA (June 2, 7487 – September 5, 7560) was the first Autokrat of Stachelort, which he held from July 2, 7545 until his death on September 5, 7560. Previously, he was an officer in the Stachelortan Navy during the Pan-Anarian War. A decorated combat leader, he was the mastermind of the Preservationist Coup which deposed Duke Gunther Luitger von Sulzbach, bringing about the current Republic of Stachelort. Saller was also a strong proponent of the autocratist ideology and was instrumental in it becoming the form of government after the duchy.


Early life

Lorenz Saller was born in Witold, Nordrisland, the third son of Baron (Stoldish: Freiherr) Anselm Seller, the master for the local legal assistants guild. The family owned some property, but Lorenz was often at odds with other boys his age who were quick to point out he was the third son. As a result, Lorenz was competitive from an early age, becoming physically fit and a good schleudern player during his school years. He also excelled academically and was selected to attend technical high school (Stoldish: technische hochschule) rather than a general high school.

Naval career

Having a fascination for the sea, Saller joined the Stachelortan Navy in 7504, after completing technical high school. He attended basic naval training at the Seeschule at Virfilloddr naval base, Vestanfell, finishing in 7505. After training, he was assigned to a corvette as a seaman for the next year where the captain recognized Saller's potential. He was sent back to the Seeschule for officer training in 7507-08. Following a two-year apprenticeship on a destroyer, SHS D-42, Saller was commissioned an Lieutenant (Stoldish: Leutnant) and reassigned to another destroyer in 7510.

Pan-Anarian War service

Saller served as watch officer on SHS D-7 for a year in 7511-12 before being given command of a torpedo boat, SHS T-124. With this command, Saller saw light action in the Pan-Anarian War along the coast of Aziland in 7514 as the Aschgæt Alliance began increasingly to blockade United League access to D'Runia. Saller commanded the corvette gunboat SHS Josef 7516-20, patrolling the rivers of Stachelort's colony in D'Runia.

Upon promotion to Commander (Stoldish: Kommandeur) in 7521, Saller took command of destroyer SHS D-56 as part of the Settant Sea fleet. He was wounded, and his ship damaged, during fighting with Alliance ships in the Madheshtor Channel on August 4, 7525. The Stachelortan ships were able to withdraw and Saller brought his crew and destroyer back to home port with no loss of life. After recuperating at home, Saller spent the next three years at the Naval Institute (Stoldish: Flotteninstitut).

Graduating the Flotteninstitut on June 26, 7529, Saller was assigned as Operations Officer to the commanding admiral of the Settant Sea fleet. In this capacity, Saller was involved in the combat actions that resulted in the United League's withdrawal during the Liberation of Hattaria. He was made watch officer on the cruiser SHS Brücht upon her commissioning in 7530. The cruiser was the new flagship of the Settant Sea fleet. During a sea battle on January 4, 7531, the Brücht's captain was killed and Saller assumed command of the vessel, although he is not credited with this command time. Upon returning to port a month later, Saller was promoted to Captain (Stoldish: Kapitän) and given command of the cruiser SHS Nordrisland at its launch in May 7531.

SHS Nordrisland was commissioned March 19, 7532, and assigned to the D'Runian theater. Under Saller's command, his cruiser and its three to four destroyer escorts plied the shipping lanes between Stachelort's homeland and its colonial holding in D'Runia. The task force went into action several times against Alliance fleets. Over the course of three years, three destroyers were lost in these engagements. The efforts did not break the Alliance blockade of D'Runia, but they did allow Stachelort to get some convoys through the blockade, carrying resources back to the homeland.

In 7539, Saller was promoted to Admiral and assigned as Deputy Commander of the Stolvic Ocean Fleet. During his two years in this capacity, Saller saw little action. In August, 7541, he was given command of the Settant Sea Fleet. These were challenging times for the Admiral as he saw SHS Vestanfell severely damaged in fighting along the Vaixelian on January 24, 7542. The crippled cruiser tried to make it home, falling under attack again in the Straits of Stelneck. She was scuttled on July 19, 7542. A year later, the cruiser Brücht was caught mid-Settant and sunk on July 5, 7543 with the loss of all lives aboard. To their credit, the ships of the Settant Sea Fleet had also exacted a substantial loss of tonnage on Alliance ships as well.

Preservationist Coup

Promoted to Grand Admiral (Stoldish: Großadmiral) on April 11, 7544, Saller was brought to the Naval High Command as Chief of Naval Operations, the second in command of the navy. During his tenure, he kept ships resourced as best as possible under increasingly difficult times. He also became outspoken against Stachelort's continued involvement in the Pan-Anarian War. The country's losses in ships, sailors, and ground troops had been much higher, in Saller's opinion, than warranted by any effort to "put the Central Anarian Powers in their place." With significant shortages at home, public opinion in support of the War was also waning, and there were periodic demonstrations taking place, especially in the larger cities.

Saller's concerns, however, were not well-received by Duke Gunther Luitger von Sulzbach, and the war droned on, continuing to drain Stachelort's treasure and blood. The dreadnought SHS Das Herzogtum was sunk March 22, 7544 in action off Amberia. On June 14, 7545, SHS Nordrisland was blown up in the Battle of the Reach Coast, precipitating the Preservationist Coup. The Stachelortans First Party staged mass protests across the country and there was danger of a general strike. Saller had been meeting with several like-minded senior military officers and he convinced them the time to act was now.

On June 30, 7545, coordinated military forces took control of and sequestered the Duke and each of the Counts (Stoldish: Margraffen, singuler Margraf) of the six marches. The Duke was given an ultimatum to withdraw Stachelort from the Pan-Anarian War, with 24 hours to make the pronouncement. Through a misunderstanding, Duke Gunter Luitger was not kept under guard and he, instead, issued a call-to-arms for his subjects to "put down the insurrection and bring those responsible to justice." As a result, rioting broke out in some of the larger cities, but the military quickly quelled most of the disturbances.

Saller went to Duke Gunther Luitger on July 1st and presented him with a formal document of abdication. The Duke was given the choice to renounce his reign or be arrested and put on trial by a court of the people. To emphasize the seriousness of the situation, the Stachelortans First Party arranged for mass demonstrations outside the palace. In order to keep his title and nobility, Gunther Luitger signed the Framework of the Republic of Stachelort at 12:45 PM on July 2, 7545. The document, which includes the Duke's abdication, ended the Duchy of Stachelort and ushered in the new Republic. Admiral Saller became the first Autokrat, resigning his commission in the navy at that time.

Autocratist beliefs

Saller was a Peratolian Orkanan follower and held strong convictions regarding Vind's Master Plan and the need for a single guide, not unlike a Wayfinder, to direct common effort toward fulfilling the Master Plan. Coupled with military concepts of unity of command, unity of effort, and clear objectives, Saller was a natural autocratist. As a naval officer, he felt the individualized armies of each march undermined the ability of the Duchy of Stachelort to prosecute the Pan-Anarian War. From mid-career, Saller was determined to work to change the structure of the Military of Stachelort to a more centralized command structure. Some of his fellow autocratists were strong believers in a planned economy, which Saller came to view as significant to the overall well-being of the state.

Career as Autokrat

On July 7, 7545, Saller made good on his promise and withdrew Stachelort from the United League, ending the country's involvement in the devastating Pan-Anarian War. He died in his sleep on September 5, 7560, after a long career of service to Stachelort.

Domestic policy

Saller's initial years as Autokrat focused on transitioning governance from the former nobility-centric model to an autocratic structure. Due to continuing economic issues, he cancelled construction of the cruisers SHS Hoystraland and SHS Nesterland in late 7545. Both were scrapped the following year, despite being at 75% and 28% completion, respectively. As part of governmental reforms and in order to stabilize and rebuild the economy, Saller established the State Economic Commission. While the Pan-Anarian War was still raging, Saller insisted the economy should be self-sufficient, relying only on the resources available within Stachelort. The national economy finally started to see some improvement after about a decade and Saller pointed this out to the populace as proof of the merits of the autocratic system.

Foreign policy

Isolationism was Saller's primary foreign policy. He felt such an approach was necessary to demonstrate the country was no longer involved in the Pan-Anarian War, which continued for seven more years after Saller took office. He felt he had to show former enemies that Stachelort was no longer adversarial and, as a result, had to cut ties with former allies. The severe losses during the War also led to Saller's belief that Helreich could be trusted as an aliy only insofar as it benefited Helreich. This perspective helped solidify Saller's isolationist policies.

Honors, awards, and decorations

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Military offices
Preceded by
Jockel Janson
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Commander, Fleet West
August 7541 – April 7544
Succeeded by
Alfons Schultz
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Chief of Naval Operations
April 7544 – July 7545
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Government offices
New creation
July 2, 7545 – September 5, 7560
Succeeded by
Arndt Garber
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Preceded by
Gunther Luitger
Head of State
Head of Government
July 2, 7545 – September 5, 7560
Religious titles
New creation
Stachelortan Unified Congregations
January 25, 7547 – September 5, 7560
Succeeded by
Arndt Garber
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